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As an artist, when I look at a script what goes thru my mind is: How can I make this as cinematic
and entertaining as possible. Every decision I make is about composing each shot to bring these characters to life and to tell the best story possible Then I turn to Storyboard Pro and get started. Toon Boom’s Storyboard Pro is the leading storyboarding software by industry professionals. Used by studios worldwide, it
has transformed the animation world by providing artistic freedom and production efficiency. Whether we’re creating boards for a TV show, commercials or movies we have to merge composition, staging, script and performance all in one place. Storyboard Pro gives me all
the tools I need to accomplish that. In Storyboard Pro you can import scripts,
audio and image files you can draw, combine 2D and 3D art and output animatics fast in a streamlined workflow where you interactively revise timing, camera angles and panels You see the whole story in context without ever having to leave Storyboard Pro What I love about Storyboard Pro is that I have access to all the essential tools I need to get my job done in a simple, easy to use workspace. And when you’re working for a major studio, it is crucial to meet your deadlines because other departments depend on your work to move forward. Storyboard Pro’s Project Management tools
allow you to split extract, merge and insert scenes or entire sequences One of my favorite things about Storyboard Pro are the drawing tools They feel natural and is extremely responsive I can quickly create multiple layers insert a background level shadow level and animate different characters independently. If you’re an animator, aspiring storyboard artist, or a director looking for the best storyboarding software available Toon Boom really nailed it
with Storyboard Pro Storyboard Pro, Download your free trial today.

12 thoughts on “Storyboard Pro 5 – Storyboarding Software

  1. I have storyboard pro 4.1. I've been waiting for the next version to come out, however, this video tells me nothing about the difference between versions. I hope a features video is in the works. A comparison video would be ideal.

  2. Rather uninformative when promoting version "5". So what did we learned from this video, well nothing? At least for anyone that used it. So what is new on version 5?

  3. No doubt it's a good program but holy s*** seriously $1,000 to buy a permanent license for it, a permanent license for zbrush is cheaper than this.

  4. Nice,
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