28 thoughts on “Python Tutorial: str() vs repr()

  1. Thank you for your work Corey. Your tutorials is perfect, minimalistic peace of art. I like your pronunciation, it’s very clear and 100% understandable. Your video is very compressed, without needless rumble and self promotion. I always wonder, how can you put so much information in such a short time. Brilliant, is what it is!

  2. Got difference between str and repr. But having one question. str is a class and _str_ is a method. Even if str is a class, how we can easily write str(some object). Can you elaborate how str(some object ) works fine.

  3. Great tutorials, although often I have to pause them to digest the material. That is not a complaint as I would rather that then waiting for the commentator to get to the point.

    What editor are you using when you show the examples?

  4. Put some small home task with solving at the and. Maybe it will be even more halpfull .
    Thank yo fo your work

  5. Hello Corey! You do an amazing job at explaining complex things in a straight forward way. I started these videos and got addicted to it. Thanks for sharing.
    QQ – You mentioned that repr is for coders and help them in debugging. To that point, what repr is doing can be done with type(). Type(a) will return datetime.datetime and type(b) will return str. So my question is why to use repr. Do you mind sharing another example to make it more clearer. Thanks!

  6. Awesome tutorial! Now I learned that python interpreter returns "repr()" instead of "str()". This made me to reflect a philosophy involving python debugging. I can understand the importance of the usability of repr(), since now.
    Thanks very much for sharing this.

  7. first three minutes is: its very hard to determind the difference between str and repr via the ways people tried before getting to dis video aka documentation and testing

    no fucking shit its very hard to determind just hurry tf up and tell me wtf the difference is

    longest intro ever

  8. repr returns a string of the whole line without executing the code but str returns a string of the result . why would you not show the a and b variables in your example? Thats literally makes it harder to understand .
    Also at 6:27 when you are explaining this simple thing you dont make any sense.

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