Sauvegarder son iPhone ou iPad sur iCloud ou sur iTunes (ou les deux)

To back up all the content of your iPhone or iPad, for example before installing a new system like iOS 12, protect all data on your device, or if the latter encounters a technical problem, you have two solutions: the first and easiest way is to use backup to iCloud. The second, which requires a computer, is to back up with iTunes. We will immediately see the first solution by going to “Settings” press “your name” then go to iCloud, you go down … and you tap iCloud Backup. Activate the backup. You will probably have to enter the password of your Apple ID, this is normal. Once done, you can press “Save Now” if the backup does not start automatically. This backup stores anything that is not already on iCloud or Apple’s online stores such as the App Store or the iTunes Store. It will be lighter and faster to achieve than with iTunes, which copies all the data. It is stored on your iCloud account and therefore uses some of your iCloud storage. If you have the iCloud package, offered by Apple but limited to 5 GB, it may be necessary to take an additional package. For the backup on iCloud to be automatic, your device needs to be supported, is locked and connected to a Wi-Fi network. Personally, from time to time, I switch to plane mode as every night but I leave the wi-fi enabled and I put it in charge. Here is the first solution to back up your iPhone or iPad with iCloud, and we will immediately go to iTunes. To back up your iPhone or iPad with iTunes, you will first install it. If you’re on Mac, you do not need to download and install it since it’s already on your computer. If you are on Windows, you have to go download it on the Apple website. I put you the link in the description of the video. Once iTunes is installed, open it and plug your iPhone or iPad into USB to your computer. Your device appears here in iTunes. If this is the first time you have connected your device to your computer, Indicate on your iPhone or iPad that you must “trust this computer” when he asks you. Personally, I regularly sync music, movies, and so on. so here he is updating the synchronization. Click on “Summary” here on the left and in the “Backups” section you can choose between saving to “iCloud” or “This computer”. If like me, you already save on iCloud, you can perform a manual and additional backup on your Mac. To save your device, click “Back up now.” … music … That’s it, the backup is over, it took about twenty minutes since I still had about 50 GB to back up, It was a bit long, it’s normal since iTunes copies everything, even what you store in iCloud. Here, I have the indication that the iPhone was saved to iCloud at 16:03 and On this computer at 16:41. To verify that the backup has taken place, I will go to the “iTunes” menu, then “Preferences” I go on “Devices” here and I see that my iPhone has been saved. There, I’m sure my data is safe and I can restore them if the transition to iOS 12 goes wrong or if I have to restore my data to a new device. Here’s how to back up your iPhone or iPad, think about it and do it especially before installing iOS 12. To discover free new tips for your iPhone or iPad, subscribe and to receive my new videos by e-mail, press the little bell 🛎 Thank you 😀

3 thoughts on “Sauvegarder son iPhone ou iPad sur iCloud ou sur iTunes (ou les deux)

  1. Bonjour , très bonne vidéo comme d'habitude , par contre tu as oublié de préciser qu'en cliquant chiffrer la sauvegarde sur Itunes tu as cela en plus :

    Dans iTunes, la fonctionnalité Chiffrer la sauvegarde permet de verrouiller et d’encoder vos données. Les sauvegardes chiffrées iTunes peuvent inclure des informations qui ne figureront pas dans les sauvegardes iTunes non chiffrées :

    Les mots de passe enregistrés
    Les réglages Wi-Fi

    L’historique des sites Web consultés
    Les données de l’app Santé

    Kenavo !

    un Brestois

  2. Bonsoir quelle et la différence entre sauvegardée "icloud" ou sauvegarder sur "cet oridinateur" ? A 2:35 minute ( sur le mac pas sur l'iPhone ) il nous disent de sélectionner lequel on veut sauvegarder

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