Silken Stoma Gel Application

Trio Silken silicone stoma gel is
designed to fill dips and creases caused by uneven skin and gaps created
by poor adhesion. Perfect for preventing against leaks and protecting your skin
from damage direct Trio Elite spray onto your skin above the pouch to easily
remove your ostomy bag. To remove any previous application of the silken gel
gently peel the wafer of your pouch from your skin of normal the gel may be stuck
to the wafer and should peel away with it. Wipe the skin around your stoma with
your choice of a Trio Elisse wipe or spray to protect your skin from
irritants before you apply the gels it’s important to ensure your skin is dry so
you can get the best results. Remove the cap on your silken gel and punch of a
foil field using the point on the reverse side of the cap.
Squeeze the silicon gel from the tube directly onto your skin to fill any
depressions and skin contours. This creates an even surface which prevents
leakage of body wastes and gas. You only need to use a small amount of Silken gel
around the stoma for this to work and ideally you should avoid spreading it.
You can now apply your pouching system in the normal way placing it directly
onto the wet gel you don’t have to wait for the gel to set. Silken does not rely
on heat or air to set it uses your skin’s own natural moisture to turn into
a rubbery seal. Silken gel solidifies slowly so it will remain soft until the
creases and gaps in your skin have been filled. Through normal movement the gel
will set under the pouch during the time you wear it.
unlike other pastes Silken remains flexible which makes it comfortable to
wear all day. Trio Silken gel does not absorb body wastes so it helps deliver
improved hygiene around your stoma. This means you can enjoy quick clean bag
change routine that doesn’t leave your skin sore. You can also wear it longer
letting you simply relax and get on with your day

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