Spanish Immersion Program in Mexico [Learn Spanish Abroad]

– Are you ready to take your
Spanish to the next level? – We’re Jim and May from Spanish and Go, your resource for learning
real-world travel Spanish. And we set out to create a
Spanish immersion experience like no other. – [May] Instead of
classrooms, we build community by learning Spanish together. – And instead of textbooks, we created a week long transformation. – Everyone knows that
nothing beats immersion. That’s why we created our
Spanish immersion program in the heart of the Spanish speaking world where we cover the most important and commonly overlooked topics
in real life situations. Every day is tailored to help
you boost your confidence and help you reach fluency faster. – Our experienced
teachers will surprise you with methods that make excitement for understanding new concepts contagious. – Each participant follows a
custom made program developed to improve speaking skills
and enhance comprehension. – And Spanish is only part of it. You’ll drastically improve
your language abilities while learning first hand
about the local food, rich culture and fascinating
traditions along the way. – I was a little concerned
about being such a beginner. I didn’t know if someone as novice as me in an immersion type of
situation would actually be able to keep up with the
classes and the experience but it turns out, it is
perfect even for a beginner. – The group experience was very good with the other attendees in
the Spanish and Go retreat and we got to go out every day and experience real life in Mexico. – My Spanish has improved
so much just in a week, it’s really noticeable, like
you won’t regret your decision if you decide to join them on a retreat. – Our unique combination of
daily small group classes, followed by real-world practice will help you move
everything you’re learning into your longterm memory
faster than any other method. – You’ll master essential
topics for travelers like ordering food, asking for
directions, making small talk and much more. – I’ve learned a lot of the culture and the history of the area. I’ve got to sample foods I
never thought I would try and it’s just been a wonderful week. I would definitely
recommend people coming. – I would absolutely
recommend this retreat to any and everyone who’s even
considering learning Spanish. – We’re ready to help
you take your Spanish to the next level. – Join us for an experience
you’ll never forget. – Don’t just learn, experience.

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  2. That's awesome that you're putting together another retreat so soon! Nice-looking site you have for it, btw.

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