Second Coming of Jesus | Christian Movie “The City Will Be Overthrown” | Warnings of the Last Days

Wow, what a great song! It sings our heart out. Thank the Lord. Such good words! The lyrics are from the heart. It’s true that I don’t feel the Lord’s presence. I look forward to Him, saving us from darkness. Yes. Everything we’ve heard so far from pastors and elders has been Bible knowledge. We haven’t received the true supply of life. We’ve fallen into darkness. And it’s all because of the Pharisees controlling the church, right? (Yes.) Where’s this song from? Pastor Huang! I learned it from a sister. I found it edifying, so I taught it to everyone. (Yeah.) But you sang “O Lord, Where Are You?” Do you not know this? The Lord is in our church. (Amen!) Who says He isn’t? (Yeah.) Don’t sing this anymore! Our church has the blessing of the Lord! This song speaks to our heart. Why won’t he let us sing it? This song reveals the church has no good shepherds or the presence of the Lord. No wonder they don’t like the song. (Yeah.) Everyone, peace be with you! Amen! Today, I have something important to say. Something important? For the development of the church and to restore everyone’s faith, recently, I’ve been speaking with pastors of various places, we’ve found a way to achieve this. The church will open a factory. A factory? Can a church do that? This will bring glory to God and benefit people as well. Right. First, it keeps people in the church. Then, we won’t keep losing believers. Yes. Second, our co-workers will have secure income, and we can all work for the Lord in peace. Third, we can use this opportunity to spread the gospel, bring more people to the Lord. (Yeah.) Yes, makes sense. That’s a great idea. Lastly, we can use the factory’s profits for our ministry. That’s great. So the church plans to open a daily-use chemical plant. Opening a factory while attending church regularly is in line with the Lord’s will. Yes. Everyone, what do you all think? Pastor Huang is thoughtful! Thank the Lord! If we open a factory, the church will have funds. And our way of life will get better. (That’s right.) We won’t have to go other places to find jobs anymore. A great idea! Thank the Lord! My son has been looking for a job. And now, we have an answer! (Yeah! Yes!) But is running a factory in line with God’s will? As a whole our faith isn’t very strong. If the church opens a factory, and we all participate, won’t believers receive even less supply? Right. I don’t think this is the way to revive the church. Yeah, that’s not a good idea. Can opening a factory really do anything to revive the church? I’m apprehensive. A great church means everyone is able to expend for the Lord and spread the gospel, communicate the truth, meet normally, to practice the Lord’s word, receive the work of the Holy Spirit, and have true faith in the Lord. That way, when the trial comes, everyone will stand their ground. That kind of church is the true kind of church. Amen. Yeah. If we want to revive the church, we must exalt the Lord and witness Him in everything, lead brothers and sisters in carrying out His word, understanding the truth, knowing the Lord Jesus is the only true God. (Amen.) That way, the faith of everyone, I know, will certainly recover. That’s right. If the church opens a factory, pastors, elders, and others will be busy managing it. We’ll be too busy with the factory. How can we fulfill the responsibility of shepherding the church entrusted by the Lord? (That’s true.) We’d be serving the Lord, but also serving money. How is that in line with the Lord’s will? (Clearly it’s not. It isn’t.) It’s not up to us whether running a factory is in line with the Lord’s will. The church wouldn’t open a factory to pursue wealth. It would do it to stop losing believers, (That’s right.) and to help our brothers and sisters with living problems. It’s the best of both worlds, it’s great! What does he mean? I’m not so sure about this. Pastor Huang’s idea is for the sake of the church and for our brothers and sisters. (Yeah.) That’s right. We should all get behind Pastor Huang’s idea. But this method is deceiving our brothers and sisters. Pastor Huang, Brother Hou, we all serve the Lord. That should be our focus. Yes. For the church to keep believers, we should put more of our effort into explaining the Bible, (Right.) so everyone can understand. That’s what’s important here. Since we all believe in the Lord, we must believe in the Bible. (Amen.) If they understand the Bible, all believers will naturally have faith and love. (Right!) Opening a factory is not the way to fix things. Isn’t that just like making the church a business, like a marketplace? (Yeah.) That sounds like the same path as the chief priests, the Pharisees, and the scribes walked. They made the temple into a marketplace, a den of thieves. And really, if we do this now, won’t we be like the Pharisees? Yeah! Just how can this be the Lord’s will? Do you see what I mean? (Yes! True!) Elder Gu makes a point. If we really want to revive the church, then we need to read the Bible and hold fast to what it says. That is the Lord’s will. (Yeah!) Pastor Huang, we should rely on the Lord, carry out and experience His word. So we can receive the Holy Spirit’s work. We can recover our faith and love if the church has the Holy Spirit’s work. Yes. Without the Holy Spirit’s work, our faith and love won’t be able to recover. (Yeah.) Therefore, we should communicate the Lord’s word more often, lead everyone to understand His will, and have knowledge of the Lord. That’s how we can bring the faith and love of our brothers and sisters back. But running a factory? How is building wealth like this any different from the corporations of today? She’s right! True! You see, though it might make the church look busy, does it reflect the Holy Spirit’s work or the church’s revival? Is this witnessing the Lord? The way I see it, this won’t work. It’s not in line with the Lord’s will. (Yeah. Yes.) How could it not work? Everyone, you’ve all made good points. But if believers leave, who will we preach to? (True.) Whose faith and love will we recover? Yeah! I believe it’s the most practical to solve co-workers’ livelihood, ensure the church has money, and that it stays open. (Yes.) If the people all leave, how can a church exist? It’s a real problem. I’m doing this for the sake of the church. You should all be supporting me! Why don’t you understand me? We need to figure this out. He’s right. If all of our believers go back to the world, who can we preach to? Yeah! The way I see it, this isn’t a bad idea. I think it’s our only choice now. Yeah! She’s right! Who’s Pastor Huang doing this for? We should all support him. Right. I agree. I just don’t think so. What’s wrong with profit? It glorifies God. It’s good for people. If you go through with this, I want to invest! So do I. Me too! Thank the Lord. If the church does this, we can prosper and obtain life at the same time. (Yes.) It’s genius. We should have done this before. Yeah, we should have! This is going to be good for us. They can’t do this. It’s a great idea. Let’s support Pastor Huang. Yes. I agree. Pastor Huang, our house church has been persecuted by the CCP government for years. Starting a factory is a big move. It might cause believers’ hearts to leave God and seek wealth. That’s what the satanic regime wants. (Yeah.) Did you by any chance join the Three-Self Church? Join the Three-Self Church? Brother Zhang, let’s make something clear. I’ll tell everyone the truth about this. Listen carefully. For quite a long time, I’ve considered joining them. There’s nothing wrong with joining the Three-Self Church. They say, “Love our country, love our church, glorify God, and benefit people.” This doesn’t affect our faith and understanding the Bible. How can he join the Three-Self Church? Once we join, we’ll no longer be persecuted. And we can open a factory. It glorifies God and benefits people. Yes. (I don’t think so.) Listen, in regard to running a factory, I’ve already reported to the Municipal United Front. Already reported? He told the United Front already? This was all arranged in advance. They support us in building this new venture, and getting our believers rich. We’ll open a factory. The government supports it. That’s wonderful. They’re even willing to help us out. This way, the government won’t persecute us. (Yeah.) From now on, we won’t have to believe in the Lord while hiding in secret. (Yes.) Yes. We’ll appease the government with the factory. But in our hearts, we’ll still follow the Lord. In China, this is the only way to keep our faith. (Yes.) Don’t you understand me yet? It’s a smart idea. Pastor Huang, if we do this and join the Three-Self Church, we’ll be completely controlled by the government. (Yeah.) They’ll have informers monitor our church. All our meetings and sermons, spreading the gospel, they’ll control it! They won’t allow us to interpret the Bible’s pure truth, (Yeah. Yes.) or talk about life entry, or the prophecies of Revelation. We can only say, “Love your country, love your church, benefit people and all of that.” Yeah. For all these years, the government has limited our religious freedom, suppressed house churches, and arrested Christians at any cost. Sometimes, they even persecute Christians to death. That’s true. She’s right. Their only goal has been to limit our spreading of the gospel and to overthrow the church, making China a godless land. So this will keep the CCP in power for thousands of years to come. That is true. The CCP government is a satanic regime that hates the truth and resists God most. (That’s right. Right.) If the church relies on their support, allows them to control us, it’s like giving the church to Satan. This is betraying the Lord! We’ll be condemned and forsaken by the Lord. (Yes.) The churches in Laodicea and Sardis never received the Lord’s praise in Revelation. How would the Lord approve of us joining the Three-Self Church? (Yeah!) Therefore, joining them isn’t right. (Yeah!) Anyone else agree? Amen! Yes. We can’t join the Three-Self Church! But what’s wrong with joining the Three-Self Church? We’ll still read the Bible. (Right.) Joining the Three-Self Church is betraying the Lord! (Yes!) We can’t join them. I— Pastor Huang, I believe they’re right. If we join the Three-Self Church, we align with the government. (Right.) It’s committing fornication with the kings of the earth. (Indeed.) You’re giving the Lord’s sheep to the enemy, selling out the church, betraying the Lord. Yes. Yes, he’s right. Did you ever pray to the Lord when you considered joining the Three-Self Church? This is a big deal. We must be careful. (Yeah!) Don’t forget, the chief priests and scribes and the Pharisees joined with the Roman government, and then crucified the Lord Jesus. (Yeah.) The church joined with the government to resist God! I think joining the Three-Self Church is just like the Judaism joining with the Roman government. (Of course.) Yes. We can’t join the Three-Self Church. It’s a betrayal. Everyone, this decision is completely in line with the Bible. (Amen.) The Bible says, Amen! We’ll obey the authorities as it says in the Bible. This is in accordance to the Lord’s will. (Amen!) How can the Lord condemn us this way? He is right. Exactly. We’ll open a factory and join the Three-Self Church. This is fine by the Bible. Can’t you all understand this? He’s already talked to the United Front. If we oppose it, they’ll find us, and we’ll be in trouble. This is all complicated. It’s not in accordance with the Lord’s will. (I agree.) Pastor Huang, it’s true you’re quoting the words of the Bible. But they’re not the Lord Jesus’ words. It’s the words of Paul you use. Paul’s words don’t represent the words of the Lord Jesus. How can you say it’s the Lord Jesus’ will? The Lord Jesus never said people should obey the ruling authority. So, Paul’s words about obeying ruling authority aren’t necessarily right. It all depends on the authority itself. As for the CCP, they are atheist and resist God. And if we obey them, aren’t we standing on the side of Satan resisting God? (Yes.) The Lord Jesus never told us that to believe in Him, we needed to obey the government. If believers all obeyed, then no one would be a martyr for the Lord. Are you saying being a martyr is self-induced punishment for rebelling against them? (No.) Do you dare say that? Is obeying the authorities following the Lord? All saints that have been martyrs have been praised by Him. And now, are you saying you don’t accept this? Right. For us believers, obeying the Lord, magnifying Him, obeying the truth— that is His will. Amen! When it comes to obeying the government, sure, we should pay our taxes, but we shouldn’t obey them by resisting God. (Right.) When it comes to faith, we listen to the Lord, not people. We can’t join the Three-Self Church! Right, we can’t do it. I feel that joining the Three-Self Church is betraying the Lord. That’s how I see it. I agree with Brother Lin! Despite what you think, joining the Three-Self Church and running this factory are definitely in line with the Bible. (Amen!) And I will do anything in accordance with the Bible. You see, I’m looking out for all of you and for the church. So I couldn’t care less what you think. The majority agree to join the Three-Self Church and open the factory, few oppose it. Therefore, we’ll open the factory, and we’ll join the Three-Self Church. It’s decided. (Amen!) It’s official. This meeting is adjourned. This is great! I knew this day would come when we’d join the Three-Self Church. This is the worst-case scenario. So stubborn. Elder Gu, as of now, Pastor Huang has everyone who supports running a factory and joining the Three-Self Church. He really is deceitful. And now, more people support him. Fewer and fewer people support us. I never thought Pastor Huang could be so treacherous. I’m no match. We must think of a plan! If the rest of them all go to his side, who will we lead? How will we make a living? Our status and our meal tickets will be gone! We must think of something. (Yeah.) Not to worry. Sit. Everyone left opposes joining the Three-Self Church. Some of them have been persecuted by the CCP. Those people won’t side with Huang. This divide is growing more and more prominent. Huang won’t take those people, but lately, there have been some people who’ve been stolen by the Eastern Lightning. Every day they go to the website of the Church of Almighty God. What? Some don’t even come to meetings anymore. If we don’t put a stop to this, these people will join the Eastern Lightning themselves. We don’t even know how many are studying the Eastern Lightning in secret! But the CCP has blocked their website! So how can they see it? It … it’s impossible! (Yeah.) It’s simple. Anyone who knows computers can use privacy tools to access. I tried it myself. It’s a really good website. Look! There’s all these books, hymns, videos, movies, musicals, so much. They contain the words of Almighty God and testimonies of His work. The debates in their movies, I must admit, are particularly good. They commune the truth clearly. Lots of people have seen this. Seems people in all different countries are studying the Eastern Lightning. If it continues, all the quality people will turn to the Eastern Lightning. The CCP’s restrictions, arrests, and suppressions aren’t effective. Seems the Eastern Lightning has the truth. No wonder they believe so faithfully. It’s a problem! You see, all these quality people see Almighty God’s words, hear His witnesses, and believe in the Eastern Lightning. If they all go and look at the website of the Church of Almighty God, won’t they believe in the Eastern Lightning sooner? I think we need to get this under control. Control? We can’t stop people from seeing this, their website. The government can’t even accomplish that much. Before, when the Eastern Lightning’s people came to our church, we didn’t just drive them away, no, we called the cops. We confiscated all the Eastern Lightning books believers read. Now they keep seeing the Church of Almighty God’s website. The fact that the CCP can’t stop them is thought-provoking. Recently, I’ve been wondering how the Eastern Lightning spreads so fast. If this came from men, organized by men, the CCP would’ve crushed it long ago. But what we’re seeing now is really surprising. The Church of Almighty God is still around and is expanding throughout the world. The word of Almighty God seems powerful. I’m thinking, just maybe the Eastern Lightning does come from God’s work? If this really is God’s work, then we can’t stop it, no matter what we do. I’ve thought about the Eastern Lightning for a long time. At first, I condemned the Eastern Lightning because of rumors from the CCP. Back then, I believed these rumors. Then, I saw many religious pastors condemn the Eastern Lightning. I thought that the Eastern Lightning wasn’t the true way. So, I thought it was okay to resist and condemn it. But later, I saw how the Eastern Lightning continued to thrive despite being suppressed by the CCP. I was curious, so I secretly read Almighty God’s words and saw their videos. I was surprised. The words I read from Almighty God have power and authority. They speak to people’s hearts. It’s convincing. It’s no wonder that after reading them, so many people accept it as the voice of God. Then, I got a little scared. What if Almighty God really is the Lord Jesus’ return? We’ve already resisted Almighty God so many times, we’d definitely be cursed by God! Honestly, I’m a little worried the Eastern Lightning is the true way. If that’s the case, we’re done for. Yeah. I hope the Eastern Lightning’s not the true way, and that Almighty God isn’t the Lord Jesus’ return. That way, we won’t be condemned. We’re just trying to be loyal to the Lord and protect our church. (Amen!) With the Eastern Lightning, it’s nothing personal. If we’re resisting God, we’re not doing it on purpose. No way could we be condemned. The Lord will have mercy on us. Right. We’re just protecting our church; we don’t have a choice. And we don’t know the Eastern Lightning is the Lord Jesus’ return. God won’t condemn those who are ignorant! Also, the Lord Jesus never said He would be Almighty God. Therefore, we probably won’t be cursed for condemning the Eastern Lightning. Let’s not dwell. Our top priority is protecting the church. If we stop people seeing the website of the Church of Almighty God, they’ll just become curious. That’s not what we want. Besides, the CCP blocked it. They can’t get on so easily. Right now, we must find a way to seal our church and stop believers from going to Huang, from contacting the Eastern Lightning people. We must make it clear that if anyone finds the Eastern Lightning’s people, just call the police. This is just being loyal to the Lord and protecting our church. Anyone who believes in the Eastern Lightning will be expelled. For right now, that’s all we can do. Captain Wei, thank you for helping our factory. Here, a token of thanks. Mr. Huang, (Yes, sir?) you’ve worked with the government and cooperated. You’ve done well. (Thank you, sir.) We want to train you. Ah. I thank you all very much. To tell you the truth, why do you think the government arrests Christians and controls underground churches— many don’t understand. The truth is we arrest Christians and commit assault on religion because we want to wipe out all churches and make China a godless land. This will ensure the CCP stays in power forever. That’s our true objective. Though our constitution grants religious freedom, that’s a front, a false promise. The country’s policy is to destroy all faith. So you must cooperate. You must get close to the government. (Yes, yes.) It’s in your best interests. (Yes.) China is the CCP’s domain. Opponents of the Communist Party will face the consequences. Those who practice their faith underground must be captured and imprisoned. The government’s ultimate goal is to destroy all religions. Mr. Huang, (Yes, Captain Wei?) you’re a smart man. Can’t you understand this? Yes. Of course I can. Good choice. Getting close to the government, joining the Three-Self Church. Yes. We can guarantee your protection. Captain, I’ve wanted to join the Three-Self Church, accept the government’s policy, love our country and church. We must love our country before church. No country, no church. Captain, let me assure you. I’ll always be on the side of the party. The Communist Party is the only one that can lead the Chinese. Personally, I owe it everything. I want to follow the Communist Party! If you support and protect me, I’ll do anything you might need. And with religion, if there’s anything you need, just let me know. I’ll take care of it. I promise. Good. Mr. Huang, (Captain?) the government sent another set of urgent messages regarding the Eastern Lightning recently. They all demanded regions launch campaigns to crack down on the Church of Almighty God. With the Eastern Lightning people, we’ll imprison some, we’ll kill some, pull out the pillars, and stamp this church out completely. Mr. Huang, (Yes?) cooperate with the government! Of course. It’s all up to you. Suppressing the Eastern Lightning, I fully agree. The Eastern Lightning is growing too fast. If it’s not controlled, soon the religious will all obey Almighty God. It’s a threat to the Party, to your control. Suppressing it is right. It’s what needs to be done. Mr. Huang, (Sir?) do as you will with the Eastern Lightning, and if your factory runs into any kind of trouble, I will do whatever I can to help you. You can rely on us. I guarantee it. Captain Wei, don’t worry. With the Eastern Lightning, I know what I need to do. Thank you. Hey, everyone, eat up, eat up! Thank the Lord. This is the Lord’s grace. Have as much as you like. Brother Qian, been a while! Pastor Huang, work has been busy, but I wouldn’t miss an event like this. Thank the Lord for our feast today. Help yourself. Anything you like. Don’t be shy! Pastor Huang, what other events will the church have? Everyone wants to know about it. (Yeah!) Captain Wei said next month, we’ll visit the Revolutionary History Museum to learn about the martyrs. Nice! Afterward, we’ll go on a picnic! All right! All right, eat up, everyone! Eat up! Delicious! Pastor Huang, joining the Three-Self Church was the right idea. (Yeah.) This is the Lord’s grace. We believers in the Lord should obey the authorities. We’re part of the Three-Self Church but we’re still reading the Bible, right? We are! Right! It doesn’t affect our faith, and the government protects us. That’s religious freedom! Amen. It’s true. I agree. We enjoy the government’s protection, and our hearts are at ease. We don’t need to pray for the Lord’s protection every night. The way I see it, this is all the Lord’s grace, right? (Yes.) Wouldn’t refusing the Lord’s grace just be stupid? Yeah. Of course. Those who don’t join the Three-Self Church have no common sense. (That’s right.) Isn’t this just the path the Lord opened for us? (Yes!) They live every day in fear, (I agree.) and insist on preaching underground, (Exactly.) as if they’re special ops. What’s the point? Those people really are dumb. Eat, eat, eat! Pastor Huang has the right idea! (Yeah!) It’s safe to believe in the Lord. And my son has a job now. Everything’s great. (Right.) Now we’ll be protected. (That’s right.) This is God’s blessing. (Of course. Yes.) Thank the Lord and the Three-Self Church. (Yeah.) Our factory proves this: We’re in accordance with the Bible. Yes. The path we’ve chosen is fit for the Lord’s will. (Amen! Thank the Lord!) And now, with the support of the government, I believe that our factory will definitely thrive. (Of course!) Isn’t this the Lord’s blessing? (Yeah!) Right. Thank the Lord. And our factory’s products are selling well! Wow, that’s great! Great. Thank the Lord! It’s the Lord’s grace. Yeah. Thanks be to the Lord. Everyone, to keep improving our factory, (Yes. Yeah.) I hope you’ll all think of new methods, (Yeah.) keep networking, and work hard. (Right. We should work hard.) This way, we will continue to bring in a profit! (Yeah!) Then all your benefits will increase as well! Brothers and sisters, I promise, anyone who finds us new customers who buy in bulk will get a per unit commission! And we’ll share our profits with you! Thanks be to God. Thank the Lord. Great. I hope we can all work together on this. Pastor Huang has great ideas. Pastors from the Three-Self Church are here? (Seems serious.) Pastor Huang, let’s begin. Good. Co-workers, we await the Lord’s return to take us to His kingdom. Why hasn’t the Lord arrived yet? Why is the Eastern Lightning here instead? I don’t understand what’s happening here. I see many good sheep from many churches have been stolen by the Eastern Lightning. They disappeared from the church. It’s as if they were raptured. Raptured? Though we try to resist the Eastern Lightning, many seekers of truth among us go study the Eastern Lightning. It seems some have an interest in the Eastern Lightning. I think they have read the books of Almighty God’s word secretly, or they’ve seen the Eastern Lightning’s website and looked at their videos. If we can’t find a solution, we could lose all good sheep as they’ll go to the Eastern Lightning. (Yeah.) This issue is very serious. (Yes, we must figure this out.) Therefore, in a spiritual war like this, we must work together. We must be one with the Lord to protect our sheep. Amen! Otherwise, we have no way to give account to the Lord. (Yes.) Pastor Huang and Elder Gu never got along, but now they’re cooperating to resist the Eastern Lightning.
If all our sheep are stolen, we can’t give account to the Lord. We’ve already tried many ways to protect our sheep, but we can’t control the church. Some are still studying the Eastern Lightning in secret. If we try and solve this problem at the root, we must emphasize that everything in the Bible is inspired by God. (Amen!) The Bible’s words are all God’s words. Amen! Belief in the Lord is belief in the Bible. Leaving the Bible is undoubtedly, betraying the Lord. (Amen!) We must join together to convince the faithful of the authority of the Bible. To keep our believers, this is our only way. Yeah. It’s a good plan. Elder Gu has good ideas. Or else, when they read the words of Almighty God, they won’t want to read the Bible. Tell me why people want to believe in the Eastern Lightning. Why do they? Because teachings of the Eastern Lightning are profound and great. Profound and great? If we too can interpret the Bible clearly, won’t our believers stay? Elder Gu knows the Bible. (Yeah.) We lost to the Eastern Lightning because we didn’t explain the Bible well enough. I think we should spend more time interpreting the Bible, so our sheep can know it at its core. That’s how we’ll protect our sheep. We won’t have to fear them stealing our sheep. Do you all agree? Yes, certainly. Communicating alone won’t work. Co-workers, Elder Gu is correct. Along with interpreting the Bible, we need other methods as well. What other methods? We’ll need to use some tricks. (Tricks?) We can’t control it without tricks. What kind of tricks? The government’s cracking down on the Eastern Lightning. They’ve mobilized the citizens to report anyone in the Eastern Lightning. It’s a great opportunity. (Yeah.) An opportunity. This is great. Aren’t the Eastern Lightning’s people already stealing our sheep? Let’s report them to the police! What? No matter how many people try to steal sheep, let’s report them all. We’ll see if they dare come around here again. Well, what do you think? Good, we definitely should. This way, we can protect our church. From now on, we must report anyone who preaches about the Eastern Lightning. The church will reward them. A reward? This is the best way to restrict the Eastern Lightning. Pastor Huang’s ideas are great! (Yeah, it’s efficient!) Right! How can we condone this idea? (Yeah!) We’re protecting the flock. (It’s resisting the Lord.) If everyone spreading the Eastern Lightning gets thrown in jail, will our sheep be stolen anymore? No, they won’t. Do we have your support? (Yes!) Thank the Lord. From now on, all churches should do this. Having other believers arrested? Is that fit for the Lord’s will? I don’t think it’s right. The Eastern Lightning are bearing witness to the Lord’s return. If we report them, aren’t we selling out the Lord and our friends? Yeah. Different denominations believe in the Lord. (Right.) But we can’t call them our enemies. (You’re right.) Are we the only ones loved by the Lord? This is clearly wrong. You can’t say that. (Yeah.) The pastors and elders only want to protect the church and flock. There’s no choice! If the Eastern Lightning people steal our flock, we should have them arrested. (Right.) What’s wrong with that? We shouldn’t follow the pastors and elders. Pastor Huang, we don’t know if the Eastern Lightning is the true way, but I know that they’re true believers of the Lord. The CCP has persecuted them harshly, but they’re still standing. They still bear witness to the Lord. I think that they’re good people, they’re stronger than us. You know, they really are! Think about this: If we had encountered this kind of suppression, we couldn’t handle it. And now, the CCP suppresses especially those churches that practice the Eastern Lightning. Do you still think reporting those in the Eastern Lightning is in line with the Lord’s will? No, it’s not in line! How can you encourage our brothers and sisters to do evil things like this? Is that the Christian way? You know, I don’t think the Lord Jesus would condone that. She’s right. It’s going too far. Yeah. If we go to extremes like this, the Lord will condemn us. Sure, we should maintain our church, so we can debate with them and also listen to them. (Yeah.) But we can’t call the police on them! Yeah, it’s definitely wrong. We can’t do that. Everyone, calm down. I completely agree with Pastor Huang’s suggestion to report those who preach the Eastern Lightning. (Me too.) These past few years, the Eastern Lightning has developed quickly. The good sheep in the church are being stolen. Yes. As pastors and elders, can we just ignore this? (No!) The Lord has given us this flock of sheep. We have a responsibility to protect them. Amen! Without extreme measures, how will we maintain the church? We’re doing this to guard the true way and protect our sheep. (Amen!) We’re being loyal to the Lord. How could doing this be offending the Lord? Elder Gu is right. Reporting those in the Eastern Lightning is just guarding our true way. How can you call it selling out? (Right.) Those who dare steal our sheep should be reported. Nothing wrong with that! Elder Gu, I just don’t agree with you. I don’t know if the Eastern Lightning is the true way. But I know all denominations believe in the Lord. We should love all of them. (Yeah. Yes.) The Lord Jesus told us, Amen! Regardless of whether the Eastern Lightning’s people give us the testimony of the Lord or steal our sheep, we should treat them with love. Yeah! If they show us correct testimony, we should accept it. If their testimony is wrong, then we can reject it. But we should not report them and have them arrested. No matter the reason, this just shouldn’t be done. It doesn’t accord with the Lord’s will. Yes. I agree. The Pharisees didn’t accept or acknowledge the Lord. That was their choice. But, they crucified the Lord on the cross. No one can assume that sin. Yes. Indeed. Today, if we call the police on the Eastern Lightning people, I think that would be evil, and we’ll be punished for it! Can you really not understand? Brother Lin, we’re only resisting the Eastern Lightning to protect our sheep and our church. Indeed. We’re loyal to the Lord. We’re not on par with Judas who sold out the Lord and his friends. Those are two different things. As long as we’re trying to protect our sheep from being stolen by the Eastern Lightning, nothing we do is too much! (Amen.) Some call me Judas, but even if I am Judas, it’s worth it to protect the church! He really is a living Judas! Co-workers, settle down. If the Eastern Lightning really is the return of the Lord Jesus, and we really are resisting and condemning God, I’ll accept responsibility for all of it. How dare he say that? Isn’t it the same as what the chief priests said when they nailed the Lord Jesus to the cross? If the Lord comes to do His judgment, let Him judge us pastors and elders, not judge you. Ah! The cross has fallen! This is not a good omen. (Yeah. Is this the wrath of God?) Did we offend God’s disposition? Oh no! This is a bad omen. Did the pastors and elders offend God? (Yes!) This has never happened before. We must have offended God’s disposition. Could it be the Eastern Lightning’s the true way? It seems opposing the Eastern Lightning is resisting the Lord! Yes. We must repent to the Lord immediately! Sister Cheng, (Yes?) how was the meeting today? I’ve been watching what the pastors and elders do. They left the Lord’s way a long time ago. The church has lost the work of the Holy Spirit. It’s now a place of religion. If we continue to stay in this church, we’ll be forsaken by the Lord. I think you’re right. Xiulan, (Yes?) we can’t keep following the pastors and elders in resisting the Lord. We must find a church that has the work of the Holy Spirit. Sister Cheng, only the Eastern Lightning testifies the Lord has returned, and He is Almighty God who has started His work of judgment. Good sheep and head sheep from many denominations have all accepted the Eastern Lightning. The Eastern Lightning must have the work of the Holy Spirit. We should search for and study the Eastern Lightning! Ah! Thank the Lord! I was thinking the exact same thing! Really? That’s so great! Hey, let’s go online to see their website. Sounds good. Let’s go. (Yeah!) Pastor Huang, Elder Gu, bad news! The Eastern Lightning’s people are stealing our sheep! The Eastern Lightning’s doing this? They can’t take our livelihood that easily! We’ll catch them. Let’s go. (Yes.) Pastor Huang is here. You’ve got some nerve, stealing our sheep! Get them! Oh, no, please stop, stop. This isn’t necessary. You can’t do this, please. From now on, report any of the Eastern Lightning’s people. (Yes, I will.) See what you’ve done? Get in there! Now you see the real consequences. Now, not only do the pastors and elders seek refuge in and obey the satanic regime, but they’re leading believers along the wave of evil spreading across the world; they’re leading them on a path of wealth and luxury. This is definitely wrong. What’s worse, the entire religious community is resisting and condemning Almighty God now. They’re already on a path that makes them enemies of God. How are they any different from those who resisted the Lord Jesus back then? It seems the religious community really has incurred God’s curses. The religious Babylon is going to fall. It’s already falling. I had the most vivid dream last night. Yes. Oh? Is the Lord trying to tell us something through this? I believe so. If the city of Babylon falls, those in the religious communities will be destroyed. Is it because the leaders of the religious community have strayed from the Lord’s way and resisted the Eastern Lightning and incurred God’s curses? It’s possible. We saw their website and studied the Eastern Lightning. We all feel that the Eastern Lightning comes from God’s work. Yes. When the pastors and elders resist the Eastern Lightning, they are resisting God. Right. As for us, we must lead our brothers and sisters to study the Eastern Lightning. That’s right. I agree. We can’t resist God as the pastors and elders do. (Right.) Actually, our hearts are clear about this. The path of the pastors and elders in the religious world is that of the Pharisees. (That’s right.) Now they’re on the same side as the CCP government. They’re fanatically condemning the Eastern Lightning. That’s the problem. (Right. That is true.) Let’s think about this. The CCP is an atheistic party, but the religious community seems to share their viewpoints. Doesn’t this prove that this community is an evil satanic force? This is true. Yeah. Now the religious community is so evil, it’s become Babylon cursed by God. What do you think? Right, I agree. Correct. I think so too. Yeah. Therefore, we just can’t stay in religion. (Yes.) We must study the Eastern Lightning and find the appearance and work of God. (Yes!) We must leave religion, it’s full of sin. (That’s right.) We can’t take part in their sins. I really agree. And more importantly, we should invite the Eastern Lightning witnesses here soon. Yes, we should. We need to have them talk to us. So we can confirm that Almighty God is the return of the Lord Jesus. Yeah, good idea! Or else, we’ll be stuck searching in the religious community. We can’t be like that. Hey! I just remembered something. I have a relative in the Eastern Lightning. He tried to preach the gospel to me, and I rejected it. Maybe I should go find him and invite him here. Yeah, that’s great! Thank the Lord. That’d be great. Invite him here soon! (Okay!) It would be too slow if we study it ourselves. (Yes.) I’ll call him tomorrow. Great! Thank the Lord. Sister Ma, I heard Cheng Huize has invited some of the Eastern Lightning people. Yeah. They’re in that abandoned church in the east of the city. I’m afraid the Eastern Lightning has stolen more of our good sheep. (Yeah!) Elder Gu wants us to check it out. We should go now. (Right.) I just heard this too. Pastor Huang told me that we can’t call the police like before, every time we saw the Eastern Lightning’s people. (Right.) Once we’re there, let’s listen to them first, then debate with them. (Yeah.) If that doesn’t work, we’ll report them! Good. It’s a plan. Thank the Lord. Listening to Brother Liu and Brother Qin these past few days, we know Almighty God’s work is God’s work in the last days, the work of judgment starting from the house of God. Yes. That’s right. Almighty God expresses all truths that judge and cleanse humanity. It reveals God’s righteous disposition and authority and fully convinces us. We’re already certain Almighty God is the return of the Lord Jesus. Amen! Yes, thank the Lord. Very true. In past years, we weren’t able to search for or study Almighty God’s work in the last days, because we’ve been deceived and controlled by the pastors and elders. Religious leaders are on the CCP’s side. They just spread lies and rumors. They resist, condemn, and blaspheme Almighty God. (That’s right.) They’ve deceived and controlled the religious community. Yes. That’s right. They are even worse than the Pharisees, scribes, and chief priests who resisted the Lord Jesus and deceived and controlled believers who sought to accept the true way back then. We must be able to see and discern the root of religious leaders’ resistance of God. That’s the only way we’ll break free of their controlling, accept God’s work in the last days, be raptured before His throne, and be cleansed and made perfect. (Amen!) How did they get in here? Sister Cheng, what’s going on? (Be calm.) It’s Sister Ma. Here, have a seat please. Sister Ma, Brother Zhang, Brother Wang, please. This is like a black cat crossing our path. A bad omen. It seems threatening. Everyone, we’ve seen the four blood moons appear. The great disaster is about to fall. Yes. If we only accept God’s work of the last days when we see the Lord descend on a cloud after disaster, aren’t we like doubting Thomas who has to see to believe? (Yes.) Can we obtain the Lord’s praise? Definitely not. No. Many still can’t discern the Pharisees, elders, and pastors in the religious world. This is dangerous. The religious world is so harmful. They’ll be left in the disaster and punished. Yeah. Yes. So then, we invited Brother Liu, Brother Qin to tell us of God’s work in the last days. Okay. Sounds good. Let’s see how the satanic CCP regime and the religious antichrist forces resist God’s work. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Amen. This is great. Yes, this is a great opportunity. Thank the Lord. I have a question. We all know it’s important to discern the religious Pharisees’ essence. Yes. That’s right. It affects whether or not we can meet the Lord when He returns and be raptured before His throne. Yes. That’s right. However, most brothers and sisters don’t understand. Before the Lord Jesus came, the Pharisees interpreted the Bible to others. They often prayed before others and condemned people with Bible rules. They looked reverent like they wouldn’t ever betray the Bible. But then why were the Pharisees cursed by the Lord Jesus? Ah, that’s a good question. I wonder why. What’s the reason? In what ways did they resist the Lord? How did they display their blatant hypocrisy? Why did they incur the wrath of God? (Yeah.) My brothers, please tell us the reason. Okay. Yes. This is something we should surely know. If we understand these issues, we can discern modern-day religious pastors and elders. Isn’t this the goal? Yes, we need to know badly. Let’s listen. Yes, let’s listen! Thank God. This problem is really an important one. Believers know that the Lord Jesus hated the Pharisees, and that He cursed them and pronounced seven woes on them. This is meaningful. It allows believers to discern them, to break away from their control, and to obtain God’s salvation. But it’s a shame. Most believers can’t see the essence of the Pharisees’ hypocrisy. They don’t even understand why the Lord Jesus hated the Pharisees so much. Today, we can discuss this and learn about these problems. That sounds great. The Pharisees often interpreted the Bible to others. They prayed before others, used the Bible rules to condemn people. To outsiders, they seemed like reverent keepers of the Bible. Then why did the Lord hate and curse them so? Yes, why? In reality, the reason is that in essence, they were hypocrites and resisted God. They only cared about religious ceremonies and rules. They interpreted the Bible doctrines and did not commune God’s will. They didn’t practice God’s words or God’s commandments. They just ignored the commandments. Everything they did was in opposition to God’s will and demands. That’s the essence of their hypocrisy. That’s the reason why the Lord Jesus hated and cursed them. Yes. Yeah. They only talked; they didn’t take action. The Lord Jesus said this when He exposed them, Amen! Now that the Lord Jesus had exposed the Pharisees, we can clearly see though they interpreted the Bible to others in the synagogue, they did not revere or magnify God at all. They didn’t follow God’s commandments. And they replaced them with the traditions of men, discarding God’s, openly opposing God. (Yes.) Doesn’t this prove how the Pharisees served God and yet resisted Him? True. That’s true. How could they avoid God’s curses and hatred? Yes. That’s right. God’s commandments stated, But the Pharisees ignored God’s commandments. They bore false witness, condemned, killed the prophets and righteous men, resisting God. (Yes.) That’s why the Lord Jesus condemned them and said this, Amen. They fanatically resisted God and killed the prophets and righteous men. They tried to destroy God’s work and thwart His will. They enraged God’s disposition. (That’s right.) How could they not be cursed by Him? (Yeah.) Everything that the Pharisees did is a true fact. (Right. Yes.) Can we still not see the essence of this of their hypocritical actions? We have discernment. It’s clear now. That’s right. This is really the truth. They abandoned God’s commandments and openly opposed Him. They all openly gave false witness and killed the prophets sent by God. They were evil and hypocritical devils. They deserved to be cursed. You’re right. They were quite hateful. Yeah. He’s right. (Yeah.) The Pharisees seemed reverent outwardly, but they were good at tricking others. Their essence was insidious cunning. If the Lord Jesus had not exposed their deeds such as abandoning God’s commandments, we would not be able to see the essence of their hypocrisy. Yeah. Let’s look at the Lord Jesus’ exposure and condemnation of the Pharisees. Sure. Okay. Matthew 23:23-24, Amen. 27-28, Amen. They pretended to be reverent before others. They purposefully prayed on street corners and in the synagogue. When they fasted, they tried to look very sad. They wrote scriptures on their garments tassels. They made sure that others saw them donate. (Yeah.) They made sure to not forget to pay their tithes of mint, cummin, and of anise. They even followed historical rules like not eating without washing hands. They focused extremely closely on details. But they didn’t follow God’s requirements: love God, love others, and be righteous, merciful, and faithful. They didn’t obey God’s commandments at all. That’s right. Yes. They just talked theology, Bible knowledge, performed ceremonies, and obeyed rules. That is the height of their hypocrisy, the way they fooled others. Amen. That’s true. This behavior of theirs clearly shows us everything they did was part of an attempt to deceive and constrain others. They only wanted to be worshiped. They were only concerned with their own meal tickets and their own positions. They traveled down a wrong path of hypocrisy, resisting God. For that reason, their resistance led God to curse them. (Yes, that’s right.) Yes. Those who resist God should be cursed. (I agree.) It’s the truth. The Pharisees disliked the truth. They didn’t focus on God’s words or His commandments. They just did religious ceremonies and were resisting God. Therefore, when the Lord Jesus came to work and preach, their satanic nature of hypocrisy and hostility against God was exposed. (Yes.) They knew very well the Lord Jesus’ words had power, authority. They did not seek the essence and source of the Lord Jesus’ words and work, but they attacked and defamed the Lord Jesus, saying that He drove out demons by Beelzebub. They labeled the Lord Jesus’ work filled with God’s authority as madness. They committed the sin of blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. They offended God’s disposition. Not only did the Pharisees condemn the Lord Jesus themselves, they incited believers to resist and condemn the Lord Jesus. They made the faithful lose the Lord’s salvation and turn into their funerary objects and victims. They were so hateful. So when the Lord Jesus condemned and cursed them, He said, Amen. Amen. It’s harmful! So we can see, these were all antichrists and hypocrites who committed blasphemy against God and stood as God’s enemies. Yes. Amen. They were a devil group that led men into hell. That’s right. So then, the Lord Jesus denounced them with the seven woes due to their behavior. This shows God’s holiness and righteous disposition that cannot be offended. Amen! Am I telling the truth? (Yes!) It’s so perceptive. I finally understand why Pharisees were cursed by the Lord Jesus. Wait. Why do I feel like the pastors and elders act just like them? How can you say that? It is similar. I feel the same way! Thanks be to God. Now, we have some discernment about the hypocritical essence of the Pharisees. Let’s look at the modern-day pastors and elders. Okay. They just interpret biblical knowledge and theological theory. They just perform ceremonies. They don’t practice God’s words or carry out commandments. They’re just like the Pharisees. On their path, they serve but also resist God. Yes. Amen. Those who love God should follow His words, care for His will, and be responsible for brothers and sisters. Yes. Yes, indeed. That’s so true. Pastors now face desolate churches and a decline in the believers’ faith. They don’t find the living water of life for the believers. When Almighty God comes to express the truth, they reject and condemn it. What’s more, they try to prevent others from searching for the true way. Yes. They forbid contact with the Church of Almighty God and reading Almighty God’s words. They curse and beat those that spread the gospel of His kingdom. They may even call the police and have them arrested. In this, are they not resisting God and doing evil? That’s right! They are. How is all this any different from the Pharisees resisting the Lord Jesus? Yes. There is no difference. It’s true. To protect their standing, these pastors prevent others from accepting God’s salvation in the last days. Aren’t they dragging people to hell? Yes. This is true. Absolutely true. Aren’t they the evil servants the Lord Jesus spoke of? Are they not the modern-day Pharisees? They are indeed. That’s just what they are. This is indeed the case! These pastors and elders clearly are not true believers of God. They abandon the Lord’s commandments, betray His words, and treat Him as the enemy. (Yes.) The Lord Jesus said only those who do the heavenly Father’s will shall enter His kingdom. Amen! Yet they claim that those who’ve been saved by grace will enter the heavenly kingdom. Are they not speaking in direct contradiction of the Lord? Yes, they are. The Lord Jesus commands, Amen! The pastors and elders lie and blaspheme against Almighty God. They wrongly defame the Church of Almighty God. Yes. These pastors bar believers from receiving those who spread the gospel of the kingdom. If any do, they are cast out. Yes, that’s what they do. The Lord wants people to be wise virgins who’ll greet Him upon hearing the Bridegroom’s voice. But when pastors hear someone bearing witness to the Lord Jesus’ return, they judge and condemn it without ever having examined it. I don’t know what sentence of the Lord’s words these pastors could be practicing. Yes. Yes, it’s true. If the pastors and elders genuinely believed in God, if they were the least bit God-fearing, they would not be spreading these terrible lies, nor would they fanatically resist Almighty God. Yes! This is the truth. And so, they’re the modern-day Pharisees. This is quite correct! That’s right! The pastors and elders are Pharisees. Yes. From the outside, the pastors and elders do seem reverent. But in fact, they’re insidious and sinister! (It’s true.) These past few years, they’ve continued their fanatical resistance of Almighty God. They curse and beat those who preach the kingdom gospel; they even report them to the police. Yes. It’s true. Aren’t these the antichrists exposed by God’s work in the last days? Yes, they are. They sure are! Are they not the modern-day Pharisees? (Yes.) Such brood of Satan are bound to be cursed and punished by God! Hey, that’s not right! (Yeah!) Everyone, we can’t blindly condemn pastors and elders. (That’s right.) The Eastern Lightning has stolen lots of our good sheep. The pastors and elders are just trying to protect the flock. (Yes.) We have to understand them. Think about it: If the believers are all stolen, will pastors still be able to give sermons? (No!) As humans, shouldn’t we all have a conscience? We can’t treat them like the Pharisees. (Yes!) That the Pharisees resisted the Lord Jesus is quite true, but the pastors aren’t resisting the Lord Jesus. (Indeed.) Don’t make blind assertations and put labels on them! They may not practice the Lord’s words or keep His commandments; they condemn the Eastern Lightning, but isn’t that to guard the Lord’s way and protect the flock? (Amen!) They don’t do it to protect their positions or livelihood. How can you say the pastors and elders are hypocritical Pharisees? (Yes.) Brother Zhang, is what you say actually true? How is it not true? Almighty God is the return of the Lord Jesus. The pastors and elders don’t study Almighty God’s words or work; and yet they spread lies, resist, and condemn Him. How is that any different from what the Pharisees did to the Lord Jesus? It’s not different at all. It’s the same. This is clear for everyone to see. How can that be making blind assertions? (Yeah!) Now the church is desolate. We all have no road to travel. The truth expressed by Almighty God gives us all life. It resolves the difficulties within our faith. (Yeah.) Yet the pastors and elders seal the church; they’d rather see the sheep die of thirst than let believers search for the living water of life. Is that protecting the sheep or ravaging the flock? Obviously they’re ravaging the flock! Ravaging the flock! Then are they good servants or evil servants? Evil servants! Discerning people can clearly see this. Are you really unable to? (Yeah!) Brother Zhang, please sit down and listen to them. I think Brother Lin is right. Yes. I can understand what they’re saying. Brother Liu, Brother Qin, through reading the Bible, we all know that the Jewish Pharisees condemned and resisted the Lord Jesus. But most of us still don’t understand that when the Lord Jesus did His work, the Pharisees knew very well that His words had both authority and power, yet they still resisted and condemned the Lord Jesus. (Yes!) On the cross they crucified Him. What was their nature and their substance? Please discuss it in great detail. Yes, please tell us. We’d like to hear more. Yes, this really needs to be understood. If we see the essence of the Pharisees’ resistance of the Lord, we can grasp the essence of the pastors’ and elders’ resistance of Almighty God and we’ll no longer be deceived or bound by them. Isn’t this indeed true? Yes. Please talk to us about it! Indeed. It really is. Please talk to us about it. Thank God. You are correct! We believers in the Lord know that the Pharisees resisted the Lord Jesus, but what was the root as well as the true essence of their resistance? After two thousand years, still nobody of religion knows the answer. Though the Lord Jesus’ cursing of the Pharisees was written in the New Testament, no one has been able to discern the Pharisees’ essence. Indeed, that is clearly true! In the last days, when Almighty God arrives, He reveals the answer. Let’s read Almighty God’s words. (OK!) Amen! The Pharisees’ view was absurd! Everyone, Almighty God says it so clearly. (Yes.) The Pharisees’ resistance of the Lord Jesus stemmed from their lack of reverence and not searching for the truth. You see, deep down they were stubborn, arrogant, and didn’t obey the truth. The Pharisees defined God within their own conceptions, within the literal words of the Bible. They kept the Messiah in name only. No matter how the Lord Jesus’ words are the truth, how much authority and power His words have, because His name is not Messiah, they opposed and condemned Him. True. Their principles of faith are just as Almighty God says, Not only did the Pharisees reject the truths expressed by the Lord Jesus, they tempted Him and tried to find fault with Him. For instance, they tempted the Lord Jesus by asking what authority He used to perform miracles, and asked the Lord Jesus if they could pay taxes to Caesar, and if He Himself was the Son of God, Christ and so on. The Lord Jesus, in response, struck back at their evil plans with truth and wisdom. Yes. Yes, indeed. The Pharisees couldn’t refute Him, and yet they still didn’t search for the truth. They not only resisted the Lord Jesus; they had Him arrested and even demanded that He be nailed to the cross. Yes. It’s true. It was exactly as the Lord Jesus said: Amen! Thus we can see that the Pharisees, in nature and essence, were satanic demons, enemies of God that hated the truth! That’s true. Yes, that’s right. Yes. Brothers and sisters, what kind of man can actually hate and condemn Christ? The Pharisees could. (Yes, that’s right.) Yes. The Pharisees’ story demonstrates one main fact: All who believe in God but do not love truth, are weary of truth, and hate the truth do not know God. In addition, these people surely resist God and take Him as their enemy. Indeed. Because the essence of Christ is the truth, the way, and the life. Amen! And so, anyone who hates the truth necessarily also hates Christ. That’s right. Many people who actually hate the truth seem good on the outside. Outwardly, they follow the Bible’s rules and do not seem evil at all. However, when Christ comes to do His work, these satanic enemies of God will be completely and utterly exposed. Thank the Lord! This is the truth! Indeed. The Pharisees’ resistance of the Lord Jesus exposes their demonic essence: They hate truth and resist God. Yes. It’s true. We all know that when the Lord Jesus did His work, He expressed many truths, displayed many miracles, and gave people abundant grace. The Lord Jesus’ work was a shock to the whole Jewish state. Many people followed the Lord Jesus. (Yes.) You see, the Pharisees all knew if the Lord Jesus continued His work, all of the faithful in Judaism would follow Him; then Judaism would fall and their positions and jobs would disappear. Therefore, they decided to kill the Lord Jesus. Just as the Bible says, In order to protect their status and meal tickets, the Pharisees colluded with the Roman government to crucify the Lord Jesus on the cross. They said, As you can see, the Pharisees hated the truth and hated Christ to the point where they did not want to co-exist with Christ! Yes! That’s right. They preferred to forsake the sin offering to crucify the Lord. They chose to commit monstrous sins, resist God, and offend God, and have their sons and grandsons cursed by nailing Him who expresses the truth to redeem man, the Lord Jesus, to the cross. That is the Pharisees’ satanic truth-hating nature and essence. Amen! This is true.
That truly is their nature. The Pharisees are so despicable! When the Lord Jesus was cruelly nailed to the cross, the sun grew dark, the earth shook, and the curtain of the temple split. The Lord Jesus appeared once more after being resurrected. When people learned of these facts, many repented for their sins and turned to the Lord Jesus. (Yes.) As for the Pharisees, they did not repent at all. They actually became even more antagonistic enemies of the Lord Jesus. They bribed soldiers to lie and say the Lord Jesus had not truly been resurrected. The Pharisees fanatically persecuted apostles spreading the gospel of the Lord Jesus. They wished to ban the Lord Jesus’ work to obtain permanent control of the religious community. Yes! The Pharisees believed in God only in name. In reality, they hated truth and resisted God. The essence of their resistance of the Lord was thus: They were trying to compete with God; they were fighting against God. The arrogance of their resistance of the Lord Jesus completely exposed their ambitions and exposed their evil satanic face. Furthermore, it exposed their antichrist nature: a lack of remorse, a deep hatred of the truth, and a hatred of God. Amen! That’s true. The Pharisees deserved to be cursed! Brothers and sisters, let’s think a bit more. Isn’t that how the pastors and elders of the religious community treat Almighty God? Right. If we could clearly see how the pastors and elders resist and even condemn Almighty God, we would surely know that the Pharisees resisted and condemned the Lord Jesus in just the same way. Yes! The pastors and elders resist Almighty God the same way the Pharisees resisted the Lord Jesus. Thank the Lord! Your fellowship on the words of Almighty God has really opened our eyes. Yes. We now understand that the Pharisees’ nature and essence is hatred of truth and resistance unto God. Yes. No wonder the more the Lord Jesus expressed the truth, the more the Pharisees hated Him. They were resolved to nail Him to the cross. (Yes.) The Pharisees were enemies of God and were irreconcilable with God. They truly deserved to be cursed! Amen! They did deserve to be cursed! Yes. The two times that God was incarnated, He exposed and condemned the Pharisees. God looks deep into a man’s heart. Only God can see the essence of people’s nature! If Almighty God had not exposed the satanic, truth-hating, and God-resisting nature of the Pharisees, and we just relied on the Bible and our pastors’ interpretations of it, I fear we’d never be able to see the demonic essence of the Pharisees! (Yes.) Only God can see men’s essence! Yes, that’s right. Brothers and sisters, 2,000 years ago, the Jewish chief priests, scribes, and Pharisees nailed the Lord Jesus to the cross. (Yes.) 2,000 years later, the religious leaders have caused history to repeat itself by nailing God to the cross again! (Yes.) That’s indeed true! We’ve all seen that Almighty God carries out the work of judgment beginning with God’s house in the last days. He expresses truths that can cleanse and save humanity. He reveals all mysteries of God’s management plan. He judges and exposes man’s satanic nature that resists and betrays God. He shows them His righteous disposition which cannot be offended. (Amen!) Almighty God’s words are the truth. They have authority and power, (Amen!) and fully convince us. (Amen!) Indeed. Furthermore, these truths cleanse and save humanity. Amen! Thanks be to the Lord. Look at today’s pastors and elders. They don’t care how Almighty God’s words are the truth, how much authority and power His words have, how they can cleanse and save man. Stubbornly, they maintain their fallacy: “Whoever does not descend on a cloud and lift me up into the kingdom of heaven is not the return of the Lord Jesus.” They wildly resist and condemn Almighty God. This is all true. They keep the Lord Jesus in name, yet resist and condemn Almighty God. Is that any different from when the Pharisees kept the name of Messiah but condemned the Lord Jesus? (Right.) It’s not different at all. Is their essence not the same as the Pharisees’: stubborn, arrogant, disobeys truth, and hates the truth? Yes. They just believe in the vague God in heaven and in turn they deny, resist, and condemn Christ incarnate. They’re rivals who are in enmity with Christ. Are they not just antichrists denying, condemning, and resisting Christ? Amen! Yes! The Bible says, Amen! Amen! Therefore, all who don’t acknowledge God incarnate are antichrists. (Yes!) All who resist and condemn Christ are antichrists. That’s right! I agree. Therefore, the Jewish Pharisees were exposed as antichrists by the Lord Jesus’ work. The pastors and elders in the last days are all antichrists that are exposed by Almighty God’s work. How could he say that? God incarnate’s work truly exposes people. Everything Christ expresses in the last days is truth. Not only does it expose the wise and foolish virgins, in addition, it also exposes all varieties of antichrists and non-believers. Yes. This is a truth that no one is able to deny. Yes. God’s work is truly wise and almighty! Indeed. That is clearly true. Brothers and sisters, the religious leaders in the last days and the Jewish chief priests, scribes, and Pharisees share the same roots and essence in their resistance to God. The ways that pastors and elders resist God are far worse than those of the scribes, the chief priests, and the Pharisees. Ever since Almighty God started doing His work of judgment from God’s house, people of every sect have been raptured and brought before God’s throne, if they love truth and long for God’s appearance. Amen! It’s true. Thank the Lord! Thank the Lord that it is so. The pastors and the elders stop at nothing to resist and condemn Almighty God, all to constrain the faithful and maintain their standing. They spread rumors, bear false witness, and blaspheme Almighty God. They seal off the church and strictly forbid believers from studying Almighty God’s work in the last days. Yeah, they really are too venomous! They threaten, scare, ridicule, and beat brothers and sisters who spread the gospel of the kingdom. They even collude with the devilish CCP to capture and persecute them, leaving hundreds of thousands of brothers and sisters without a home. At least a hundred thousand people have been brutally tortured by the CCP. Many have even been killed … That’s true. The pastors’ resistance of Almighty God is greater than was the Pharisees’ resistance of the Lord Jesus. Yes. Their evil deeds are quite numerous. Therefore, Almighty God judged and cursed them long ago. Amen! Let us read Almighty God’s words. OK! Page 894. Amen! God’s disposition cannot be offended by men! The words expressed by Almighty God were publicly shared online, in print, and TV a long time ago. Different types of gospel videos have already been posted throughout the Internet to testify God’s manifestation and work to the whole world. (Yes.) This has caused a shock in the religious community and in mankind. Pastors and elders in the religious community have perceived the growing trend: Almighty God’s words are conquering religious community and humanity. That’s right. No person and no force is able to stop it. Yes. That’s right. They become irritated and so frantically resist and even condemn Almighty God. They seek to outlaw Almighty God’s work in the last days and to obtain eternal control of the religious world and also hegemony over God’s chosen people. Yes. It’s so true. These facts prove that the religious pastors and elders in the last days are the reappearance of the Pharisees! (Yes!) They are antichrists that seek to destroy God’s work and have even sworn to the death to be enemies of God! Amen! Yeah, that sounds right, doesn’t it? Their many evil deeds already have provoked God’s disposition. How can they escape God’s righteous judgment and punishment? Amen! This is indeed the truth! This is all true! Pastors and elders will say anything in condemnation of God to protect their meal tickets. Yes, right. They’ll do any evil deed in resistance of God. (Yes!) These people are truly evil, despicable, and vicious. They are demons reincarnated! They should be cursed and hated! (Amen!) Correct! We should all expose and reject them. We simply must make a clean break from them. We can’t play a part in their evil deeds. That is in accordance with God’s will! Yes! That’s right. Pastors and elders often made us guard against antichrists. And yet it turns out they’re the real antichrists. Yes. That’s right! Like a thief crying “Stop thief.” (Yes!) In the past, we were ignorant and blind! But now we’re all able to see their true face. (Thank God!) Why do you always group the pastors and elders in with the Pharisees? Yeah! Almighty God’s work exceeds the Bible. Pastors and elders resist Almighty God in order to protect the Bible. Amen! Could it be that they are wrong to do that? (No!) Brother Zhang is right. Pastors and elders often interpret, exalt, and protect the Bible. (Amen!) How can they be resisting the Lord? (That’s right!) Are those who interpret the Bible incapable of resisting the Lord? (Yes!) The Jewish chief priests, scribes, and Pharisees interpreted and maintained the Bible. Why didn’t they acknowledge the Lord Jesus when He worked? Why’d they capture the Lord Jesus and even persecute His disciples? That’s right! Yes, why? The Pharisees interpreted and protected the Bible. Why did the Lord Jesus condemn and curse them then? How is this explained? Yes! How can this be explained? Brothers and sisters, the pastors and elders stop at nothing to deny and condemn Almighty God to protect their positions as well as to protect their meal tickets. Yes. True. This reveals their satanic nature: They hate the truth and they hate God. Yes. So they are the modern-day hypocritical Pharisees. They are antichrists that deny God incarnate. Amen! This is a fact that we all can understand. Yes, thanks be to God. However, many brothers and sisters worship the pastors and elders in their hearts. They do not understand why, though the pastors and elders often interpret the Bible and exalt the Bible, these same pastors and elders still hate the truth and resist and condemn Almighty God incarnate. (Yes.) Interpreting the Bible and exalting the Bible, is that the same as bearing witness to the Lord and exalting the Lord? Most people don’t understand this problem. Right. That’s right. Brothers, please talk to us about this more. Yes. We want to hear more. Fellowship with us further. (Sure!) Please tell us. Everyone, an atmosphere persists in the religious community. Those who can best interpret the Bible and those with the best biblical theory are widely praised and worshiped. Those who can interpret the mysteries of the Bible and the prophecies are worshiped even more. Yeah. Right. Yes. Therefore, many people worship pastors and elders of the church. They all see interpreting the Bible as exalting and bearing witness to the Lord. Yes. When they see the pastors and elders condemn Almighty God’s work in the last days, most of them feel quite conflicted and confused. On one hand, pastors and elders interpret the Bible so they think it means they’re bearing witness to the Lord. That’s what it is. On the other hand, all that Almighty God expresses is the truth, so why do the pastors and elders resist and condemn Him? Could it be they condemn Almighty God because His name is not the Lord Jesus? Yet all that Almighty God expresses is truth, so He should not be condemned! (Right. Yes.) So why is it then that pastors and elders fanatically resist and condemn Almighty God who expresses the truth? Many people don’t understand it. Yes, why is that? Actually, this is not hard to explain. Think of when the Lord Jesus came to do His work, didn’t the Jewish chief priests, scribes, and Pharisees all condemn and resist the Lord Jesus in the same way? Didn’t they nail the Lord Jesus to the cross? Yes. Wasn’t that due to the Lord Jesus not being named Messiah? Wasn’t that because the Lord Jesus expressed so many truths? They saw that the Lord Jesus’ words had authority and power and He could reveal miraculous signs. They saw that thousands followed Him. It shocked all of Judea. If they allowed the Lord Jesus to spread His work, Judaism itself would be overturned. The effect on Judaism would be unthinkable! Yes. Therefore, they came to hate the Lord Jesus and wished to kill Him. That’s how the Lord Jesus ended up crucified on the cross. The Pharisees were despicable! Back then, didn’t the chief priests, scribes, and Pharisees all interpret as well as exalt the Bible? (That’s right.) So why was it then that they crucified the Lord Jesus on the cross? To put it plainly, wasn’t it because the Pharisees hated the truth and also hated God’s work? To protect their meal tickets and status, they were just ruthless to the truth-expressing God. You see, they were willing to do any evil deed to resist God! That’s all true. It is. It’s not hard to see that these chief priests, scribes, and Pharisees’ true nature is to hate the truth and resist God! That’s true. Yes. They all interpreted the Bible to maintain their meal tickets and status. They were full of hatred for God and for the truth. Yes. So when the Lord Jesus expressed the truth and did His work, their true nature of despising the truth and resisting God was exposed. Yes. Right. Whether or not people will resist God is not affected by how they interpret the Bible, it relates to their true nature. For those with a truth-hating and God-resisting nature, no matter how they interpret the Bible, their nature of hatred of truth and resistance of God cannot be changed. Right. Didn’t the Pharisees all use their interpretations of the Bible to resist the Lord Jesus? This is something that God revealed long ago through His work. (Yes.) Do we really not see this yet? Now we can clearly see their true nature: They resisted God … Brothers and sisters, the pastors, the elders, and the Pharisees all interpret the Bible. So then how can they still resist and condemn God incarnate? We must understand yet another truth: The Bible’s just testimony of God, a record of God’s work in the Age of Law and the Age of Grace. God expresses some truth during each stage of His work. In His words, people find His disposition and all that He has and is. So each time people experience a stage of God’s work, they understand some truth and know more about God. During the three stages of work in His management plan, God reveals gradually what He has and He is, His inherent disposition. Yes. During the Age of Kingdom, God fully reveals His inherent righteous disposition, almightiness and wisdom, His authority and His glory. If we only know God from His work during the Age of Law and the Age of Grace, that’s far too limited a knowledge. It’s like during the Age of Law when believers acknowledged God’s real existence as well as His wise deeds through the work of Jehovah God. They learned Jehovah God’s laws could not be violated. In the Age of Grace, when believers saw the work of the Lord Jesus, they all knew He was indeed the Redeemer of mankind, the compassionate God. However, they did not understand God’s substance or inherent righteous disposition. Yes. They did not achieve true knowledge of God. We really do not know God. Thus we see that if we only know God from His work and words in the Age of Law and the Age of Grace, our knowledge of God will be one-sided. We will only know a part of His disposition, what He is. We cannot achieve true knowledge of God. Brothers and sisters, those who don’t know God but interpret the Bible often resist and define Him. Isn’t that the truth? Yes! Those who don’t know God will resist Him! Not only did the Jewish chief priests, scribes, and Pharisees not know God, but most importantly, they all had a satanic nature: They hated truth and resisted God. That was their fatal flaw! Yes. Had their hearts been good, they wouldn’t have crucified the loving Redeemer of man, the Lord Jesus, on the cross, even if they didn’t know God. Yes. Absolutely right. Now we’re all able to see that God did not have any place in the hearts of the Pharisees. To them, their positions were more important than all else. Therefore, when God’s work threatened their positions and meal tickets, they all treated God as their enemy and cruelly killed Him. Yes. That’s true. As you can see, their hearts, nature, and substance were quite toxic! That’s right. Yes. No wonder God called them a brood of vipers! They really were too venomous! Yes! The leaders of the religious community don’t know God, but those who resist God have all been exposed as antichrists. Amen! Yeah, that’s true. Of course, some religious leaders have their own conceptions of God’s work, but their God-fearing hearts prevent them from verbally condemning God. Indeed. For instance, when the Lord Jesus did His work, Gamaliel, a law teacher, did not condemn the Lord Jesus. Yes. Gamaliel did not condemn the Lord Jesus. Nicodemus would search for the truth in the Lord Jesus at night. (Yes.) These are all facts recorded in the Bible. We really should seek the truth. (Yes.) Those who believe in God but don’t know Him or have a God-fearing heart, when serving God, are apt to resist Him. (Right. Yes.) If people with truth-hating nature and toxic hearts become religious leaders, sooner or later they will be exposed as antichrists. (Amen.) This is simply a fact that no one can deny! Yes! Are you all clear on this now? We’re clear! Yes. Now I can see it clearly. Yes. Those with toxic hearts who become pastors and elders are antichrists. Back then, the Lord Jesus did expose and curse the hypocritical Pharisees. In the last days, Almighty God has exposed, judged the antichrist essence of pastors and elders who’ve misled others with their interpretations of the Bible and have resisted God. Let us now read from Almighty God’s word. (OK!) Please turn to page 855. Amen! God’s words have such authority. (Yes!) Almighty God’s words reveal the pastors and elders’ essence, they interpret the Bible yet they resist God. Yes. Indeed. Yes, it’s true. The pastors and the elders do not in fact know God; they both define and resist Him instead. This is especially true for those who condemn Almighty God; their nature and essence matches that of the Pharisees who crucified the Lord Jesus on the cross. They are all satanic, toxic in nature and hate the truth. Yes. They are all antichrists exposed by God’s work. (Yes.) They’re who crucified God on the cross again. They are all cursed by God! (Amen!) Yes, they’re antichrists. They really should be cursed by God! Thank the Lord! The way you explained, it helped. I understand. Pastors and elders can interpret and exalt the Bible, but that doesn’t mean they know God. (Right.) They have a satanic nature: They hate the truth and defy God. No matter how well they interpret or exalt the Bible, they’re deceiving and confining people in order to save their own positions. Yes. That’s true. They’re not really exalting God at all. (Amen!) The way pastors and elders resist God and deceive people is shameful! It’s so shameful. Horrible! It’s insidious! Yes. The CCP’s plan to deceive us is plain to see, but the pastors and elders’ deception with the Bible is not so easy to discern! (Right. Yes.) Before, we worshiped and followed them. But now, after all these years, we’ve not gained any truth. Yes. At least now we know we were tricked. This is all thanks to Almighty God’s salvation! From our hearts, we thank Almighty God! Amen! Thanks be to Almighty God. Thank God! Brothers and sisters, truly witnessing and exalting the Lord isn’t about how men interpret the Bible. What is key is if they practice God’s words and experience His work. If men love truth, they’ll obtain the enlightenment of the Holy Spirit and true knowledge and experience of God’s word. This knowledge is created by practicing and experiencing God’s words. It’s true knowledge of God. Sharing these real experiences and testimonies is to truly exalt God and witness God! Amen! This is what it means to truly exalt and witness God! The true knowledge of God of which those who exalt and bear witness to Him speak doesn’t come from man’s conceptions or logic, nor from their literal understanding of God’s words. Those who exalt and bear witness to God focus on sharing God’s words in the Bible, His will and demands of people, His disposition, and all that He has and is, which allows people to understand God’s will, disposition, and truly know God. Yes. This is how people can truly revere and truly obey God. This kind of explaining and sharing is how they can truly exalt and bear witness to God. (Amen!) However, when pastors and elders interpret the Bible, can they really share the essence of the truth of God’s words? Can they communicate the will of God or bear witness to God’s disposition? No. They can’t. Are they able to make others know, or obey, or revere God? Definitely not! There’s no way! Right. The facts showed us that most pastors and elders hate truth and resist God; that’s their nature. They don’t practice God’s words and don’t experience His work. They do not understand His will or demands at all, (Yes.) nor understand His disposition, all that He has and He is. Therefore, they can’t communicate any true knowledge of God, nor bear witness to the Lord Jesus’ divine substance or lovable qualities. That’s true. It’s all true. (Indeed!) They just interpret biblical knowledge and theories of theology, or certain characters’ stories in the Bible, along with historical backgrounds to inspire admiration. Yes. That’s what the pastors and elders do. Not only that, much of the time the pastors and elders interpret man’s words in the Bible, like Paul’s words. According to Paul, “All scripture is given by inspiration of God,” they take the Bible’s words as if they were all the words of God. Yes. That’s the truth. This has caused the religious community to treat the words of apostles as God’s words and in turn tell believers to observe them. Yes. They are increasingly quoting the apostles’ words in sermons, when they testify or communicate. Yet they’re quoting God and the Lord Jesus less and less. That’s right. Yes. The result is that the Lord Jesus and God’s words in the Bible have completely been replaced and nullified. The place of the Lord Jesus in people’s hearts grows small, while the place of Paul and others in their hearts continues to rise. This has allowed the words of Paul and other men in the Bible to occupy people’s hearts. (Yes.) People believe in the Lord Jesus in name, but in truth, they’re proceeding according to man’s words in the Bible such as Paul’s. They are on their own path of faith in God. Yes. It’s so true. He’s right. How could we thus not stray from the Lord’s way? How can such service be in accordance with God’s will? That’s true. Yes. Indeed. For instance, the Lord Jesus said this of entering the kingdom of heaven: Amen! Pastors and elders talk about salvation and entering the kingdom of heaven according to Paul’s words instead. This is a betrayal of the Lord Jesus’ words. (Yes.) The result is most believers do not know how to follow the will of God. They’re far less clear of who’ll be able to enter the kingdom of heaven. And they use the words of Paul as their motto: The pastors and elders teach others that as long as they labor for the Lord as Paul did and endure suffering, they can enter the heavenly kingdom. They substitute the words of men for God’s words and so exclude the words of God. The result is that they lead people astray. (Yes.) When they interpret the Bible this way, are they exalting God or testifying to God? Not at all. I think they’re in direct opposition to God! (Amen!) The problem is enormous and very serious! Yes! Pastors and elders often substitute men’s words in the Bible for God’s words. At this point, we should all be clear on the consequences of this. Yes. We do understand this now. They bring us believers before man, not God. They are religious con men! (It’s true.) Brothers, sisters, let’s think about something. How can people believe in the Lord for years and still not know Him? Why do they never really experience the Lord’s words? How can they that believe in the Lord this way obtain truth or life? Yes. Isn’t this because pastors and elders often both interpret and testify about the words of men that are from the Bible, and urge the believers to then keep to these words? Amen. This really is the case. How can they exalt or bear witness to the Lord interpreting the Bible this way? Exactly. They can’t. How can that kind of service be in accordance with the will of the Lord? Yes. They are no different from those Pharisees, the hypocrites both travel a path of serving while also resisting God. (Amen!) This makes sense. During the last days, when God incarnate appears and does His work, they start to unscrupulously resist and condemn God’s work, exposing their hidden satanic nature which is to hate truth and resist God. In the end, they will all be both punished and cursed by God. Amen! Yes. That is indeed their just punishment. This is the righteousness of God. Just as Almighty God says, Amen! The pastors and elders are stumbling blocks to our accepting the true way. Yes, they’re truly evil! Almighty God has exposed the God-resisting essence of the pastors and elders clearly. Thank God! True believers and truth-seekers should all grasp the truth: The pastors and the elders quote the Bible out of context and misinterpret it in resistance of God. Amen! Yes. This way, we’ll be able to escape their deception and control and to return before the throne of God. Amen! Thanks be to God. Although the pastors and the elders interpret the Bible, they do not communicate their experiences practicing the Lord’s words, nor lead believers to practice the Lord’s words or obey His commandments. They even misread verses about meeting the Lord’s return by taking them out of context. (That is right! I agree.) They randomly define and judge God, and disseminate all kinds of lies to deceive and control us. They prevent us from seeking God’s work in the last days. How are they exalting or bearing witness to the Lord? They’re building their own kingdom as enemies of God. Their hearts are surely toxic! They really are a brood of vipers! They are soul-eating demons! This is all true. (Yes.) Almighty God’s work of the last days exposed these pastors and elders, these antichrist demons in the religious community. Yes. Otherwise, no one would see that their interpretations of the Bible are really schemes to deceive and control people, (Right.) nor would anyone see the truth: They’re building their own kingdom as God’s enemies. They are. Yes. At that time, the Pharisees bore witness to and exalted the Bible, restricting God within it. They never sought truth or tried to follow God’s footsteps. Then they crucified the Lord Jesus because He refused to follow the Old Testament, committing quite a serious sin! Correct! Pastors and elders in the last days are just like the Pharisees were. They bear witness to and exalt the Bible; they define God within the Bible. They spread lies such as “None of God’s words and work exist outside the Bible,” “To believe in God is to believe in the Bible. The Bible represents God. If you leave it, you are not believing in God.” They use these sayings to mislead people into believing in and worshiping the Bible, and treating the Bible as if it were God. They replace God with the Bible. That’s exactly what’s going on. Pastors and elders continually use these secret and underhanded methods as a way to steal people from God and bring them before the Bible. Yes. It’s so true. This ruins relationships with God as they who once believed in God, now just believe in the Bible. The Bible becomes the Lord in their hearts, the God in their hearts. Thus, their blind belief in and worshiping of the Bible leads them to worship and follow the biblical scholars: the pastors and elders. As for the pastors and elders, they all use the Bible as a tool to control the religious community and achieve their own ambitions. They exalt the Bible and interpret it out of context (That’s right.) to deceive ensnare and control people. They covertly lead people to worship and follow mere men, resisting God and being enemies of God. Yes. True. That’s exactly what they do. They are religious con men; they’re toxic. They mislead the believers into thinking that worshiping the Bible and keeping it is believing in God and having God’s presence. Thus, people don’t seek God’s work in the last days and miss their very last chance at salvation. That’s right. Yes. This really is Satan’s most cunning and insidious plan. It is extremely harmful! They are harmful! It’s true! They’re just despicable! (That’s right.) And so, the pastors and elders in the religious world are genuine Pharisees, con men, (Amen!) and antichrists, false shepherds that mislead and control God’s elect! Amen! The religious community is controlled by a group of Pharisees and antichrists that resist God. God can no longer perform His work here. (Yes. True.) It’s now a satanic camp that takes God as its enemy. Long ago it became the great city of Babylon! Amen! How could this religious Babylon possibly avoid falling under God’s wrath?! Amen! We mustn’t remain in the religious community, or we’ll be punished. Brothers and sisters, we listened to pastors and elders’ lies, and we practiced men’s words in the Bible as if they were God’s words. We thought practicing man’s words would be easier than practicing God’s words. Yes. That’s true. We’ve been tricked by the pastors and the elders. Yes, we have. That’s right. The pastors and elders have deeply harmed us! (Yes!) That’s the truth! They’ve eaten the offerings we intended to give to God. They use the Bible to deceive and control us. (Right. Yes.) They desperately work to prevent us from accepting the true way when Almighty God comes to do judgment work starting from His house. Yes. That’s right. They want to suck our blood dry and drain us of life. They want to drag us into hell; (Yes, it’s true.) they are simply evil! (Indeed! Yes, they are!) There’s no way they’ll rest till they kill us! Right. That’s right. True. I never thought that the pastors and elders we look up to were evil demons that hurt and harm us and seek to consume our very souls! Right. Yes. Thinking of it scares me! (Yes!) The religious community really is ruled by antichrist demons! It’s true. No wonder God curses this community! Yes. That’s right. Not only will we be barred from entering the heavenly kingdom, we will be cursed and punished by God because they tricked us into resisting God. This is so dangerous! We must reject pastors and elders and make a clean break from them! Right! We must reject them and break from them! The religious community resists God; it is ruled by Satan! The religious community is a thieves’ den, a wasteland! That’s right. We must free ourselves from the control of the antichrist pastors and elders. It should now be clear that the religious community’s history of resisting God goes back at least to the end of the Age of Law. Right. Yes. When God was incarnated the first time and worked in the Age of Grace, the religious world had already been controlled by antichrists and Pharisees, and was opposed to the Lord Jesus’ work of redemption. (Yes.) When Almighty God, Christ of the last days, appears and does His work, they continue to oppose God’s judgment work in the last days. Not only do they blaspheme against Almighty God, they work with the CCP satanic regime to suppress the Church of Almighty God. Once more, they have committed the heinous sin of recrucifying God! Amen! Not only did the Lord Jesus curse the Pharisees, revealing the religious community’s darkness, but when Almighty God does judgment work of the last days, He exposed the pastors’ and elders’ true essence: their resistance to God. Yes. That’s right. In addition, He cursed all the antichrists that once again crucified God on the cross. Amen. This is quite thought-provoking! Yes. When God was incarnated both times, He cursed the religious community. What does this show us? God’s elect at last grasps that the religious community, Babylon the great, is indeed destined to fall. Amen! The religious community just believes in God in name but doesn’t exalt or bear witness to God. They surely don’t implement His will. They cannot bring God’s elect before His throne. They surely can’t lead them down the right path so they understand truth and know God by practicing His words. The religious leaders all completely go against God’s will. They don’t practice the truth themselves, but preach biblical knowledge and theological theory to make people look up to and worship them. Yes. That’s right. This all is the truth. In reality, they lead the believers on the hypocritical path of the Pharisees. They hurt and they ruin God’s elect. And so, the religious leaders have all become the tools of Satan and have become genuine antichrists. Amen! We had no idea what they were up to! (Awful!) We were blind! (Yes.) In the three stages of His work to save mankind, God’s been incarnated twice to redeem humanity and to save humanity. The whole religious community is Christ’s enemy. They have become stumbling blocks to God’s work of salvation. They have offended God’s disposition and been punished and cursed by Him as a result. Amen! That is exactly what they deserved! This really is just punishment for their sins! It’s just as the prophecies say, Amen! Amen! It’s true. The religious community is Babylon! (Yes!) We must quickly leave the religious community, or we too will be punished by God! Yes. We must stop being deceived and controlled by pastors and elders. We won’t let ourselves be destroyed as well! (Exactly!) We must quickly leave, or we’ll be punished by God as well! Brothers and sisters, the religious world wildly resists and condemns Almighty God. All their evil behavior has turned them into a bastion of antichrists. Yes. It’s true. How ever could the religious Babylon the great not be destroyed by God? (Amen!) God’s almightiness, righteous disposition, and wisdom will be revealed when He destroys the satanic evil forces in the last days. Amen! After the great disasters, God will publicly reveal Himself! Amen! Thanks be to God! Thank God! (Yes, thank God!) Brothers and sisters, those who don’t accept Almighty God’s work of judgment in the last days, no matter how they keep the Lord Jesus’ name in the religious community, no matter how they follow the Bible or religious ceremonies, or even the salvation of the cross, no matter how they labor, suffer or sacrifice, if they don’t repent and turn to Almighty God, they’ll be destroyed right along with the rest of the religious community. Yes! That’s right. It was long ago that God ordained this; no one is able to change it! Amen! God called His elect back in the prophecies of Revelation, Amen! Thanks be to God! God called us long ago! Thank God. Yes, yes, He did. Brothers and sisters, let’s look at how Almighty God condemns these evil satanic antichrists that fanatically resist God, and the religious community that’s controlled by antichrists. Alright. Yes. Amen! Amen! Thanks be to God. Sister Ma, when’s Pastor Huang coming? I’ve already sent him a text. Amen! God’s words have so much authority! Every sentence shall be fulfilled! Brothers and sisters, each of Almighty God’s words is the truth; they have authority and they have power; they all display God’s righteous, majestic, wrathful, and unoffendable disposition. (Amen!) Those who resist God, interrupt or disturb the work of God will all receive God’s retribution and punishment. Amen! In the Age of Law, the citizens of Sodom publicly resisted and denied God. They enraged His disposition and so were all destroyed by God and reduced to nothing. (Yeah.) In the Age of Grace, the Jewish chief priests, scribes, and Pharisees publicly resisted and condemned the Lord Jesus. They worked with the Roman government to crucify the Lord Jesus upon the cross. It was a grave sin that provoked God’s disposition. (Yes.) Yes. That’s right. The entire Jewish nation suffered unprecedented destruction. Yes! During the last days, religious leaders wantonly condemn, resist, and judge Almighty God. They even collude with the CCP devil to suppress, arrest, and persecute those who spread the gospel of the kingdom. Yes, it’s true. Indeed. Long ago they committed the heinous sins of blaspheming against the Holy Spirit and recrucifying God. Yes. They did. Their behavior is even worse than that of Sodom. Their evil behavior is even worse than that of the Jewish Pharisees. (Amen!) Clearly, they’re the antichrists exposed by the work of God during the last days. Yes. Indeed. They are. It’s true. They are the evil religious force that has defied God fanatically than any other in history! Yes. Right. The religious community is entirely composed of evil forces that resist God. It’s a nest of antichrist demons. Amen! It is a staunch bastion that tries to stand against Christ’s kingdom as an enemy. (Amen!) They are a satanic camp of sworn enemies to God that resisted Him! (Amen!) They’re truly evil! Yes. It’s true! God’s righteous disposition can’t be offended. God’s holiness can’t be besmirched! Amen! The work of God in the last days is the start of a new age and the end of an old age. (Yes!) The religious community that is controlled by antichrist demons as well as this whole evil world will be destroyed soon by God’s disasters within the last days. Amen! God’s righteous punishment has already arrived! (Amen!) It’s just as Almighty God says, look at page 317, Amen! Thanks be to God!

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  1. The City Will Be Overthrown is a compelling drama about a clash between those that serve God's will of the past, and those that serve God's will of the present. A truly persuasive telling of a lone church that is caught between dark temptations and also the overwhelming influence and spirit of a new and persuasive Church that is recruiting from the ranks of their worshippers. The church's desperation reaches a critical point, and hard choices have to be made to preserve their congregation. I was amazed at the level of quality, acting and professional story telling in this amazing spiritual movie. I have watched many American made Christian movies, and most of them are just not worth my time because of bad acting and story, but this is a spiritual movie that is of a whole new level of quality. It is rare to see quality that indicates a true belief and dedication to the project, and an almost symbiotic cooperation of those involved. The Church of Almighty God has many such movies of this quality level, and I will not go back to the American made gospel films after knowing what true devotion to purpose really is. The Church of Almighty God is able to produce an A level production and then post it on their website for free. Wow! Who in the corrupt American film industry would ever do such a thing?

  2. This movie makes me think of the current situation of our church and understand why it is getting desolate gradually. We are all weak in our faith, even we fast and pray with tears, we still can't feel the presence of the Lord. It's all because we are following and even worshipping man. We always think that what pastors and elders preach shall be after God's will because they are specialized for serving God as they are well-versed in the Bible and graduated from theological college. This video reminds me believing in God requires us to listen to God's words. Thank God for making me aware of this.

  3. The Pharisee did not recognized Yeshuah is THE FULFILLMENT of THE WORD (MADE FLESH). Elohim "blind" their understanding UNTIL THE TIMES OF THE GENTILES BE FULFILLED. They were evil In THE INSIDE, But falsely appear goodly on the OUTSIDE. It is worse today, and will become deadly as the DECEIVERS increase.
    Repent (remove all lies) and be forgiven by Elohim love through THE SACRIFICE of the Sabbath ( Yeshuah) and receive EVERLASTING LIFE in Elohim kingdom.
    Repent (remove) all lies, and accept Yeshuah sacrifice pay for your death penalty of lies, through Elohim love. Then accept only TRUTH so that you will be free from sins. Only if you received the baptism of THE SPIRIT OF TRUTH can you ""BEGIN" to LEARN TRUTH.
    Your choice.

  4. Jesus did not hate anyone let alone the Pharasees. He hated their sin and hypocrisy, and because of the justice of God he had to rebuke them as He did. But He wept over them longing for them to come to Him and be safe. He pronounced woes on them because of their obstinacy. But these were the words of the Father. Jesus even aasked the Father to forgive them while He hung on the cross. Only one filled with God's love could do that. He died in order to take away even their sin from before the face of God.

  5. I'm a little confused. The book they read at 1:42:58 is not the Bible. I even checked out the website and I don't see any bible scriptures. Is there a specific reason for this? This seems like what Rome did back in the beginning. The people did not have BIbles so they had to rely on the Roman church to tell them the truth. If the church didn't tell them the truth, then they had no way to verify it because ROme made Bibles (the Hebrew scriptures/Septuagint at that time) illegal.

    ALso, at 2:15:45 It says "They crucified the Lord Jesus because he refused to follow the Old Testament committing quite a serious sin"
    Oh my, that is almost blasphemy if You actually understood what you are saying. The fact that you are accusing Jesus of sin (transgression of the law) is already very incorrect. If he had sinned he could not be the perfect lamb. Plus the BIble tells us he was without sin (transgression of the law) Jesus kept every law of God perfectly. What he did NOT KEEP was the Pharisee's laws which were additions and subtractions to the pure law of God. They accused him of breaking Sabbath, but he did not. God's laws allowed for him to heal on Sabbath or pick wheat to put in his mouth to avoid hunger. The law stated that you could not WORK on Sabbath or go to a field and gather a "bunch" of wheat. But Jesus was not working, he was healing and preserving life on the Sabbath was permissible. He also did not use a basket and gather a bunch of wheat. He merely picked grains to eat immediately which was perfectly legal to do on Sabbath.

    When he was at the Feast of Booths he told the Jews that they did not keep ANY of God's laws. If the Pharisees (and Jews) were keeping OT law, then how could he say this? He said this because they kept THEIR OWN law but not God's and Jesus was keeping God's law, not "Judaism" and there is a big difference between God's pure law in the OT and Judaism.

    So they crucified him because he would not keep THEIR law—NOT because he refused to keep God's law. He was destroying Judaism and uplifting the pure laws of GOd in the Old Testament. Read Psalm 119. David absolutely loved all of Gods's laws-the statures, the judgments, the commandments, the ordinances-he names them all and says they are good, beautiful, holy, lead to freedom, lead to good discernment, give wisdom, are lovely etc etc. How could David find the law to be so absolutely beautiful-and not even just the 10 commandments because he names every single part of the law-statutes, judgments, ordinances AND commandments.

    Now, you might say that we can't keep all of the law today because we don't sacrifice-oh but we do still have a living sacrifice, so that law is being fulfilled every moment of our life in Jesus. You might say "but we don't have to be circumcised" but we ARE circumcised in our hearts. You might say "well there is no more priestly system on earth" true, because Jesus is now the high priest in heaven. You might say, but there is no temple" but there is. Just as the Spirit filled the temple on the day of atonement, so too, after Christ's atonement we are now filled with the Holy Spirit everyday, all day.

    I could go on and on. There were changes, as in: TRANSFERS, of how the law is carried out today vs the Old Testament, but overall the laws of God still stand they are just being manifest in a different way but have not been abolished. Jews do things that the BIble never required. We do not look to Judaism for answers. We look to Jesus who was preaching the WORD and the word was the word of God=the OLD TESTAMENT. Jesus never said he was bringing a different gospel. There is only ONE gospel. Jesus was preaching the "Gospel of the Kingdom" and that gospel started in the Old Testament.

    This is not what churches and pastors teach so what I am saying is contrary to the modern church. What you are teaching is pretty much what every church in America teaches-that the word of God is not that important and we need to focus on things outside the Bible. But we need BOTH. We must understand the BIble correctly to be able to apply it to all things outside the Bible such as loving one another, preaching the gospel, helping the poor, speaking kindly to others, not slandering others etc. These are all things in the OT law as well.

  6. please pray for Christians in China and all over the world who are being persecuted now for their faith..God/YHVH bless,  provide for and protect Your precious, suffering people, in Jesus'/ Yeshua's Holy name


  8. Truth 1_1b God's WRITTEN WORD Is THE FINAL Authority!
    "And these things, brethren, I have in a figure transferred to
    myself and to Apollos for your sakes; that ye might learn in us


    that no one of you be puffed up for one against another!"
    (1 Corinthians 4 : 6) Amen! And AMEN!!

  9. Truth 1_1a God's Word Is ABOVE All Else!
    "I will worship toward Thy holy temple, and praise Thy Thy
    Name for Thy LovingKindness and for Thy TRUTH: for Thou
    Hast MAGNIFIED Thy WORD Above All Thy Name!" (Psalm 138 : 2)

  10. sunday law is going to be inforced be aware then the death decree will follow don't take the mark of the beast please beloved no matter what you do!!!!!!!

  11. I stumbled across this video by accident, and found it quite interesting, as I have visited the Three-Self Church in China before, and to say the least, I was not particularly impressed with the man "preaching" in the pulpit, telling the congregation again and again that they must obey him, like the Israelites obeyed Moses. LOL 🙂

  12. I really enjoyed this film. Praise the Lord, entertaining, edifying and spiritually healthy. I have been watching for a long time satanicly saturated films or shows. I need the Lord. God thank you for the saints that provided us with this film and allow more great fruit to bear through these saints. Also let it be a tool to draw people and myself to draw closer to the Bible. AMEN

  13. Dear friend: Only through Jesus Christ, we can be saved. Jesus said: I am the way, the truth, and the life. And no one come to the FATHER (GOD) except by ME. (JESUS CHRIST.). John 14:6. Amen.

  14. And whosoever was not found written in the book of life. Was cast in to the lake of fire. Revelation 20: 15. Amen.

  15. For there is one  God and one mediator the man Christ Jesus, who gave himself for all. 1 Timothy 2: 5. Amen.

  16. Dear friend: I want to ask you. Do you want to accept Jesus Christ, as your Lord and your Savior. Please pray Lord Jesus Christ. I accept you as my Lord and my Savior. Forgive my sins, writte my name in the book of life. And from today on I will live my life to you. Amen.

  17. Wow what a great song and I never listen this song before. And thank you for sharing this song amen. ✨❤️

  18. I really do believe in God Jesus Christ was really do exist .. Thank u for this wonderful shares and testimony's about seeking God and obeying Gods authority…..

  19. don't stop speaking God Almighty word's to a destroy nation,continue to reach many people who are being deceived by their pastors and other's leaderships of the congregation please Jesus give each person that is looking for the truth find it here and to let them know that your sheep's hear your voice an a stranger they shall not follow bless them to obey and be a hearer and not just a d'Or of your word and give them a ear to discern with a spiritual eye of awareness what you are saying to each person that will discover this channel,that it wasn't no accident but they was led only by you to receive and to know the truth and this evil world in time and which we are living in.

  20. Christian's of today really believe the Rong interpretation of so called Bible scholars than the truth of God. thanks be to God for this inspirational Christian film.

  21. ارجو ترجمة هذه الأفلام الجميلة باللغة العربية.لتكون بركة للملايين.⁦✝️⁩⁦❤️⁩🙏

  22. Only god knows the day and hour of jesus second coming. Jesus is the truth the way and the life. Believe in jesus the son of god and you wil be saved. Read the book of revolation and the bible.

  23. Please all REPENT, pray daily,worship, read the bible so you can understand ask Holy Spirit to guide help you understand the bible and share the gospel about Jesus. If you like please pray this have faith trust in the Lord the choice is yours but know that you will be reward in heaven.
    This is my version you are welcome to tweak it in your own way;
    Dear Lord Heavenly Father, I'm sorry that I have broken your laws and my sins have separated me from you ( vanity & vaxation spirit read Ecclesiastes). I am truly sorry, and now I want to turn away from my past sinful life toward you. Please forgive me, and help me avoid sinning again. Father! Forgive me. I will never live as my own Lord again.
    You raised Your son to life so that I can believe that You are my Lord and (told me) to believe in him. You have your son, Jesus in order to forgive me and made Him bear my sin by dieing in the cross. Father God! Just like the devil who wanted to take over the throne of the creator, I, too, rejected, you from my heart.
    I want to repent and receive Jesus as my Lord from this day forward.
    I believe that your son, Jesus Christ died for my sins, was resurrected, risen up in 3 days,and he is alive! Jesus! Forgive me. I will never live as my own Lord again.
    I ask Jesus to become the Lord of my life, to rule and reign in my heart, my mind, and soul from this day forward. Please send your Holy Spirit to help me obey You, and to do Your will for the rest of my life. In Jesus' name I pray, Amen.”
    (Get baptist)
    Please pray for Jesus to forgive all others who had hurt you mentally, physically, and emotionally and ask Jesus to forgive you for all others you have hurt mentally, physically and emotionally (name & cause). You MUST let go of all things that serve you no good, evil things like hatred, anger, lust,envy,vanity, vexation. Its important we forgive for why should Jesus forgive you? If you cant forgive others? & Let go of self guilt! Any sickness and disease Jesus can heal you pray and ask him.
    I tell you brethren Jesus came to my place deliver me day before Passover, heal, and annoint me. Then during Passover Holy Spirit guide me to make unleaven bread eat it for 7 days fast. I tell you i was Buddism i worship idols pray to wrong gods, did Reiki healing, yoga, meditate for almost ten years no peace or happiness but anger spirit and evil. Since mid Feb until now Jesus gave so much signs and wonders he open my dreams never had much devine dreams and encounter with angels. I was heal mentally physically and emotionally but the enemy will always test you so pray without ceasing.repent daily.
    Ephesian 6:12 NIV
    For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.
    Peace be unto you all!

  24. The Jesuit Order is the Illuminati, that is the recreation of the Templars from Venice. The Vatican is the Babylonian Mystery religion. Many evil New World Order elites shall be exposed.

  25. Around 2:10 they start to disreguard the Apostle Paul's writings. What they do not understand is the ALL scripture was written by God. God used these certain people (apostles) to put it on paper but these are the words of Al Mighty God. Only an apostle of God has the unction to write scripture. God wrote His Own Word. They miss so much by excluding Paul. This explains why this movie does not teach "THE Gospel"(1st Corinthians Chapter 15 1-6) and the "new Birth" (John 3) and "The Blood of Christ" (Romans, Ephesians, Colossians, Revelations, 1st John, 1st peter)

  26. A real real good movie of across the table heavy discussions about God, Christ's teachings, religious leadership and the Bible. It's a thinker

  27. He came back already 2 thousand years ago when the romans conquered jerusalem. He was
    around when the second temple was standing. He went up to heaven it was
    still there. Revelation was talking about the second temple not a 3rd
    temple. revelation says he was going to come back and bring peace. The
    romans who followed jesus book at the time defeated the one who sat in
    the second temple and killed the jews who didnt want to convert and the
    religion of jesus was spread all over just as revelation said it would.

  28. The devil says he will make men suffer and let them believe that they only have one option which they will turn to thus worshipping him unknowingly… Making the church a business which is a temple will be overthrown by God's anger for He does not like it we are suppose to bring people closer to God not wealth

  29. How can they know the Lord if thy dont believe… The Prescence of the Lord will come whien thy use their faith. in Him.. Repentance… and . The faith in Jesus.. Do not deny His Power>>>A good job of showing how wrong some can be… Not their faith in the Bible but in Jesus….>>


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