ReadSpeaker Installing the TextAid Bookmarklet and Browser Extension

ReadSpeaker TextAid is a tool that will do
more than just read your lessons in your class. To see it in action, let’s go to the course,
ReadSpeaker TextAid, Section 1. In this course, we see the link for TextAid. Click on the link. Log in if prompted. Now let’s set up the TextAid Bookmarklet
and the Chrome Extension. There are similar extensions
for Firefox, Edge, and Opera. To begin, click on Web Reading, and then the Desktop link. For installing the Bookmarklet,
scroll down to Other Browsers, and click on the Other Browser’s link. Click and drag the TextAid Web Reader link
to your bookmarks tool bar. Various browsers have different
ways to add bookmarks. We also suggest that you bookmark the TextAid
platform to your bookmarks bar. Now that we have the Bookmarklet set up,
let’s add the Chrome Extension. Click on the Desktop link and
then click on Google Chrome. Click on the link: “ReadSpeaker TextAid for
Chrome in the Google Chrome store.” It will come up with the ReadSpeaker TextAid
Extension on the page. Click on Add to Chrome. Click on Add Extension. You now see the ReadSpeaker TextAid browser
extension to the right of the URL on your address bar. You are now ready to use these tools!

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