Redd-ID Browser Extension Preview

Welcome to the redd-id
technology preview Lets begin by giving a brief
overview of the browser
extension user interface By clicking on the menu stripes
it will reveal some of the functionality we
are currently working on. Here you will find Register,
Social, Tip-Feed Following,
Settings, Status and About Each one of these options will
enable features for the user
that provide easy access to the
blockchain powered user ID
features. Lets start with Register. This option will bring you to
the landing page to create your
user ID We begin by entering our desired
ID and in this case i will use
john. Ah, you can see it
is not available. Ok, lets try a couple of other
options… jasmine… harold As we type, we will see 2 things
happen firstly the price
expected to pay and secondly
is it available or not. Lets try another…
henry Great henry is available and we can see that the cost to
secure that ID is 64 000
reddcoin. Lets go ahead and order that ID You can see that it is now
being locked in on the UI and also calculated 2
reddcoin addresses The first address
will be the owning address which is what controls
and manages the redd-ID While the second address
is used as an address for funding payments for
each of the operations You can see the the UI is
prompting to add some reddcoin. So lets go ahead and send
some coins to this address. I’ll just copy that address
and send from my main wallet. Redd- ID ordering has 2 parts Preordering where the ID is
inserted onto the blockchain and Registration where
the data is comitted. As we wait for the block
confirmations to complete you will also see
some status updates. The entire process will take
about 12 blocks to complete so we will fast forward
to skip the boring bits. While we wait for the
transaction confirmations you should know
that with redd-ID you own and control the private
keys for both these addresses. They are yours, so
keep them safe! Preordering is now complete and the process will continue
for the final registration of
the redd-ID The registration process
will take 6 blocks to confirm so again we will skip forward. As the last block is confirmed
Ordering is now complete Congratulations
the redd-ID henry has been successfully registered In the coming weeks we will be
showcasing more details on the
operation of redd-ID so stay tuned Reddheads
and until next time.

19 thoughts on “Redd-ID Browser Extension Preview

  1. Hi Devs, great concept!

    When can we expect a release of REDD-ID alpha?

    I'm excited for a quality social payment extension; so many applications ie facebook monetization etc.

  2. WIll you be adding the possibility to link your google/twitter/facebook account? Maybe collaboration plans with either of those parties linking ID's in the background?

  3. 2 questions if I may…
    First 64000RDD is about $120.00 at the current rate, is that a realistic price or something made up? In my country $120.00 is a fortune, I can't afford it I'm afraid so I might be put off because of it …
    Secondly, what happens if Henry is available, I pay for it, and while it is being confirmed, someone else sees that name and also registers it. Until the 12 blocks have 'confirmed' the name it might appeared available to others…

    But is all looks so promising, I can't wait for it! (Just make sure that the design of the UI is updated or at least can be updated by some clever designers that will give it an 'edge')

  4. link this on the reddcoin website !!!… wahts going on with you???? i have a big ammount of reddcoin. its a great idee behind reddcoin and i think people really work hard behind the scene…
    But please do something with the website !!!!!!!!
    in a few weeks comes kin a multimillion ico that do something like reddcoin…
    we need to show more interess of the consumers

  5. 64k RDD for an account name? So about 50 dollars for a name? Do you think that's a good way to get a lot of initial customers? Having them pay to get an account, so they can then tip (spend more money) their favorite youtubers or whatever?
    Wouldn't it make more sense to make registration free, and just take a percentage of every tip? If Redd-ID is accessible a lot of people will make small transactions and that'll earn you more then making it, what it seems like now, an elitist thing to have…

  6. still very complicated for average dumb computer and mobile users.. not sure if this will ever work. great idea though

  7. What a stupid video. No way this will happen! We do not pay for a stupid redd-id. I own a lot of reddcoins and losing money now. Thank you reddcoin.

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