RPMGlobal XECUTE+ App Update V2.2 – Extended

I’m James Kennon, I’m the product manager
for XECUTE here at RPGlobal. I’m here to share some of our new features in
XECUTE mobile 2.2 and XECUTE AR 2.2 XECUTE is RPMGlobal’s short term integrated
mine planning package for detailed short-term planning. It fills the gap
between planning and execution allowing much greater agility and collaboration
for mine planning teams. last year we introduced Xecute AR for iOS and
XECUTE mobile for Android these are companion apps for XECUTE
connecting the XECUTE Enterprise server allowing users to view and interrogate
the live mine plan in real time from virtually anywhere version 2.2 adds the
ability to visualize XECUTE live data feeds so now you can see information
from the fleet management system and drill systems such as equipment
positions drilling progress and where the shovels have been digging recently.
Using these live data feeds mine planners can keep in touch with progress
against the plan, wherever they happen to be. In XECUTE mobile the new features
are planned an actual drill holder so we can show live data feeds of where the
drills are where they’ve been drilling recently and the status of those drill
holes and we can use that information so the planners can see progress against
their drill patterns and see whether they’re on track or not with regards to
their plan and in the same way we can do that with loaded material positions as
well so you can have a look at where the diggers have been operating in the last
24, 48, 72 hours even, and assess that against the current mined plan and see
how you’re progressing against the plan. As part of adding these new features
we’ve also updated the tutorial to include the demonstration of the live
data feeds and we’ve enhanced the security as well so that users can
connect to the server from anywhere using their active directory credentials.
So that’s a quick summary of what we’ve done with the latest release of XECUTE
mobile 2.2. We’re really excited about these new features because it builds on
and leverages the capabilities that we’ve introduced at RPMGlobal with our
enterprise approach to integrated mind planning. It’s available on the App Store
and the Play Store right now, so go ahead and download it!

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