Samsung makes Fun of Apple#5(You will hate Apple after seeing this)

[Music] does the tank come with a fast charger no I hear the galaxy s nine comes with a faster yeah but you could just buy a USB see the lightning cable and then also get the fast charging adapter should do the job I have a great day sorry one second it’s loading [Music] [Music] you’ve stopped here can we fix this fun tonight it’s really slow you could turn off the performance management features but it may lead to unexpected shutdowns battery throttling or you can just upgrade it [Music] but I mean the cameras great man better than the Galaxy S nine oh you’ve been reading DxO mark scores haven’t you why is the galaxy s nine rated higher technically according to those schools who believe in the score so I believe in this are you pointing to your heart or to the lunar name’s Pat oh this is embarrassing I can’t find the microSD slot yeah that’s because it doesn’t have one Oh galaxy s nine has one so how do I get more storage load oh I don’t want my stuff up there kind of want it on the phone forget this guy by this guy oh it’s just 140 dollars more so we’re doing this er [Music] can I still use these headphones with the teeth yeah but you’ll need an adapter or as most people like to call it a dongle a what a dongle Abdallah yeah a dongle it comes in the box but what if I just need to charge at the same time then you’re gonna need another type of dog like a double dongle yeah double dongle I guess it sounds explicit [Music] Rose Hey okay so did 10 doesn’t have the fastest download speeds no but it is faster than the iPhone name but the download speeds aren’t faster than the galaxy s 9 mm-hmm and I thought it was the smart phone of the future the notch the notch right doesn’t the knotch cover up some of the screen if you watch a movie not in the default view hmm yeah but what if you want to fill the screen oh you just voila there you go it does still cover up some of the movie yeah not a lot though yeah a little bit though significant enough portion I mean it takes time you get used to it what’s going on over there oh no you come here all the time [Music] close till I get up time is barely outside I don’t always would it’s noise which is leading us will ever trust yeah no I don’t want always what’s like [Music] three scans through the highways so my shadow through sun rays and [Music]

100 thoughts on “Samsung makes Fun of Apple#5(You will hate Apple after seeing this)

  1. I did had Samsung when I little (going alone to school, mum like to know where I’m) and it was shit, Samsung and Sony can give themselves a hand shake cuz both of I had a mental break down, both of them had a storage problem, both of them had memory problem, both of them had crashing problem, etc, I don’t care if they updated it, I just don’t trusts them anymore,

  2. How dare they make fun of apple plus I’m regretting if I subscribe to this channel and Apple is better than Samsung like , apples emoji is better than the Samsung emoji lol stupid Samsung

  3. Well you can't compare Samsung with iphone both have some flaws and Samsung making these videos r just hiding their flaws by using such videos and I actually think that Samsung did a great stupidity by creating such videos.

  4. this doesn’t make any sense u r coming to the apple store n saying samsung has this n that if it does than go buy that y u coming here….


  6. ยังไงก็ยังเชื่อว่า i Phone ดีกว่าเพราะก็เป็น1คนเหมือยกันที่เคยใช้ ซัมซุง แล้วพอเวลาผ่อนไป 2-3 ปีเครื่องช้ามากแหลกมาก พอเทียบกับ I Phone กับเวลา 2-3 คือทุกอย่างยังปกติดีอยู่🤨

  7. Y’all some biased motherfuckers. Get what you want and quite whining, I prefer apple so I’ll get apple, you want an Android than get an Android. It’s like Xbox vs PS4 in the comments just shut the fuck up

  8. Innovators innovate. Competitors compete. These ads show that Samsung needs to shit on its competition just to sell phones. If they stood up on their own they wouldn’t need these ads would they?

  9. I like samsung, but sometimes they are hypocrite.

    1) dont like the idea of removing the headphone jack but look at the newer samsung models.

    Sometimes samsung just had to shut their mouth rather than throwing thrash at other company.

  10. Samsung removed the Jack from the note 10, I mean it surely won't fit they already have a whole pen in the phone, at least they're not lying like apple 🤥

  11. If they just team up or collaborate and invented a apple and samsung phone then it will be a big hit, the both company will be so rich and their will be no dissing staffs.
    Their problem solve. HAHHAHAHA joke that will never happen.

  12. Apple is bullshit when you go to the Apple store and tell them you have problem in your iPhone they tell you blah blah blah Android is best because Android is little cheaper and nice but for iPhone people are selling their kidneys

  13. BTW, Iphone has been removing a lot of their good accessories from their phone making you have to pay more.

    First, it was pay less do more but know it's the opposite.

    Apple really needs to improve or else people will stop buying from them.

  14. Samsung says that they are the pioneer of folding phones
    Retrieves several folding phones due to cracked screens

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