President Trump admin proposes hiking citizen application fee

this because we do have this news that the Trump administration is proposing to increase fees for us citizenships the application fee from six hundred and forty dollars to one thousand one hundred seventy dollars almost double do you think that that will be a deterrent in some way or or try to change the dynamics you know the president has seen so much resistance he’s looking for alternative ways to try to change the dynamics of the border well I don’t think raising the fee you know five hundred dollars is going to be a showstopper I hate to see you know poor folks that are coming in or even not just not just poor folks we’ve got good people who are trying to come across and do it legally and I am all for that I’m in favor of legal immigration I have a daughter-in-law who’s from Brazil and a naturalized US citizen I hate to see the the fee increase but let me tell you something we’re spending billions of dollars on our immigration system and it is you know it is it is stretched beyond belief we don’t have the personnel we don’t have the resources so if we have to raise that fee 500 and something bucks you know I can understand where the president’s coming from and yes ma’am

One thought on “President Trump admin proposes hiking citizen application fee

  1. Raising fee wont do anything. It's been done. Crack down on HB1 2 etc visas. Visa overstays while cracking down refugee, lottery, and all sort of ILLEGAL immigrations.

    Gazillions are good, quality, middle class people who try to come legally.

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