Rescue My Maid Service with Courtney Wisely

How do you survive as a maid service owner
when all of the odds are stacked against you? You have employees that are quitting right
and left, and you have customers that are canceling on you, and you feel like your business
is crumbling, and you have financial issues, and yet you want to survive, how do you do it? We’re going to talk about that today. Hi there, I’m Angela Brown, and this is Ask
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special show, and I’m super excited to introduce to you Courtney Wisely from Rescue My Maid
Service. Now this is an ingenious concept, because
Courtney has been working with ZenMaid software, which is a service software for service professionals. As a result, she’s had a chance of speaking
to hundreds, maybe even thousands of cleaning business owners. Then she has her own maid
service, and not only that, she has a new business called Rescue My Maid Service. So from the need she’s seen in the marketplace,
she started traveling all around the country and diving into, headfirst, into maid services
that are having some glitches, and she’s been rescuing them, and today she’s here with us
to share some of her simple solutions on how you can rescue your maid service as well. Please help me welcome the amazing, the one
and only Courtney Wisely. Hey there, I’m so excited that you’ve joined
us today, and I’m hoping that you will share with us a little bit about your background,
and this amazing mission that you’re on for Rescue My Maid Service. I know you’re traveling all over the country,
you’re meeting with maid services all over, and you’ve been digging up underneath all
the rocks, looking at all the things that are going on. Share with us a little bit about that and
how it all came to be? Courtney Wisely: Yeah, it’s been fascinating,
to be honest. Honestly it just started one day, another
cleaning business owner down in Jacksonville, Florida, he called me and he was like, “I’m
at my wits’ end, I’m just… I think I’m going to have to close my business,
everything is falling apart.” And I have such an emotional heart, and I
was just like, “You know what? I’m not doing anything, I’m just going to
jump on a plane, I’m going to come help you.” So I just jumped on a plane, I flew down there
for like four or five days, and I stayed there and helped him kind of turn everything around
and get some structure, and then from there somebody heard that I did that, and so then
they were like, “Oh, come help me,” and then it’s “Come help me,” and so then before I
knew it, it became this thing, and I started calling them rescue missions because my company
is called Rescue My Maid Service, so I’m like, “Kind of just ties in,” it’s weird how the
fates work and align like that, but… So I’ve done 13 in a row now, every month
I go do one for three or four days, and it’s taken me all the way from California to Philadelphia,
it’s taken me all over the country, but it’s fascinating to see all of the different business
owners and how different everybody is, but everybody has the same struggles. All across the country they’re struggling
with employees, they’re struggling with motivation, they’re struggling with everything, so it’s
been such a learning opportunity for me just to be able to see how everybody else does
things, and it helps me with my own maid service, so it’s just been a blessing, this past year’s
been absolutely amazing, so I’m excited to use all the knowledge that I’ve attained and
put together solutions that will help everybody. Angela Brown: So I have to ask, since you’ve
been all over the country with all these different maid services, how are you finding good employees
to help all these cleaning business owners survive in their businesses? Courtney Wisely: That’s definitely the number
one problem that everybody faces, and I think the biggest reason why it’s such a problem
is because the maid service owners don’t have time, they don’t have time to vet all of these
applicants. They’ll put an ad out on Facebook or Indeed,
which are the two avenues that we use and what most people use, and they’ll get 50 to
100 applicants in a session, but they have to take the time to go through and actually
read the application, see if they’re good, then they have to call them and then try to
put them through a phone interview, usually they don’t answer, they got to leave a message,
call them back, and it’s all… It’s a nightmare. What I have done is I have simplified the
entire process. We use a tool called Typeform, and that’s
where we make our job application, which is on a Typeform, and within Typeform they actually
have a tool with calculations, so I took the four or five questions that are the musts,
like they have to be over 21, or they have to have a license and insured vehicle, they
have to be able to pass background or drug screen, and they have to be able to work Monday
through Friday, 8:00 to 5:00. So those are our five musts, but everybody’s
different, so what I did was if they said “No” to any of those questions, that would
eliminate them. It calculates, it adds a one, so then at the
end of the application if they have a score above zero, which means that they answered
wrong to any of those questions, it eliminates them immediately and it just comes up with
a screen that says, “Thank you for applying, we will contact you soon if qualified.” But the magic happens whenever they pass,
and so if they actually pass the screening process, they get to the end and they hit
“Submit,” then they are automatically transitioned to a page for Calendly, which… That’s C-A-L-E-N-D-L-Y, and that is connected
to the business owner’s Google Calendar, which is what most of us kind of run our lives off of. And it is connected to that, so it prompts
the interviewee to schedule a phone interview, so it says “Hooray, you’ve passed the screening
process. Please select from the right your time and
day of your phone screening,” or whatever. So, they pick it, they schedule the time,
so all the business owner has to do is just sit back and wait for phone calls to pop up
on her calendar. She has no more vetting, she has no more going
through hundreds of applications, and she doesn’t have to worry about calling these
people and trying to get them on the phone because it’s on them to schedule a phone interview,
which eliminates the people that aren’t serious about the job, and puts the people that are
ready for you right in line, so it works awesome. Angela Brown: I love the fact that you’ve
automated it all the way to the point where the responsibility is on that of the employee
instead of the employer, sitting there waiting in a coffee shop for an hour for someone that’s
not showing up. Courtney Wisely: Exactly. Exactly, and then after that phone interview
of course, that’s when we kind of verify those five must questions, and as long as that is
accurate and they’re like, “Yes, absolutely,” then we’ll schedule them for their first in-person
interview. And I know that a lot of business owners out
there are… It’s just them, but if you have the opportunity,
or if you have the option to have someone else in your company do that first interview,
and then they vet them and then move them on to you for the final interview, that’s
really the best situation. I mean, I don’t have to worry about any interviewees
coming to me unless they are already like perfect and ready to go, because they go through
all these phases and channels before they even get to me. Angela Brown: Okay, so now I have a question. Let’s say that you have an interview and the
employee, or the prospective employee is showing up for the interview, is there a series of
questions that you ask or things that you do to qualify them at that point, beyond those
five initial questions? Courtney Wisely: Absolutely, so the very first
interview, it… With Amanda, who’s my Operations Manager,
she goes through a day in the life of a Magic Maid, okay? So she describes what the employee is going
to be responsible for, because we have solo cleaners, so they… You know, they have a lot of responsibility
as a solo cleaner, so they have to be able to handle their stuff, they’ve got to be able
to show up on time, they have to be able to take care of their equipment. She explains how the pay works, she explains
what… You know, just what a day in the life is,
and then if they seem like that is perfect, she also asks them a very, very important
question, what are their financial requirements? Because most cleaning business owners in this
country, and me included, we can’t just guarantee 40 hours right off the bat, it doesn’t work
like that, so we ask them right up front, “What are your financial requirements?” And we feel it out, and if they say, “Well,
my last job was paying me $600 a week and I have to make at least that,” they’re not
a good fit for us, because they have to start part-time. We have to make sure they’re good, we have
to make sure they’re reliable, we have to make sure their skill level is there before
we give them a full schedule, so we make sure… That’s what she makes sure of, and if it’s
a good fit, then she passes them on to me and then I dig into who they are as a person,
and I see if they’re a good fit culturally for us. Angela Brown: You know, it’s interesting that
you brought that up, because what we are not told in the house cleaning industry, and nobody
really talks about this, is when you onboard new employees, a lot of times they are not
physically ready for a full shift, and so starting them out part-time is a beautiful
thing because they can kind of buildup… It’s like exercising where you build up those
muscles, and the more you clean, the more efficient you become at it, but you are also
then physically able to handle more. But starting out from scratch, many house
cleaners cannot go for an eight hour day, they are just not physically ready until they’ve
cleaned a few houses and got a few houses under their belt and they’ve been doing it
for a couple months, and then they’re like, “Oh yeah, I can do another house in the same
day.” It’s overwhelming mentally and physically. Courtney Wisely: And you lose them fast, they
burn out really quick whenever you do that, so we learned our lesson a long time ago,
and so we don’t do that. Angela Brown: Speaking of burnout, that is
a very common issue, and I’m sure that in your rescue missions with your maid service,
that you have come across a bunch of house cleaners and business owners that are in fact
burned out, and so what do you recommend, or what are you doing to help these business
owners survive the burnout? Courtney Wisely: Yeah, I mean motivation is
a huge, huge backer of success. If you can’t stay positive and stay motivated
all the time, then you’re just going to get burned out, you’re going to be like, “Why
did I even do this in the first place, why do I have a business? And I’m just going to close it down.” And I’ve come across tons of people in that
spot, so typically what I like to do whenever I get to a rescue mission is we spend the
first night kind of talking about who they are as a person, why did they start their
business, what motivates them, why they’re doing it to begin with, what are their goals
and their dreams and their ambition, and I kind of get them on that cloud nine kind of
feeling where they’re like, “Oh yeah, that’s why I wanted to do this,” you know? And so, we identify that at first, and then
we kind of work from there and we say, “Okay, how can we get you to that as fast as possible?” And that’s whenever we start automating and
everything else, but the biggest thing that I think that we help with as a company is
the motivation part, so we actually have a subscription box, which is the first ever
in our industry, and it’s called Monthly Maidivation. I’m going to show you what it looks like here,
it’s right behind me, but you can kind of see right here, Monthly Maidivation, and this
is going to be full of a bunch of different things, but basically every month they will
get a book that is on some topic in our business, like E-Myth or Profit First, all these books
that we’re all told to read all the time by all the consultants, like “You need to read
this, you need to read this.” Well, it gets overwhelming, so every month
there’s just… There’s one book that we’re going to focus
on, and we have a book study in the private group of the people that subscribe. There’s also going to be a tech gadget of
some kind, there’s going to be a fun and chic office supply to help you in the office kind
of have motivation, there’s going to be something to relieve stress in it, there’s going to
be a cleaning product or a cleaning tool that you get to try and use, and if you like it
then you get some for the team. And then the most important thing is there’s
going to be an online training session, so rather than somebody dumping 30 modules on
you at one time, it’s a very simplified… Every month it’s one topic and it’s one training,
and that’s how we’re going to grow together as business owners, but we’re going to do
it in a way that’s stress-free and it’s exciting, because who doesn’t love getting presents
in the mails? Angela Brown: That is fantastic. Okay, so since you brought this up, where
do our listeners and our viewers go in order to subscribe to this magic box? Courtney Wisely: They go to, and it’s right there on the homepage, it’s the most exciting thing we’ve ever done, so
it’ll be right there on the front and you can just click “Subscribe” from there. Angela Brown: And that, my friends, is Courtney
Wisely. What a great topic to cover today, and lots
of tips that we can use immediately, so please check the show notes for everything that we
talked about today, including links to Courtney and her Maidivation so that you guys can sign
up and you can get your motivation inside a box. I love it, this is so exciting. All right, if you found this helpful, please
pass it on to a friend, and if we’ve earned your subscription, please subscribe. And until we meet again, leave the world a cleaner place than when you found it.

3 thoughts on “Rescue My Maid Service with Courtney Wisely

  1. Great video! Thanks to Courtney, we implemented this about 2 weeks ago. It is absolutely awesome! We added a few different questions to reflect our business model and the hiring process has been greatly simplified. This is a game changer!

  2. Sometimes customers cancel a house cleaner because the persons cleaning stole from them! That happened to me and my husband and our prescription medications, one was a 30 day supply of statins. Forward to some new cleaners , which claimed they will bring all their own supplies but instead used all of my paper towels, it’s not about the paper towels but I had asked them not to use them because I use them sparingly (I am a big recycler). Once I thought, I even recognized one of my own old rags they brought from home. Once I realized they don’t have any rags, I went to Walmart and bought some nice micro fiber rags for them to clean but still, the paper towels seamed easier! It’s a shame that your wishes as a customer aren’t recognized but you the customer is being called cheap! I was very sad about that because I really liked how thorough they cleaned my house!

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