Ryerson DMZ Sandbox’s Student Grant Program

Hi, everyone. I’m here at the DMZ Sandbox with a question for all you student entrepreneurs. What would you do with up to $30,000 for your own startup? There’s a place on campus that wants to know–and wants to help you do it. I’m talking about the Student Grant Program. The DMZ Sandbox’s answer to every business owner’s biggest hurdle: finding funding. The program offers up to $30,000 in grants to full-time Ryerson students. That kind of money goes a long way when you’re building a business from the ground up. It can help you refine your prototype. Conduct market research and develop a marketing plan. Go to market with your product or service. And scale your business when you’re ready. The program also connects you with mentors who teach you how to build your business right. Everything from budgeting and spending skills. To basic business skills, so you can grow with your business. To learn more or apply for a Student Grant of your own, stop by the DMZ Sandbox or apply online at dmz.to/studentgrant

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