SciQuest Contract Director – Contract Management Software

Contracts are a critical part of every business.
But if you’re manually managing your contracts in emails, shared networks or paper files,
you’re doing more than losing precious time. You’re also increasing your risk…
SciQuest’s Contract Director is a contract management software solution that lets you
manage all of your contracts securely and efficiently with a digital repository at your
fingertips that does more than just store contracts.
You can easily search for important details and set automated alerts that tell you when
renewals, expirations, and milestones are coming due.
Plus, our easy to use templates and clause analysis features can help you realize hard
savings in your authoring process. In fact, industry analysts say you can cut
up to 30 percent of your contract administrative costs, and the savings can be much more when
you consider how increased visibility and control across your contract authoring process
reduces your risk against unfavorable contracts. Contract Director can help you manage all
types of contracts — buy side, sell side and non-monetary contracts such as NDAs or
employment contracts. With robust security features that let you
control who sees what. From authoring and approvals, to signature
and renewals, you can’t afford NOT to have this kind of visibility and control of your
entire contract lifecycle. Find out why Contract Director was ranked
as a top contract lifecycle management solution in the industry.
Learn more, and turn spending into savings, at

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