15 thoughts on “Python Training | How to Install PyDev Plugin in Eclipse and How to Create a Simple PyDev Project

  1. does PyDev interfere with the regular python3.3.2 that I have installed on windows or is the plug-in only restricted to the eclipse environment?

  2. Hi, there is one part I don't understand that is not listed in this video. In Pydev's interactive console, I do not know how to import python modules created within Pydev. For instance, I created point.py but cannot import it in the console. I added the source folder to the path but it still doesn't work.

  3. You can have both Python 2.x and 3.x installed on your machine. Within your PyDev project, you can configure which interpreter to use. All you need to do is right-click on the project, go to Properties, then PyDev->Interpreter/Grammar.

  4. You need to find out the full directory path of your Python project and add it to the PYTHONPATH environment variable. To find the directory, right-click on on the PyDev project, go to Properties, then Resource.

  5. I have a question here… When I run a script from pydev, the console at the bottom of the window shows me any output/error message I get. But in your example, say I want to do pp = Person(name,surname), and I want to do that in the interpreter without having to run the script again (you can do that in IDLE). How do I do that in Eclipse Pydev? Thank you! And congrats for these great vids

  6. I ran into two problems while following this, firstly @3:55 my Eclipse platform didn't automatically create the Package I had to right click FirstPythonProject > New > Pydev Package, and then create it myself. Secondly @7:25 watch carefully as she indents lines 15 & 16, this is important otherwise your code won't work (luckily I'd already heard that Python is a little temperamental about small things…). Other than that a great help to getting me started! Thanks

  7. @8:01 could we have written like this?
    import com.fireboxtraining.Person as fp
    would it have been easier too or am I wrong.

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