Restore from iTunes / iCloud backups without Reset – dr.fone Review! [4k] 2019

Today’s video is brought to you by drfone. It is one of the popular name in the software
industry and today we will review one of their products, Backup & Restore Tool for iOS devices. It is one click to solution to backup your
iOS device and the best part is, it doesn’t overwrite the existing backup. You can export the selective data from the
backup file and save it to your computer or transfer it to another device. They have Windows as well Mac version. You need to select the one as per your preference. You can find the software download links down
in the description below. I’m gonna use the Mac version for a demo
purpose. Once, it is downloaded, follow the on-screen
instructions and install the software. Basically, dr.fone has all these different
tools to use with your iOS devices but today we will review this Backup & Restore Tool. Before we proceed, please understand that
this is a third party software and it needs to access all the data on your iOS device
to manage it in efficient way. So you should be aware of this and you should
proceed only if you’re okay with this. And with that being said, they have this simple
layout to backup and restore the data. Just connect your iPhone to your computer,
and hit BACKUP. Now you can backup the entire data of your
iPhone or uncheck the boxes if you don’t want that data to be part of your backup file. Also, if you want, you can change the location
of your backup file. I’m gonna use the default location. Now let’s hit BACKUP. Now the backup is completed and you’ve got
two different options. OPEN BACKUP LOCATION will simply take you
to your bakcup file. And VIEW BACKUP HISTORY will show you the
complete content of your backup file. So now, you can either save all this content
to your computer or you can copy it to another device. To save it onto your computer,
hit EXPORT TO PC. Now choose the location to save your data. And hit RECOVER. So as you can see, it has saved all the data
in a separate folder on the computer. Photos, Music, Notes, Messages everything
can be accessed individually. It’s amazing! And I wish iTunes had this feature. Anyways, let’s try another example. Now we will try to copy selected data from this backup to another iPhone. So, let’s select PHOTOS, MUSIC and NOTES. Now hit RESTORE TO DEVICE. Now I’ve already connected my iPhone 6s
Plus to my Mac and I’m gonna select it from this drop down list. Now, hit CONTINUE. Make sure Find My iPhone setting is off to
work this properly. That’s all! The data is copied to iPhone 6s Plus. And now, let’s check it out. Photos are copied. Notes are copied. And the music is also copied. So, that’s how you can transfer the data between
two devices seamlessly. Now let’s take another example. Let’s delete some photos from my iPhone
SE and then try to restore them from a backup file saved using dr.fone software. So first, let’s hit RESTORE. Then let’s view the backup file. Now let’s deselect all the unnecessary data
and select only these 2 deleted photos. And hit RESTORE TO DEVICE. That’s all! Photos are copied to iPhone SE. Let’s check them out. So, here are the two photos that we just restored
from that backup file. Now another feature of this software is, you
can use all your old iTunes backup files and do everything with it that we saw until now. You just have to authorise this software to
do that. I’m gonna put the links in the description
below. You can follow the simple steps and authorise
the software to access iTunes backup. Same goes with the iCloud backup. You can sign in with your Apple ID and manage
all your iCloud stuff right from this software. Now last but not the least, as I mentioned
earlier, this software does not overwrite the old backup file. Let’s see a quick demo. As you can see, now you’ve got two different
backup files and you can use any of it to restore your data. And that’s all for this Backup & Restore
tool from dr.fone. If you liked the software give it a try. And before you leave, do checkout other useful
tutorials on the channel. I’ll see you guys in the next one. Until then, take good care of yourself. I’m VIKAS, signing off for the day, Thank
you for watching!

8 thoughts on “Restore from iTunes / iCloud backups without Reset – dr.fone Review! [4k] 2019

  1. pros – video quality- 10/10
    explanation- 10/10
    how much i understood-10/10

    cons – this channel is super underrated

    Did you guys like this software? do let me know your thoughts down in the description below. 👇🏼
    And do not forget to checkout other useful tutorials on the channel.

  3. i backed up my iphone 7 and itunes did not ask anything about turn off find my iphone, which is ON. do you think is ok? ty

  4. Can I use this software if I am unable to unlock my iPhone XS Max. My screen is not responding to touch but I want to back up my photos before erasing my iPhone.

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