Stanford e-Japan Program: student reflections

I enjoyed the most the lectures from Stanford
professors. I especially enjoyed learning various topics
related to U.S.–Japan relations. Some of the lectures was based on the professors’
own experience. One of the most interesting parts of this
program is making and asking our questions to professors at the end of the lectures. I could get a further understanding by listening
to responses. At first it was a little difficult to complete
assignments because topics are so complicated that I had to think a lot. It was the first time for me to express my
opinion and discuss with other Japanese students and Stanford professors. Sometimes it was a little hard to spare time
during school exams, but it was so rewarding, as I learned a lot
from this course. But gradually I got used to do it and I enjoyed discussion with Japanese students
and professors. Of course, sometimes we have some difficulty
in connecting or communicating on the Internet. However, the lectures could be recorded and
the teacher posted later online. We could listen to it again. That helped me improve my English skills. It was very interesting experience. [In Japanese] The Stanford e-Japan Program
is a course conducted in English in which we discussed a variety of topics. Through this program, I was able to discover
a lot of things about not only America, but also Japan. The Stanford e-Japan Program is a wonderful
program in which students can learn from lectures by esteemed Stanford University professors
and engage in discussions with them. Even if you are not very confident about
your English abilities, all the teachers and speakers are
very supportive. As a result, this program was a very good
experience for me. Even if you’re not completely confident
in your English ability, I believe that you can grow and develop
through the course, so I hope that you will consider participating
in the Stanford e-Japan Program. By all means, please consider participating
in this program!

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