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>>DAVID KING: We have an incredibly extensive program. We have 40 some odd courses, ranging from the beginning of the film classes up through very advanced studio-based commercial classes.>>DAVE EICHINGER: We try to provide a really wide
variety of fine art classes and commercial classes. Most of the students that
come in as a photo major obviously need the commercial classes and need to understand digital fully and Lightroom and Photoshop. When they leave here, primarily
you’re a freelancer. And if you’re a freelancer you need to wear all lot of different hats.>>Jason Reimer: A student can come in here and learn the in’s and out’s of how to run a photography
business; giving them really good grounding in the fundamentals but also
trying to stay on top of latest trends in the industry so that when they
leave here they’re prepared to be able to hit the ground running in an industry
that’s constantly changing.>>DAVE: We have one of the few programs still
around that have a pretty strong analog darkroom program. We do have one of the
best facilities – maybe the best that I’ve ever seen or one of the very best
that pretty much anybody has ever seen. So we do have a great facility; we have
great studios, great equipment, and great people here.>>MONICA: I’m from Brazil, I came here 15 years ago. I noticed that I needed to improve my English and I went to the Continuing Education. After Continuing Education, I came to City College. The experience that I have
is amazing. Photography is my passion and then with the program the instructors,
they helped me a lot. I’m really happy with the result.>>DAVID: We want them to be the best because if
the students come out being the best and somebody says, “hey where did you learn it” and
they say City College – man, that’s what we need!>>DAVE: For the past 15 years or so I’ve been taking
groups to Europe. They’re getting units – there’s a travel photography class. They’re out doing their own portfolios again, some are digital, some are film, some
are people photographers. I typically do a different itinerary each year. Last year was Barcelona and then northern Italy.>>DAVID: We would like to make City College, here, the
place you come to because that’s where the education is. We have a one-of-a-kind
program here and it would be wonderful if we could get that word out and let the world know about it.

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  1. Can the public hire a student to take pictures? If so  I would like to have pictures taken this profile photo of myself was taken by a student that happened to be my nieghbor.

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