Software Engineer

my job is to write the source code that’s running inside the laser sensor and has a direct impact on the behavior of the device and it’s embedded on the car so it affects directly the end customer experience some software manager master of the LED TV software the laser scanner which will win column a nano mr. Otto on Rosarita it’s a rich e Omaha team Sara Julieta I was not shocked I work in a very international environment and it’s been really interesting to meet people from different cultures with different backgrounds experiences knowledge we also work quite a lot with our colleagues from different sites and even different countries and I believe this is an experience very valuable and impossible to find in a smaller non international company the environment is very friendly we always get to work together all day and always trying to solve issues from someone has a problem they always go to another colleague and ask about and everyone tries to help everyone because we are a team and you’re in the same boat

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