Software Entwickler (w/m/d) für Qualitätssicherung

At OMICRON I am responsible for
software quality assurance. We develop software products
which of course, have to be tested. Automated test run over night. In the morning I usually take a look to see if
everything went right with the software. I also search for bugs and other issues. The product we are working on
is designed to support our customers when they are testing and monitoring digital substations. We work with Scrum, which means
we have a daily stand-up meeting. The meeting consists of a short chat about what
everyone is working on, and if there are any obstacles. We have a team of about 10 people. Everyone has his/her specialty.
For example someone is handling the UI, and someone else working on the backend. But we’re actually trying to make sure
that everyone on the team can be involved in any aspect of the software. OMICRON doesn’t actually
have any real boundaries. And so there are always
new ideas and things coming up. At the beginning some ideas
might sound impossible. But due to the fact that everyone
is able to be involved, we always have a team that is prepared
to even realize the wildest ideas.

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