Students talk about the UNC MD-MPH program

The overall, taking a year out of med school was, was just a great opportunity for me
to sort of step back again and look at the big picture for what I’ve been seeing,
particularly in third year when you’re so ingrained in the day-to-day clinical
activities in the hospital and in clinics and to step back and say: What what was going on here? What
did all these experiences have in common? This MPH, it sounded like you got access to
all different, all different faculty from all different
departments, and that’s what really attracted me to it, was the interdisciplinary
nature of it. The year can be tailored enough to your
particular interests and areas that you care about that you can, you can get out of it what you, what you want to get out of it The MPH here is very different. There’s a
lot of unstructured free time, and so you may not have that many hours of actual class, or hours where you’re responsible to be doing certain activity, but there’s a lot of open time that you have
to do readings, think about assignments, doing
assignments and work on your master’s paper and project. The MPH cirriculum
encourages you to find the subtleties and why a right
answer may not be right all the time for this population or that population. The MPH here is, we spend a lot more time in groups
discussing, we spend a lot of time sort of thinking and having to
communicate ideas in the form of papers and discussions and presentations.
Everyone wants to improve the health of the public, but everyone has different interests. It’s just fascinating hearing about what everyone
is passionate about and then to have these professors that are
going to nurture those interests, it’s a really, really incredible. The professors
really try to give you opportunities to tailor the
material to your interest. They are really helpful and interested in students.
They really care about making sure the students are doing well and understanding the
material and they really want the students to stucceed. That’s been probably one of the strongest points of the MPH here. The faculty are available to you if you
have questions about how you’re going to incorporate
what you’ve learned into your future goals. They challenge, I’ve been challenged a lot
during this year, just in the way that I was thinking. So, the skills that I’ve
learned really act as a foundation for leveraging that degree into roles and opportunities that will place
me in a position where I feel like I can really affect the most change. This
year is wonderful for people who are considering
a career in academics or a career in something super sub-specialized. Really I can’t
emphasize how much I value the things that I’ve learned, and how
important I think they are especially in a climate of political reform, for young physicians to
be educated and aware of the larger things going on in health
care. I wish that the MPH was a mandatory part of medical
school curriculum. I just feel that it’s very important for
all physicians, clinicians to have this knowledge. I
think that it’s a a skill set that literally every
physician in every specialty would benefit from. If you want to get out a better
understanding of the health care system as a whole and what factors beyond symptoms and physical diagnosis go into a patient’s health and their decisions, then the MPH here is right for you.

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