38 thoughts on “Spanish Language Education Short Film

  1. En cuanto Filipinas retome el uso del español, Australia tendrá una fuente muy rica de profesores de español.

  2. The character, Lili, says she is from Mexico, but she has more of an Argentian accent than a Mexican accent.

  3. i would like to learn Spanish because i like it and because of NARCOS, gracias por el vedio amigos

  4. WHAAAAT THE FFFUUUCK. I am learning Spanish and I just clicked on this video. North bridge is just around the corner for me. For those of you that don't know Perth is the most isolated city in the world.

  5. In the very beginning, I don't think the English version has the Argentine saying "it's cold" ("tengo much frio").

  6. One Spanish video? That's it? Great video, but nothing else like this on your channel.

  7. My first time on your channel. I want to learn spanish and this IMHO one of the best vids i've seen… Looking forward to the continuation on this short film… Hehehe

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