Streamlabs OBS Overview – All-In-One Streaming Application SLOBS

What’s up guys, welcome back to the
Gaming Careers YouTube channel. Today we are going to be talking about the big
news that hit last week that is that Streamlabs, who developed some of the
software that we’ve covered on this channel such as the stream labels, the
alert software that we’ve covered, they have announced that they’re releasing
their own broadcasting software similar to OBS and they called it Streamlabs
OBS or SLOBS for short. It aims to combine all of the streaming windows that you
usually have open like your video preview, your chat, your alerts all of
these into one application and supposedly it’s got better video quality
and lower CPU usage. In this video we’re going to be checking out some of the new
features that SLOBS brings to the table, some things we haven’t seen in streaming
applications before. We’ll also be going over some of the limitations and current
bugs as well as looking at the development roadmap to see what’s coming
in the future. So let’s dive in! So before we jump headfirst into the
software it’s worth quickly talking about the differences and the
relationship between OBS and Streamlabs OBS, because there’s some confusion in
the name and some people were saying on Twitter that they’re affiliated with
each other which isn’t true but first we have to discuss that OBS is an open
source project and what that means is that anybody could contribute to the
codebase for OBS. If you had any knowledge of C or C++ you could look at
the codebase for OBS make changes to it and then you can either keep those
changes to yourself or as most people did submit pull requests to the OBS team,
they can check out what changes you’ve done and if they’re good enough and they
approve of them then they’ll make it into the OBS software. So what Streamlabs have done is they have taken this core OBS software and they have made
loads of changes both to the UI as well as adding some new functionality and
they have released their version. So it still has the core OBS functionality but they
have made quite a lot of changes and part of the OBS open-source license
means that Streamlabs is also free, it’s also open source, so anybody can look at
the codebase and anyone can submit code changes or make changes and keep them
for themselves. So I just wanted to echo that they aren’t developed by the same
set of people, SLOBS is a fork of OBS so it still has a lot of the same
functionality but I imagine as these projects grow they’re going to be
growing further and further apart. Enough techno waffle, let’s jump into the
software! I’ve included a link in the description of this video of where you
need to go to download slobs but it is worth mentioning that this video won’t
be a full set up and stream guide for SLOBS, I’m going to be looking more at
the features and some of the pros and cons of the software and obviously if
there’s enough interest in a separate tutorial series for SLOBS, I’ll be
creating that as well. So one of the features that slobs mentions on the
website is that it has a 60-second setup and I’ve got to say this is one of
the best onboarding experiences I’ve ever had, especially within streaming
software. They’ve managed to massively simplify the setup process so all you
really have to do is; firstly connect your Twitch or YouTube account with
SLOBS and authorize the application. Next you’ll have the option to import scenes
and sources from our existing OBS installation, so this is particularly
handy if you’ve already got things set up exactly as you want within
OBS. Next they’re giving you the option to add what they’re calling widgets to
your stream so these are things like: follower, subscriber, donation alerts, tip
jars, chat boxes basically all of the software that they used to have on the
Streamlabs website, these are now called widgets within SLOBS and you can add
them here but you can also add them later super easily so I’m just gonna
skip this step. Finally you’ll get to the optimize screen which in my opinion is
an absolute godsend, since it’s by far the most common thing that I get asked
on my YouTube channel: What bitrate should I stream at? What
resolution should I stream at? What FPS? Which server should I stream to? I get
these questions all the time and this optimize screen aims to take all of
that guesswork out of it. It runs a wizard which analyzes your internet
connection and your computer hardware, and then optimizes your settings so that they
are suited to the exact setup and connection that you have. Obviously this
might not get your settings bang-on perfect and it doesn’t really do a long
enough connection test to truly measure your connection stability, but for the
purpose of this video I think it’ll do just fine. Once it’s finished you should
see your main streaming window which they’ve called Editor and it will look
pretty familiar to what OBS looks like, so if you’re an OBS user it should all
look pretty familiar. Now I found that some of my OBS scenes may have imported
slightly strangely, you know some things just positioned wrong and I’m sure this
is just a minor bug that they will be fixing relatively quickly but it doesn’t
really take to long for me to go back in and just reposition the odd source. One
really great edition that Streamlabs have brought in is found when you add a
new source. To demonstrate this I’ll quickly remove my old alert source and
then add it back in as a widget. Now this might not seem like a big difference but
in my opinion this new window will massively help new streamers to
understand what it is they’re trying to add. Clicking through any of the sources
or widgets here shows a detailed description and an image illustrating
the type of sources that you have selected. I’m just going to be re-adding
the alert box back in. Now another feature that Streamlabs have added in
is the ability to test your alerts right from within Streamlabs OBS. All you have
to do is click this little test widgets button and then choose the type of alert
you wish to test. If you want to edit any of those alerts all you have to do is go
across to the Dashboard tab and you should see that this is the exact same
as the Streamlabs website dashboard, you can then go down to the widget you
want to edit and play around with the text, the color, the size, the gif, the
sounds, all of those settings there. If you want more details on editing these
alerts my video on Streamlabs alerts is still pretty relevant which I’ll link to
in the top right YouTube card. The next window we’ll look at is the Library
window, this is going to help so many new streamers. I think one of the toughest
things about starting a stream is getting a good looking overlay and
everything in position and this is a library of supposedly 3000 different
overlays and stream designs that you can import for free.
I believe currently there are only about 240 overlays available but they are
constantly adding more. Down the left-hand side you can filter them by
color, whether you want an animated or static overlay or even by which genre of
game you are playing. If you find one you like the look of you can click on it and
view all of the different aspects of the overlay that come included. Most of them
come at least with a live scene a stream starting scene and a be right back
scene. Just click install overlay to add it into your editors scenes. It will
download and it should take you straight into the editor. Everything is already
set up: recent followers will show here, chat will show here, everything is
already set up, all you have to do is go down to the background image, delete it,
add your game capture instead, make sure that’s the bottom layer and you’re ready
to go live. Everything is set up. I can’t really emphasize how much time I think
that’s going to save new streamers that just want to dive in and get going with
streaming. Note that all of your collection scenes are shown if you click
this little drop-down arrow here, so if you want to get back to one of the ones
that you imported from OBS, you just click the arrow here and select that one.
The final and maybe the most important window is the Live window. Now this is
what they’re talking about when they say that you can have an all-in-one
application, but before we even start to admire it, let’s make sure that we are
seeing it in its full glory, click this little arrow to show your stream chat on
the right hand side and obviously if you prefer this to be on the left hand side
you can change that in the settings. Now just look at all the info that you get
in this window, this is the window that you should have open on a second monitor
if possible when you are streaming. It shows all of your recent events like new
followers, subscribers, donations with easy options to skip alerts if you need
to. It allows you to control which scene is displaying on stream as well as all
the sound control so you can easily mute your mic or
change the music volume as well as showing you a stream preview of what’s
broadcasting live. It also shows you your live stream chat, how many viewers you
have and allows you to edit your stream info all from one window. This, Streamlabs claims, helps save significant CPU and RAM since it combines loads of
windows that you used to have to have open in different applications, all into
one application. So you won’t have to have your browser open as well as all
those other applications to monitor chat and alerts. The last feature that we’re
going to be covering is what Streamlabs is claiming is up to two times better
video encoding, which i think is quite a claim and maybe not entirely true but
they have definitely made improvements. Streamlabs have released a blog post
detailing what exactly they mean by this and it does look super interesting.
They’ve apparently hired a whole team of video encoding engineers who have been
running tests on a subset of games to see what combinations of settings in
x264 video encoder give the best quality results in the end. This means that they
are able to tweak your encoder settings based on the game that you are playing,
to squeeze every bit of quality that they come from the bitrate chosen. Now
right now they say that they have settings but only a few selected games:
League of Legends, Dota 2, Destiny 2, Fortnight and PUBG and it’s important
to note that this is only currently for the x264 codec so you’ll see no
improvements for the NVENC from Nvidia or the AMD codecs although these are
planned for a future release. I plan on doing a deeper and much nerdier dive
into this technology and actually comparing measureable results between
OBS and Streamlabs OBS in a future video, I actually wrote my university
thesis on quality improvements in the x264 codec, so maybe this is only interesting
to me, I’m not sure, let me know if you’d like a more detailed video maybe I can
get one of the Streamlabs engineers in to tell us more about it. But for now I
think it’s a super exciting exercise and one that I know Netflix and Amazon and
other video based companies have had lots of success with so it’s great that
they’re doing it in the gaming space and I’m really excited to see how this
improves. So that’s just a handful of some of the cool improvements that
Streamlabs OBS have integrated into their software. Obviously the software is
new and it’s just in beta so there are some limitations and there
are some bugs that are present in the software at the moment, one of which is
that currently the Streamlabs OBS is only available for Windows and it’s only
available for 64-bit systems and I know that they’re having some trouble
with Windows 7. This is a bug tracker that Streamlabs have set up, I’ve linked
to it down in the description below this video so you can have a look exactly at
some of the bugs that have been reported. Right now as I’m recording this video, I
know that they’re having some issues with YouTube chat, some issues with local
recordings and some people importing scenes from OBS are having some crashes
to do with that but these are all being investigated and the bugs are getting
squashed every single day at an alarmingly quick rate. They also have links to their
discord where you can report new bugs if you find them. Another thing you might
want to look at is the roadmap, again I’ve linked to this down in the
description below this video, this is basically a Streamlabs OBS current
priorities of what the developers are working on. You can see that some of the
priorities at the moment are fixing a lot of the issues that people are facing, but
they’re also building in some key features like Elgato stream deck, they
want to do something to do with face masks so you can connect them to alerts so
when somebody subscribes a mask gets put on your face, things like that. They’re
also adding more overlays all the time. And some future features they want to
add studio mode back in which currently isn’t supported, they want to add their
chat bot integrated and they want to have a performance mode so that it
doesn’t impact as much when you’re streaming. Thanks so much for watching
this quick first look at Streamlabs OBS, I’m going to be creating plenty more
videos on the software as well as comparison videos between Streamlabs
OBS and OBS, I think I’m gonna have to start calling it SLOBS because Streamlabs
OBS just takes too long to say, but yeah thanks very much for watching, let me
know down in the description if you’ve tried it out and what you thought, and
subscribers, I’ll see you in the next video, Peace!

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