how’s it going to the HODLGANG?
Crypto NWO here and today I’m going to be searching the deep and dark web. So we
have ExcavaTOR over here and just gonna type in anything… we can… type in… marketplace. This is by far the best search engine that is on a deep and dark web. oh
wow hello. The reason why I like ExcavaTOR so much is because all of
these links are onion links and it doesn’t track you it doesn’t use
anything. So we have this onion website that’s a marketplace and “why should you
choose hidden marketplace?” vendor can’t scam you the seller will receive your
money only after you receive your order otherwise we will refund your money you
can be assured of your safety and anonymity this is a hidden marketplace.
now for example: we have 1146 users online, 142 new users… I’m not logged in
right now… you can see the money hub speed transfer, power bank, Grove Street…
recently been online. products: fake money so a lot of money related things… oh look
at this … mystery boxes…. people said that they didn’t exist on the deep and dark
web well there they are and oh wow well well we’re gonna have to
block a couple of these we’ll check out the mystery boxes dude if you want new
emotions and unexpected surprise you don’t know what to present your friend
for his birthday then our product is just for you in the box you can find
anything starting from adult entertainment up to an iPhone and
MacBook Pro 16 inch oh wow the 16 inch MacBook Pro now look at this mystery box
is mystery boxes mystery boxes mystery boxes not to those commentary youtubers
that say that mystery boxes don’t exist no your guys I know how to use the dark
web bro it’s easy to cop you know some we have a hype piece mystery box for 200
now the question is are the youtubers all the youtubers mystery box is real
that’s all on you you can decide that yourself now I’m not gonna speak for
every other youtuber but mine my videos well they are pretty damn look at this
our mystery boxes are perfect for a youtubers looking to create content and
they have 296 sales 7 star radio but like what let’s see what what else they
got on their little Marketplace over here gadgets let’s see what’s under
gadgets let’s let’s take a look at black Apple I
guess they’re selling Apple products an iPhone 11 pro max 256 gigabytes for $500
Brad these are $119 for air pods Pro air pods to 70 80 bucks for air buds – oh
this is $80 for air pods – yeah you can see around like 50 to 60% off on all
these products my goodness place an order right now and we’ll send you your
order within 24 hours that seems a little iffy 6000 sales seller since 2018
people that are wondering like yo why are they gonna sell Apple products at
these prices like don’t they lose money no these are not regular Apple products
some of them are fake and some of them could be stolen someone who could be
stolen from like you know just stolen and completely wiped or just stolen
right off trucks and stolen right from manufacturers like people breaking into
like Best Buy’s and whatnot interesting interesting so now wow these are crypto
miners let’s see what’s popping up for the crypto miners you have a sick miners
oh shoot okay the the bit Maine at miner s 17th for a $700 bro these are probably
used though basic miners are basically GPUs dedicated to only solving mining
algorithms just GPUs can be used for gaming and rendering videos and mining
cryptocurrency or whatever you want but a sick miners cannot render a video or
they cannot play video games you can just mine cryptocurrency with it look at
this January 20th 2020 excellent communication these are these are people
legitimately buying things on these marketplaces like I’m telling you it’s a
lot of people don’t ever believe that mystery box crap and and you think
you’re gonna get scammed but you see this person has 96% sell their feedback
it’s up to you to trust it or not but look at this January 23rd what’s today
today is the 27th this was four days ago yeah this is a box best box I have ever
bought look at this nobody has ever given it a one star this person so for
example you think how do people make money off selling mystery boxes in
theory they give some people spooky creepy pastas that are really cheap and
they give some people expensive stuff and
they compensate for the expensive stuff well they’ve already sold 296 mystery
boxes at the price of so they go from $49 all the way up to seven thousand
seven hundred dollars $49 all the way to seven thousand seven hundred they sold
twenty two hundred ninety six products and I can’t really tell you which
products they had exactly sold but they have 27 reviews people are happy buying
from them I don’t know what else to tell you look at this let’s go to fake money
let’s go to counterfeit money US dollar high quality $2,100 okay so
let’s put it like this so for two thousand five hundred US dollars you’re
gonna be paying two hundred and fifty dollars ten percent you’re gonna be
getting x ten of whatever you pay in actual so for example if you pay two
hundred fifty dollars you’re gonna get two thousand five hundred and if you
keep paying that if you pay $25,000 and multiply that by ten that’s two hundred
fifty thousand dollars in fake currency I mean you’ll definitely get thrown in
prison so I don’t condone this I don’t recommend this I don’t want you guys to
try this you can you can see just people have these high quality printers and
high quality methods of printing out money and they’re confident that they
can sell 50 of them for two hundred and fifty dollars so there’s fifty fifty
dollar bills and you know what’s interesting look at this twenty dollar
bills so the reason some people are like wait why are you gonna buy twenty dollar
bills some people want a lower chance of getting caught because if you go to a
convenience store if you go to a coffee shop or if you got about bank with a
hundred dollar bill they ninety-five percent chance we’ll check to see if
it’s real or fake but when you use twenty dollar bills when you use twenty
dollar bills you have a much higher success rate look at this I can confirm
that the bills are good the ultraviolet test is passed this person seven
purchases six purchases for purchases so right now there’s two thousand four
hundred and eight guests currently online this is one of the legitimate
vendors I hope I’m not outing them by making this YouTube video whoops we have
the marketplaces let’s just type in rent hacker because I want to see a
legitimate page for renting a hacker because there was one that was like
updated like four years ago and all these youtubers are using that page to
rent a hacker including me but we found somebody called nightbat
hacker over here Internet is a dark place but we have a flashlight email
Instagram Facebook whatsapp other social media accounts iCloud Google Drive other
cloud platforms for membership premium websites accounts live cam tokens other
account aid Amazon Web Services Google cloud platform other services database
hat oh these people are like shit oh these are this is their email over here
damn nightbat damn nightbat okay okay we found another rent a hacker over here so
so that one page that every youtuber seems to go on when you pay a chat will
pop up with a random hacker so first of all I press the word done they want me
to send 0.003 Bitcoin to this address over here this Bitcoin address and I’m
gonna teach you guys some things right now for people that don’t know how to
send cryptocurrency I’m not gonna send any cryptocurrency but basically there’s
gonna be an address over here you have let’s say an app called I don’t know
coin base and you have some Bitcoin on the coin base well you can just scan
this QR code or just type in this address whenever you want and then send
apparently 0.003 Bitcoin to this douchebag over here to you as dollars so
let’s just see how much exactly he wants $26 what so you have to pay $26 to talk
to this guy and then now it’s waiting so look I sent apparently let’s say if I
sent the money it’s waiting for me to send the money to the guy this is legit
so basically somebody has to pay to just talk to this guy well somebody scam you
for $26 well I’m not gonna think so rent the photographer so rent a photographer
on the dark web I am offering my services oh oh oh
paparazzi is my business since I was 18 years old I am independent photographer
who takes pictures of important people without bodyguards very important people
with bodyguards a big boss with many bodyguards any types of places soldiers
hitmen police I never had a real job so I had the time to get really good taking
pictures and I made a good amount of money in the last 10 years I have worked
for many people and still offering my services to everyone prices I am NOT
doing this to make a few bucks here and there I am
expert photographer and could earn 50 to 100 oz per hour if I find my job will
take more time and money I will either refund you or send you the remaining
once we’ve talked you will only pay for successful jobs if I couldn’t do
anything for you I will refund you but keep in mind that demanding your target
specific things may take longer and require an additional payment rules
payment is made in bitcoins to ensure maximum privacy payment is made after
the execution of the job a little advance is needed before starting the
job disguises ambulance man barber bodyguard cashier fireman gardener
kitchen assistant police officer security stage crew taxi driver waiter
buying bitcoins to make a purchase so basically they want you to use coin
base I told you can use coin base or local bitcoins calm and ready for any
request the camera can be the most deadliest weapon powerful that’s spooky
I don’t know what else that could mean but if you guys want to see me do more
of these videos please let me know in the comment section because I think I
found the best search engine for the dark web so let me know if you guys want
me to do we have something called DHS over here it’s very tricky and risky to
click links on the deep and dark web by the way if I click on anything that I
don’t want to click on I’m gonna be cooking out right away none of its
intentional but let’s just happen in red room so I press Red Room I press Red
Room why did I press Red Room I press Red Room I press Red Room join or leave this is from the game join or leave what
if I press join what happens I joined take part in this once access type okay
so Red Room you can be a spectator to master take part in this
once-in-a-lifetime experiences spectator you can only watch for 0.2 BTC 0.2 BTC
100 1754 dollars just to watch the commander to be the master a full
Bitcoin a full Bitcoin 5 bitcoins for the Grand Master instant access old
numbers can we recommend tales live USB download tales after event destroy USB
we found it we found it I’m getting back I’m leaving this we found a freaking Red
Room oh my goodness alright the next one here is called low price access to the
shadow web answer is it true and yet wait what shadow web is a myth or true
it is true there’s a shadow web I smell a new trend shadow web oh wait
so I typed in the shadow web right now on trance I am not allowed to join the shadow web
if I type in or original I just want to type in random keywords right now to see
if I can just access a banty card installation I’m not trying to install
anything brah the counterfeiting center original passports Canada USA Mexico
permanent residency visa original identity cards original driver’s license
0.2 Wow these are expensive though when was this last updated when was this last
updated can somebody tell me now I am going to something called pot shop can’t
tell you why this is legit because it says stealth shipping in the EU only 30
grams for a hundred and 30 euros this must be Fuego bro
hitman so I typed in hitman let’s see what we’re gonna find under hitman is
anybody you want except for miners or celebrities or
kidnap people you want assassination 8k in bitcoins ex-military 6k in bitcoins
4k in bitcoins a kidnapping 2k in bitcoins so you’re gonna be paid between
two to $8,000 to commit these type of acts you tell me is it worth it is there
somebody in your head that you want to rid the fowl of so that’s their services
the rules make a full payment in Bitcoin we don’t do orders for kids or broke
people if no payment is made no job gets done there they are using a to tenuta
tutor no table that’s a very good anonymous email account well we have
something here called murder incorporated hitman let’s see what’s
poppin the murder incorporated hitman is the proven and legitimate deep web eBay
for crime we offer large international network of experienced him and who
provide services to beat up set fire or kill customer targets take a look at
broski’s pricing over here bro I’m not trying to read paragraphs I’m
trying to see some prices I want to see how much you cost there are other
options interesting the next one we are opening up is called the black mob coop
of ex-military corbs ex-special forces and
assassins sponsored by the chichén mob the Chechen mob we have agents from
russia albania Ukraine the United States and it’s minor
I’ll laying island our agents are located in more than 43 countries across
the globe our agents arm is masked and execute an
order perfectly prices range from $35,000 to $100,000
important people with big personalities celebrities they can go from a hundred
and ten thousand to two hundred and fifty thousand dollars they have the
services of assassination and kidnapping to reckon runa person’s life to sabotage
goods and properties tons of hitman services on the deep and dark web
they all sound very similar they all charge very different prices and I guess
I don’t think anyone’s gonna send $100,000 in Bitcoin to any of these guys
unless they’re dead serious or filthy rich to actually get rid of those people
but um next thing next thing next fit now we’re typing in guns and see what
we’re gonna find trusted gun shop 2020 oh this is new this is new 100% happy
customers I don’t want anything new though because if it’s new that means
there’s not a lot of customers look at this I tell you why this is legit you
can see the same it’s not the same same but look at the design on both of them
yeah I think this is legit this is just somebody trying to get rid of their
stuff have an ak-47 custom-built pretty fire if anybody can just fact check this
and make sure none of these pictures are on Google maybe I’m sure some of these
pictures are on Google because this looks like over here doesn’t look like
it was taken professionally vendor see see I’m heard I heard a vendor see see
everybody has seen vendor see see look at this five dollar US Dollars United
Kingdom social security number si n full day of birth yes email oh my goodness we
have a Visa card from Canada full five dollars if you press buy now for example
the ordering rules you have to put our email address so for example um I have
an email address but I definitely JIT just sending five dollars and I get a
credit card I’m not gonna buy it I put my email and
and they’re gonna I’m assuming they’re gonna send me a Bitcoin address and a
payment method and then after I have to pay and I’ll get another email and then
I’m gonna that email is gonna contain a Canadian visa with a social insurance
number or a social security number with an email attached to it a date of birth
attached to it for the price of five dollars and it is still available
yo that’s that’s interesting man interesting interesting something else
called the midnight market midnight market midnight market all right we have
three items sweat featured products featured vendors tell you why this is a
scam because not a lot of vendors not a lot of reviews not allowed people to
confirm but basically the best thing I’ve seen so far is by far the hidden
marketplace hated marketplace is absolutely Fuego I think this is the
biggest thing that’s going on the dark web right now let’s see the fashion
store always popping in the fascist or they have freeze digital gift card
Macy’s gift card Yorkdale gift card Canada goose 500 virtual get $500 Canada
Goose gift card for 75 bucks a North Face digital gift card for 75 bucks $500
are you serious it’s convincing it’s convincing it’s really interesting but
Dad if you guys want to see more videos like this just let me know in the
comment section down below because I would love to search the deep and dark
web or I think we found the best search engine on the dark web it’s not that
that goal because DuckDuckGo is absolute trash this thing over here is called
excavator can you find it yourself let me know but I found it and I’m using
it and it’s legit and I’m waiting for the cops to find out too but that’s all
for the video thank you guys so much I’ll see you guys in the future smash
the like button if you enjoy subscribe to the channel if you guys want to see
more and remember stay off the dark web


  1. Getting into the shadow web???
    Sounds freaky .. I wanna do it.

    Btw, I was forced to after edit the “trajectory arms”

  2. Wait I just realized that he cant legally say if his boxes are real or not! … it's illegal to buy and sell on the dark web! … which is why he implied it lol

  3. Wow i can see how someone could be a high-tech criminal with this stuff. Would've never dreamed this stuff existed on the web. Be careful with the hitman thing. Being on youtube and sharing so much info about yourself someone may have paid the dude that's been stalking you from the dark web.

  4. But this shit cant be real though right. You would think there would be some kind of government investigation or setup for these hitmen, counterfeiters and such.

  5. Lol, maybe I’m overly cautious because I’m a mom..but I stopped dead in my tracks when I heard you say “Let’s check out crypto minors”…I was not paying attention and listening w/o watching…for a second I wanted to just scream “don’t click it!!!” Not realizing you meant “Crypto Miners”

  6. Im still lovin your videos but um Marijuana is legal and I don't understand why you would blur out a plant!? Tell YouTube to suck it lol! It's 2020 and most of us are adults.. Smh. Blurry images seriously suck!

  7. 7g box! and more searching Dark Web (weird creepy videos) horror box too!! i love this stuff but imma chicken to do myself. Id rather just watch.

  8. I was able to find every site he went to on the surface web, red rooms are advertised all over the surface we because they're honeypots to catch and arrest people who make transactions. None of those were on the dark web, that's why he never said he bought his boxes from the dark web. The hitman sites were honeypots too, all set up by the FBI. You can't just type in redrooms and find a red room. When someone is really on the DW, you have to be invited in a chat room after gaining trust from someone and the onion link is extremely complex… Lol. Red rooms are not constantly going on. They're rare and there's also a huge difference between the dark web and the deep web. This guy is such a tool

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