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Let’s look at how to program
your AT&T U-verse TV’s S20 or S30 remote control
to work with your TV. If you’d like to learn how to use the more advanced
features of the remote, refer to the remote
control user guide that came with your remote or by visiting Before you get started, be sure to remove the
protective battery strip protruding from the top
of the battery compartment, which is on the
back of the remote. If the battery strip
has not been removed, you can feel it when
you handle the remote. Also, make sure that the
backlit keys light up when you press any key
on the remote control. The S20 remote has
seven backlit keys: the Power button at
the top of the remote and six keys above and
below the navigation cluster in the middle of the remote. On the S30 remote,
all of the keys are backlit. If they don’t light up, check that the batteries
are properly seated or if they need
to be replaced. The method we will be
using in this video to program your remote control
is called Auto Search. Start Auto Search by pointing
the remote directly at the TV. Keep the remote pointed at the
TV throughout the process. Enter the Program Mode by pressing and holding the
OK and Menu keys simultaneously for three seconds. The OK key is located in
the center of the circle of the four directional
arrow keys. The Menu key is
the long curved key, located above the four
directional arrow keys. The Power key will
flash red twice to confirm you’re
in Program Mode. Next, press the On Demand key, which is located in the upper
left corner of the remote. Press and hold down
the Fast Forward key. The Fast Forward key is
located just to the right and below the Interactive key
near the top of the remote. It may take a few minutes
for the device to respond. The remote will test a code
and flash the Power key red once every three seconds. The Power key is located
at the top of the remote. When the correct
code is detected, the TV will turn off. Let go of the Fast Forward key
as soon as the TV turns off. Press the Power button
to turn the TV back on. Then, use the Volume Up
and Down keys to verify that the remote is
controlling your TV volume. The Volume keys are located
on the left side of the remote, just above the number keys. If the remote does
not work properly, go through the
setup process again to assign another
programming code. If TV programming in
interrupted or inactive for more than 10 seconds, the Power key will flash
one long red blink and exit Programming Mode. This means the remote has
returned to normal operation without saving changes. You can also use our U-verse
Remote Control Setup tool on your U-verse TV to guide you through
programming your remote to control your TV
and other devices. To access the Remote
Control Setup tool, press “MENU”
on your remote control. Then, use your remote arrow
keys to scroll down the menu seen on your TV
to Help, and press “OK”. Next, scroll to Information,
and press “OK”. Then, scroll right to select
“Remote Control Setup”. For additional help programming
your remote control, visit Thank you for choosing AT&T. ♪AT&T jingle♪

18 thoughts on “Program Your U-verse TV S20 and S30 Remote Control | AT&T Entertainment

  1. Our S30 remote was programmed to our previous Toshiba television and we now have a Sony television. We don't want to program the remote to the new television but the remote control is still programmed to the previous one. Is there a way to reset the remote control to just power and adjust the volume for the receiver?

  2. So, despite the obvious difference, why bother with the S-20 remote when the S-30 is clearly a better remote with the backlit ability?

  3. alright i got the remote to work on this lg tv but how do i change inputs if the tv has one button on it and it’s the power button

  4. This does not work, when I press the ondemand key the ondemard menu comes up. When I do the guided help, he same thing happens – frustrating

  5. I've got 2 tv's next to each other. Is there a way to program one remote to one box and the second remote to the other box? Either remote usually controls both boxes, so it's hard to change channels without the other tv changing also.

  6. To whom it concerns: (Clearly no one at Att cares)

    On July 13 I had to call the roadside service for a flat tire. This was in South Jersey which was experience at heat wave. I called it in and was told someone would be there within 30 minutes after an hour (which in case you can’t tell is more than 30 minutes) I was told that the technician couldn’t make it but it’s okay I was only out in the hot sun having heat stroke for the past hour. (Oh and it’s because the idiots at the roadside club were trying to send someone from VA even though I live in and was in NJ!). I was put on hold for over an hour (all the while sweating in that nice hot sun) only to be told if I want someone to come, I now have to pay $55. I protested saying that they should negotiate for the technician rates after what happened but because customer service is NOT a priority no one cared, and I was told to pay it or call somewhere else. I was stuck on the side of 38 so I paid it because I needed to you know like not pass out from heat stroke.

    I then reached out to Att hoping to get response for customer service. Specifically, I felt a credit was due on my account for the amount I had to pay and shouldn’t have given the circumstances. I was told by several different people things like “We will get back to you” “We will resolve this for you.” Nothing was done about it except being told by one person that I had to fill out a complaint form and pay $200 filing fee and maybe I would get my money back. Are you serious?

    Please note that I bill my time out at $25 an hour and this whole ordeal with trying to get this resolved has taken up more than 4 hours of my time. I did get a message from “Mark” social media manager today after I warned (not a threat because a threat is something you don’t intend to carry out and I intend to carry this out) that I was going to be cancelling my account and switching carries and also that I will be posting all my documentation about this on YouTube to make sure people know just how little you care about your customers.

    Go stand in over 90-degree weather for 3 or 4 hours and have your cell phone company that you have been with for over 15 years treat you like garbage. It’s bound to make you feel upset.

    Please note it has been over a month and NO ONE has done anything to seriously help. At this point I am frustrated to the point of tears.

    Since you think $55 is not a big deal why don’t you just send me a check for that amount or hell you PayPal me the money at ?

    There’s no reason I should have to talk to over a dozen people and be given the run around. I know it won’t take that long to issue you me a credit on my account of $55 but it was Att’s choice not to so I guess now they get to lose my business and once I go public others will follow and they can lose way more than that in profits!

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