Python vs Turtle 01 Narration

The Burmese python has been
incubating her eggs for five weeks now. All together it will take 60 days for
the hatchlings to fully develop. During nighttime when the temperature drops she will have to stay constantly coiled around the eggs to keep them warm. But nighttime is also the time when most
predators are on the hunt for food. And tonight she seems alert and nervous
investigating the smallest movement near her nest until she discovered something
lurking in the darkness… With a swift bite she tries to scare
off the intruder – a harmless Florida box turtle! The box turtle is endemic to Florida. Its
distinct shell with the hinge plastrum offers ample protection from most
predators. After recovering from the Python’s attack it continues its
search for food and purposeful cruises around the snake’s lair. fFnally, the turtle decides to move in
with the large Python but the snake won’t have none of it and blocks the
entrance which doesn’t stop the turtle at all. Gopher tortoise share their burrow frequently with other reptiles including the venomous Eastern diamondback rattlesnake. But the python has to protect her eggs. The sharp claws of the turtle could damage them. At the moment she has no choice and accepts unwilling the turtle’s intrusion. But soon the Python gets agitated when the turtle scuffles with the cane toad which moved in two weeks prior. The toad wants the turtle gone and so does the snake! Relentlessly pushing and showing, the
python finally is able to remove the turtle from its lair. The bufo toad is wasting no time and
returns to the safety of den immediately. Turtles can be willful creatures and
this one has a mind of her own. Nevertheless, the strike of a furious
python settles the matter once and for all. The indigenous turtle gets the
message from the invasive species and moves on through the night to find shelter
at a more placid location.

41 thoughts on “Python vs Turtle 01 Narration

  1. Glad there's no dislikes to this video, but if their is…its only Ojatro haters, the man makes great HD videos, Fo Sho!

  2. At the beginning of the video,the relaxing music reminds me my Cousins house and Puerto ricos random town or city

  3. That last strike and the turtle's like "Alright shit, I'll go, but you didn't have to be so mean about it!" "This bullshit though, the frog can stay, but I can't?"

  4. Turtle: hey.

    Snake: fuck away from my us.

    Turtle: I just wanted to see if I could stay here.

    Snake: no!

    Turtle: well.. Okayyy… 🙁

    5 min later..

    Turtle: so I’m gonna have to deny your decline. Excuse me, just gonna get comfortable.

    Snake: fuck you…

  5. Always very interesting videos. I like when you add the commentary in there. Videos are also very educational. Thumbs up.

  6. Some reason I started to lol when outta nowhere comes a toad that been living there 2 Snake and toad all of a sudden were best pal roommates who worked as a team and everything to get that dang turtle outta there.. classic stuff

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