Spa Software – Booking & Scheduling for your business by Belliata

So you decided that you need spa software? You probably have too many moving parts in
your business You are having trouble finding the right information Which is probably somewhere filed away in
your office, safe and sound or may be that client appointment you need to call and move
due to staff illness but can’t make out the telephone number. Or send that all important
appointment reminder to reduce no-shows Find, organizing and using the data in your
spa needs to be more simple Belliata is simple Now all the elements that make running a successful
spa is in one place See them Track them Report them For you, adding an appointment is three quick
easy steps And it is even easier for your customers to
do business with you when you provide 24/7 online appoinment booking Belliata plays friendly with Macs, Windows,
iPads & smartphone So you never loose sight of your business
performance Your team even has access to the right level
of information they need and can see their own schedule whenever they want Our cloud based solution is continuously improving
so you know you always have the best software available Stop searching and start improving Your spa lives in Belliata Start using our spa software today

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