Reviewing Brave Browser’s Creator & Reward Incentives | EP#144

Hey everyone Scott Cunningham aka @scottcbusiness today we’re going to be talking again about the brave browser
but we’re also gonna take a look at the rewards program and the creator program
that they have and I’d like to share with you some of my results that I’ve
gotten from using these and just generally do a quick overview of brave
itself it’s a really really cool platform and I highly highly recommend
using this as your internet browser because I mean I’ve earned
cryptocurrency from this a decent amount more than you could earn obviously
anywhere else this is the only platform that I am even aware of that offers this
it is allowing you to monetize your attention that you would otherwise give
to ads and it has a built in ad blocker and a bunch of different things that
just make it so much better than other platforms even without the crypto aspect
so let’s take a look let me just jump to the main platform
all right so features of brave it is uh right off the bat it’s already way fast
or two times faster on desktop and up to eight times faster on mobile the reason
it’s so much faster is because it scrapes away a lot of the different
things that you would otherwise see scripts tons of different things that
are taking a bandwidth and it makes it just the bare-bones what you actually
need to see it also removes all the ads and everything else makes your life a
lot easier and it removes tracking – which we’ll look at right here
so that is right here this is your brave shield you can block trackers it
automatically will upgrade your security block scripts lots of different things
and you can change your defaults and whatever you want to use really really
useful they’re ensuring that your personal data isn’t going out it’s very
customizable way more security it’s very simple very easy to use setting up a lot
of good default security and ad blocking measures versus doing it after the
fact and something that I found super super useful is when I when I started
using brave I had to bring over all these bookmarks and all my data from
Chrome and and and in my other platforms and it took only a few seconds to upload
and import everything from my other platforms which made my life way easier
you earn cryptocurrency for the ads you do allow so you could use this and have
a way better browsing experience with no crypto involved whatsoever then should
you allow ads up to five an hour you can earn cryptocurrency in the form of be 80
tokens basic attention tokens because they’re monetizing your attention and
giving you a piece of the ad revenue and by doing this you can earn
cryptocurrency every single month and then what you can do with that is you
could donate it to other Creators you could keep it for yourself you could
just sell it right away whatever you want to do it’s yours now and again as
far as I’m concerned there are no other platforms that offer this today now we
already talked a little bit about some of these ad blocking cookie control all
that good stuff also when you exit brave and you come back in all of your tabs
will reload really really useful feature just tons of useful things that you
already we’ll see with chrome or better features on top of that and really
really nice you can download all the same extensions that you would from the
Google store and it has full interoperability with anything that you
would get on Chrome but with all of the added benefit of the security not being
tracked earning cryptocurrency all that good stuff so let’s take a look at the
brave rewards so something that’s also cool is they give you free b8e grants to
use those to donate to creators because they want to encourage the flow of b80
from users to creators as a way to help fund creators because
here’s the thing a lot of craters like on YouTube for example earn off of ad
revenue and when everyone is using ad blockers they’re now losing all of that
money when you’re enabling brave and you’re earning crypto for viewing ads
and you’re still blocking the creators ads you can then donate your freely
earned dat to them as a way to you know support them and compensate them for
their hard work and so it’s going to take the money away from these massive
big tech oligarchies like YouTube and Facebook and instead it’s going to give
the money to you and the Creator so it’s going to just create a much better community-based you know model for for
how ads are run and how how attention is monetized and and how all of that works
while you’re browsing on the internet it makes your life way easier it’s super
simple you can easily extract it put it in your wallet as you see here I’ve got
169 ba t really really quick easy very useful this is the you would just click
on this to go to your brave rewards or you could see a little right here just
on your browser brave semi colon slash slash rewards and as you can see I’ve
got eighteen point three in my my wallet here earnings from ads that I did that I
viewed last month and then you can see what I’ve been earning for this month
that will pay out on August 5th that was for a hundred and thirty-four ads but
they’re usually just notifications that will pop up and they’re very very
unintrusive and I almost don’t even notice most of them so you know it’s not
like massive ads that are appearing in the middle of your videos and you know
really intruding on your experience and making it much more annoying
and tedious and we don’t have that with brave so that’s really nice to see
there’s also auto contribute so say you just want to generally donate to anyone
that you’re watching without having to go through and actually tip them
individually every time you can just set up Auto contributions which makes life
very easy and yeah so that that’s kind of how you can do this and you can
easily extract it go and satellite or do whatever you want to do and then yeah
you could see grants here as well earned 14.5 from Grants because they just give
you grants and then you can donate that to different creators you can’t take out
the grants and just use them yourself you have to actually donate them to
creators to really just encourage people interacting with creators and and
helping them earn and supporting them via brave so in terms of creators let’s
take a look at the the Creator section here and then I’ll share with you what
I’ve got going on so as a creator you can sign up you can set up you know
YouTube twitch Twitter your own websites and things there’s a lot of options and
then when people are on you know whichever website they’ll see the option
here it’ll pop up there’s like a little try there’s a little check mark blue
checkmark for a verified creator so for example here if you wanted to donate
some vit to brave you could very easily do that by sending them a small tip and
it’s very easy to do and it’ll just sort of it’ll it allow you to reward these
different creators for for the time you spend on their on their content where
you blocked their ads so it’s kind of just allowing you to still support them
without taking anything away from them so again if you were here and you were
on my Twitter you could see that you could donate to me I haven’t really set
this up very well clearly I need to do that but yeah you can change your banner
and everything I obviously have to still do that
but yeah it’s really really intuitive really easy to use and as you can see
Wow month which was my first month of using
b8e well like the b80 creator program brave
crater program I earned almost 77 b80 and you know that’s not a crazy amount
of b80 but considering I wouldn’t have it
otherwise that is very significant and I’ve got five pending right now so you
know some of it is from you know people using my referral to actually download
brave because they didn’t have it and then they saw a video that I did and
then they downloaded it and then some of it is from tips and grants and different
things as well I see highly recommend checking this out
if you’re a creator and I highly recommend if you’re just like a viewer
to to consider using brave to better support the people that you’re trying to
support especially if you’re using an ad blocker so that’s basically it I just
wanted to give you guys a quick overview of brave and what you can actually do is
you know a creator as just a general user and also one last thing is for for
advertisers so for them it’s also really great because if you want to advertise
on brave people are you know getting some crypto for viewing advertisements
so they’re much more incentivized to actually you know take a look at what
while you’re advertising versus just you know trying to get rid of it as quick as
possible and because they’re actually opting in to allow for these ads they’re
also giving it kind of the okay doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to be better
but if you’re otherwise going to have your ads blocked by an ad blocker then
this is a great solution for advertisers as well so really with brave everyone
wins and again I don’t know of any other
browsers that do this the only other browser that I really
support is gabs browser dissenter because it has generally a lot of the
same things that this has but it doesn’t have any cryptocurrency monetization so
it lacks that that that paying you for your attention
and helping you monetize what you’re doing in your day to day experiences
browsing the Internet gab does have dissenters applicant like the dissenter
browser does have the ability to open up a comment section anywhere on the
Internet which is really significant so I guess it’s more like if you’re really
into free speech you could do that or you could just go and use their website
to do it on brave I still mainly use brave because you know the incentive of
earning cryptocurrency for allowing us to pop up is very very appealing and and
that’s why I recommend you guys check it out
I’m sure BAT is just going to keep going up and up so I’m happy to hold on
to it now and see where things go let me know what you guys think about brave the
rewards program and the Creator program and whether or not you actually use the
browser or play into and if you don’t have it and you plan to download it
after watching this please use my referral link in the comments in
the description and leave a comment below of what what you think about all
this thank you so much for watching I’m Scott Cunningham aka @scottcbusiness signing off, Cheers

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