Print MIS Software – Cloud Print Estimating and Order Management by Ordant

Print companies and Sign Shops face several
challenges while doing estimates and processing orders. Challenges that cost them time and money. Ideally you want your business to center around
what you do best. Providing your customers with quality products
you create. But in reality many businesses spend almost
as much time producing estimates for potential orders as they do on actual orders. Because estimates have to be done correctly,
if a job is underestimated it can fail to make a profit or worse yet you could actually
lose money. Alternatively guesstimating high to protect
profit margin is a sure way to lose bids to competitors. In response to these challenges many companies
have developed labor-intensive work arounds. These can create a bottleneck in the sales
cycle. Does your business use pen and paper to create
custom estimates producing hard to manage paperwork? Are you wasting time copying figures from
one program to another? Have you ever failed to deliver an order on
time because a job fell through the cracks? We have developed an easy to use yet elegant
solution to these challenges. Ordant is a highly customizable application
that even an inexperienced user can use to produce complex estimates in mere seconds. With the help of Ordant you can track and
process all of your orders in an efficient manner. You can further reduce your costs by enabling
your customers to place and track orders through Ordant’s optional web2print storefront. Ordant can also automatically talk to your
QuickBooks , which will significantly expedite your invoice processing. Since our software is cloud based your team
can produce estimates and manage orders from anywhere while you maintain total visibility
of the entire process. The Best part of Ordant is that not only are
we able to customize any part of the application but we can also build custom modules based
on your needs. Ordant is designed to increase the productivity
of your workers and save your business from unnecessary wasteful cost. Schedule your free demo today. We look forward
to automating your print estimating and order management process.

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