REDUCE SOCCER INJURIES (Injury Prevention Workout) ⚽️Off Season Soccer Program w/ Lucas Kruel

Well done everyone! I’m very proud!
Let’s keep it going, let’s improve everyday. I’m here with you. Let’s do Frontal Short Kicks. Knees up. Change your leg. Diagonal Short Kicks. Change leg. So, when you’re ready, let’s go. Woah, that’s working my leg hard. Change leg, let’s go. Perfect. These are the Front Leg Swings. Kick forward 10 times, let’s go. Single Leg Toe Touches, 10 times. Let’s go. Control your balance. Change your leg. So, let’s do this for 30 seconds. Change. Perfect, rest for 10 seconds. Running position, and then you’re going to change. Let’s go Halison. Perfect. Great job, keep going. Lower down slowly. Excellent, change! No noise when you touch the ground. Get back slowly, yeah. Bring the leg up well. Last one, well done. Excellent Halison. So Marquinhos, you’re going to do the Dynamic Leg Swings. So we are going to go that way, ok? Put your hands in front. Yeah, that’s it. But one arm comes to the front, the other arm comes to the side. That’s it, you got it. Let’s go. More lateral. Perfect. Stretch your leg more. That’s good. Change. Your arm here. That’s it. You can open up more. This arm to the front. Open your chest.

2 thoughts on “REDUCE SOCCER INJURIES (Injury Prevention Workout) ⚽️Off Season Soccer Program w/ Lucas Kruel

  1. Teria como passar mais exercícios de core e com TRX?! Seus treinos sempre é muito bom como estabilizadores de core etc…

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