Shorinji Kempo. Martial arts. Application Goho,Juho, pressure points. [SUBTITLE] 少林寺 拳法

Shorinji Kempo ! Japanese martial art combining powerful explosive attacks and fluid techniques to effortlessly control an opponent. It’s life or death skills shrouded in mystery use ancient knowledge of the bodies hidden energy pathways. Shorinji Kempo trains both mind and body together cultivating the whole person. This fascinating martial art continues to inspire people across the globe. Shorinji Kempo is known for its lightning-fast boosts, that float together seamlessly to overwhelm any attacker and some of its techniques can even be hard to catch with the naked eye. Today we delve into showed into kempo holistic system and some of its martial arts secrets. Shorinji Kempo Hard and Soft Harmony. Looking out over Japan’s inland Sea lies Tadotsu in Kagawa Prefecture. Shorinji Kempo federation has its headquarters here. Intensive training camps are held every spring and summer. The camps running for over a month bring together practitioners from across Japan and the world. Who come to deepen their skills and knowledge in the art? This time there are more than 1200 participants, such as Spain, Germany and Brazil and other countries of the world. Shorinji Kempo today has over 220 thousand registered practitioners worldwide. 55 year-old Paul King from the UK is a journalist who has spent his career working in challenging environments. He’s attending the training camp in preparation for his fourth dan exam. I grew up in the Middle East and I spent quite some time under combat situations, being bombed, terrorist attacks. And I also grew up in London who is kind of rough area. I was always had the feeling that, there’s something very wrong with, the way people were treating each other, and the way that people were ignoring each ther suffering. Witnessing firsthand the desperation of people in conflict zones Paul became aware of the need for both physical strength and compassion to survive with dignity. Shorinji Kempo has helped him develop both elements in balance something he’d lacked in his younger days. I think, if I was compared between then and now is a bit wild. I know, you probably can’t imagine that but and now, I feel that there’s a lot of calm and a lot of awareness. A bronze statue of Shorinji Kempo founder stands outside the headquarters, Doshin So established his system of martial arts based education in 1947. The eldest of three siblings he was born in Okayama Prefecture in the west of Japan. Following the death of his father the young Doshin So went to live with his grandfather in China, from whom he learned various Japanese martial artslearned various martial arts. He would later learn Chinese martial arts too diligently deepening his training over time. Witnessing the chaos and hopelessness in Japan at the end of the Second World War, He realized the need to encourage and energize young people if a healthy society was to be rebuilt. To achieve his aims. He systematized the Chinese and Japanese martial arts, he had learned Placing the emphasis on a firm philosophical and spiritual basis. His new art showed in Kempo combined complementary methods Techniques such as strikes and kicks comprised Goho or hard methods. While throws and locks in kempo Juho or Soft methods. Hard and soft merged to form a truly integrated martial arts system For Shorinji Kempo full power to be realized a number of elements must come together, precise knowledge of pressure points, controlling one’s distance from an opponent, mastering the speed and angle of strikes and the ability to read an opponent’s weaknesses. In Shorinji Kempo, there are more than 600 techniques, which take many years to master. At the training camp the day starts with cleaning. It’s a ritual that carries a special meaning And it’s about, getting in touch with yourself, It’s about, Settling down into the day and accepting that you are here an open instead of resisting cleaningEurope Is something that in Europe You wouldn’t do you wouldn’t be on your knees cleaning the floor for someone else Next comes a session of self reflection meditation and chanting, letting trainees find focus before the tough physical training begins Shorinji Kempo is not simply about learning techniques, but also about nurturing a spirit of cooperation. Goho methods of attack are practiced using a padded vest for protection allowing trainees to strike with full force This is weakest part and this is strongest. You should block at the weakest part and scoop. Next up is a session on Juho or soft methods. The theory behind the techniques is always explained in detail. When your opponent pushes in, you can use their force. From there… if you use your opponent’s momentum, it’s actually easy to do. Trainees repeat the techniques over and over, until they become second nature. Place their hand on your shoulder, As the arms turns, you can apply leverage. This will pull their center of gravity over so you can throw them. Paul makes meticulous notes as he prepares for his exam. Remembering the Japanese names for the myriad techniques is especially challenging. ” SOTO MAKI OTOSHI ” Thank you. After the session ends the trainees stay on to practice, what they’ve learned. The teachers respond to their enthusiasm, giving personal attention. Overseas students are given some extra classes, to make sure, no details have been lost in translation. Paul has great admiration for the teacher and I sensing. If paul passes his fourth dan exam, he’ll be qualified to open his own Shorinji Kempo branch in holland where he lives. He makes it look easy and It’s not quite as easy as he makes it look It’s not quite as easy as he makes it look but there’s something, about his energy, something about his voice the tone of his voice as a teacher. That for me, that’s the ideal of the ideal of the dynamic, you should have with students how you should approach students. That’s something that, when I think about becoming a teacher myself, that I can take from these sessions that to take home and. Know if you guys feel the same that the tone of his voice it’s calming. There’s something there very zen, dynamic zen about him. Shorinji Kempo philosophy and techniques have so much depth, there are even techniques that manipulate the pressure points along a network of energy channels in the body called meridians Just like in acupuncture. It’s a mysterious skill that takes many years to master Pressure point techniques when applied properly can bring intense pain, any opponent can be controlled irrespective of size or strengths. Today I have a special chance to experience the Shorinjih Kempo, pressure point techniques with the help of Shogo Fuji, seventh dan Master. – Sensei of a good day. – Good day. I’m so fascinated to learn about your pressure point techniques. – Today was that, you know, miss it. – Okay, let’s get started. – He’s in pain ouch, ouch. – What happened now? – Oh, this is called Ude juji gatame – Let me show you. – Can i try? Okay, I guess he’s gonna try it on me do this it. – I’ll use the elbow pressure point. This part here. – What was that so this is my pressure point. – Yes, it’s about three finger breaths up the upper arm from the elbow tip you press it like this. – Yes, that’s my pressure point – I’m liking my tippy toes cos so much pain. – That’s right. You try to escape from the pain. This is one way you can apply it as part of a technique. It hurts, right? – I’m sweating, because of pain. – Yes. – Do you think I can try it on him, my first time. – Yes, yes. Start by pulling his arm up and you come in like this. Then with this part of your arm, you can target the pressure point – So that’s the difficult part. I have to find the pressure point with my wrists? – Yes, and by putting pressure on the point you pull the arm down. – Is it working? – Yes. – I have control of this big guy! That’s crazy. If you get used to it, let me tell you about. – Yes. Who are you looking? – You’ve got the gist. – And the important thing is to find the pressure poi nt. – Indeed by. Stimulating the pressure point the technique lets us control, and take down the opponent cleanly in a compact and efficient way. Among the pressure point techniques are some closely guarded secret methods, known only to top-level practitioners. Kazuhiro Kawashima. Secretary-general of the world Shorinji Kempo organization gave us an insight into this highest of skills. In Shorinji Kempo we use pressure points on the head chest and back limbs and so on. In total there are a hundred and thirty-eight pressure points covering all aspects of the body. Among these there are also thirty-six loc on up both pressure points They can be used to inflict damage right through to the internal organs, These are extremely dangerous techniques, which is why they are only taught to fourth Dan practitioners and above. No one else is allowed to learn them. Whether someone is strong or weak is not simply, a matter of what, techniques they have acquired. Rather it’s about a person’s state of being, the spiritual aspect, their compassion for others. It comes down to applying our wisdom in numerous ways. For those who have worked their way up, through the various levels. Mastering the barehanded skills up, to a certain stage. These techniques are something further that they can learn. Many universities across Japan have their own Shorinji Kempo Club. The Kanto region hosts the oldest and most prestigious tournament for students Sixty-one universities from Tokyo and the surrounding Prefecture is take part. For these young men and women is the ultimate test of what, they’ve been working towards in their daily training. A free sparring event, lets participants demonstrate the full range of their skills. The power of the students attacks makes for an intense battle of wills. This year’s overall winner is Meiji University. I will most likely be practicing Shorinji Kempo for the rest of my life. So, of course the technical aspect is important to me. But I also don’t want to neglect the human element, the personal journey, of discarding our pretensions one by one, to allow us to develop and strengthen ourselves at a deeper level. Back at the Shorinji Kempo headquarters, the training camp has entered its final day. The participants faces reflect their deep resolve and the sense of camaraderie permeates the room. Paul goes over his techniques one last time before his fourth done exam. Paul’s intensive training is finally over, but there is still work to be done. Back at his lodgings. He carefully reviews the locations of the pressure points, he has learned. It’s the morning of t he exam. I Have been working very hard for … 35 days here in Japan, for my fourth dan graiding. It’s it’s qruite something as an adult to… Keep testing yourself, to keep pushing yourself, to keep pushing your limits trying, to grow physically, mentally, spiritually. This journey of Shorinji Kempo challenges you in every way… But I really really want to pass, I’ll do my best. Sense of anticipation fills the air at the headquarters, masters from across Japan have come to act as examiner’s. The test comprises both a written and a practical part, techniques are selected at random adding to the pressure. Hello! There’s every sense is that I’ve ever wanted, to me is here today there must be hundreds it’s so powerful here today. I have to run a little, bit for my examinations beginning. So I’ll see you later. With his written exam completed, Paul heads to the dojo for his practical test. He will demonstrate techniques both on his own and with a partner. No cameras can enter the room. It went really, well I think, on the four o’clock, what the results are that’s? I felt very natural it felt as if, I had the techniques in my hands. It’s time for the results to be announced. Whoever has passed, as their name called out. Paul King, Amsterdam branch. The beginning, I think it takes a million steps, to become a sensei. But this has been one very big step, one very important step to my future. Shorinji Kempo for myself and the people, which I will do for years. I feel great. More than 70 years have passed since the founding of Shorinji Kempo. With its profound tools for cultivating both mind and body in harmony. It’s grown to become a truly international martial art! Shorinji Kempo is a martial art that offers powerful skills rooted and positive values. I was so impressed by the calm dedication and happy faces of its practitioners. I hope, more people around the world, will have the chance to experience the lifelong benefits Shorinji Kempo , can give.

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