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  1. நான் இலங்கை அகதி , இந்த தேர்வுக்கு நான் apply panalama sir, I born in India and I have Aadhar card ?

  2. நான் இலங்கை அகதி , இந்த தேர்வுக்கு நான் apply panalama sir, I born in India and I have Aadhar card ?

  3. Exam language tamil kuduthalum.. . Both tamil English um varumaa.. Apram discipline la ena fill pannanum sir..

  4. Bro , amount refund screen la wrong yes nu kuduthuten(payment panna account ke refund panra madhiri) , idha alter panna mudiyuma bro account number change pannanum bro pls help

  5. Important information:
    We need to take photo in Studio only, because during exam , we need to paste a uploaded *photo with name & date printed on it on Exam Hall ticket.

  6. சூப்பர் ல அண்ணன் . Presentations ரொம்ப அருமையா இருந்தது. பலருக்கு இந்த video பயன்பட்டிருக்கும். நன்றி அண்ணா

  7. Bro Photo la Name and DOB kuduthu submit pannitten ini onnum pannamutiyaathaa?. Illana my Application Reject panniruvaangala

  8. Bro I wrongly select the economically backward class option for yes and in payment mode rs 250 nu varuthu. Change panna enna pannalam

  9. Bro postofficela payment panitan adhuku apramavum next page varala bro andha reason matu y nu solunga bro plss

  10. Bro 12 th qualifications kum graduate kum seprate seprate ha apply pananum ha? Or single application ha pls reply

  11. Sir notification black ink la sign panna sollirukanga. Nan blue ink la sign pannittan. Ipo nan change pannanuma?

  12. For me I didn't upload photos & signature but athu straight ah payment mode poguthu what to do ? Ena post kuda apply panula !

  13. bro payment error nu vanthuduchi bro ana account la panam eaduthutanga bro eanna bro panrathu konjam sollunga bro.

  14. Hi bro , enaku set preference option click panna oru pop up preference box but ennaala adula no. Type panna mudila

  15. After payment system hang
    Again I can't do the further steps
    Amount debited
    How can I complete process any body help

  16. Hi bro, i given the job preferences in desktop view as you said, bt now i don't have the select options for SSLC Fields which r required.

  17. Bro email la…..otp varave illa bro….so naa back vandhutan….aprm vera id poota already registered nu varuthu bro

  18. bro எனக்கு e mail id க்கு otp வரல. mobile number மட்டும் தான் otp வருது நான் என்ன செய்ரது.

  19. Bro 30:32 sec la 12 th percentage ketrukku…12 th or it's equally ku Nan 10 + diploma. . diploma percentage kodukanuma

  20. Sir photo upload panitean kellam date potama and signature Vera blue pen potu upload pannitean bro. Ethunala enoda application reject atrium bro. Pls replying me 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

  21. Sir neenga sona mathri payment pannum pothu phone money eduthathuku msg vanthutu. But rrb website pay now verthu ena Panna pls reply me sir

  22. Sir. NaN level 1
    Apply pannita but not coming any reply&exam date
    How to coming exam date in post or mail pls explain.

  23. Bro naa engineering complete panita but ithula qualification 12th kutudhuta Naa epdi graduate Ku mathuradhu

  24. Sir na yesterday apply pana payment aagitu but error vanthuduchu some network issues i thought, payment apram bank OTP something soningale athulam vara matenguthu, yesterday voda date mudinchu, en comment pathingana konjam solution solunga pa, inimel application process pana mudiyatha

  25. bro nan name fill panum pothu initial podama paniden..but certificate la initial iruku…registration akidichi ipo chnge pana mudiuma bro pls reply

  26. Hai I have applied on 31.03.2019 generated the register number, but payment screen on that time server is busy, now am pay the exam fees ah!

  27. Sir….enaku payment a/c la irunthu poiduchu aana failure nu kattuthu….innum photo signature fill pannala…epdi solve panrathu…sollunga bro plssssssssssssss

  28. Bro i am using mobile to fill the details but it is bot allowing to set the preference and i tried desktop version where some of the dropdowns are not working

  29. I can't select town in that form…how can i solve it..pls any one help me..when i try select to its just remain select..wt should i do…

  30. Bro I made a mistake, OBC category but selected yes to Economical backward class EWS
    I also made made payment of Rs 265 how to change it to NO in EWS and how to pay extra 235 Rs
    But actually I have to pay 500rs
    Please reply me

  31. Hi brother…naan register panniten payment successful nu vanthuruchi. But yennala application fill Panna mudiyala.

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