President Obama Announces the Obama Foundation Scholars Program

Today, Michelle and I are excited to announce
a new and innovative partnership between the Obama Foundation and an institution that means
so much to both of us; a place where both of us worked with students and future leaders
for many years – the University of Chicago. After all, the mission of the Obama Foundation
is to inspire, empower, and connect the next generation of civic leaders. From young people who are already making a
difference in their communities and their countries, to those who want to learn how,
our goal is to support everybody who wants to change their world for the better. We’ve already held training days around
the United States, a global Summit in Chicago, and events with young people in Brazil, Indonesia
and India. We’ve listened to and learned from you. And that’s helped us better develop the
programs to advance our mission. One of those ongoing programs will be the
Obama Foundation Scholars. And today, we’re so proud to say that this
new partnership between the Obama Foundation and the University of Chicago will bring the
inaugural class of international Obama Foundation Scholars to our hometown this fall. This partnership will give young people from
around the world who are already making a difference in their communities the opportunity
to take their work to the next level. They’ll work to earn a newly-designed Master
of Arts degree, focused on International Development and Policy, at Chicago’s world-renowned
Harris School of Public Policy. Every student will receive a full scholarship
for the program. And here’s the thing: these young people
won’t just be studying in the classroom. Through their work with the Obama Foundation,
they’ll actively learn the skills and training, out in the community that will equip and inspire
them to change their own communities, and ultimately our world. And we hope that when they return to their
path of service, they’ll continue to play a leadership role in the Obama Foundation’s
efforts to train emerging leaders around the world for a long time to come. So I’m looking forward to welcoming an outstanding
class of young people to Chicago’s South Side – the future home of the Obama Presidential
Center. And we hope that each class of Obama Foundation
Scholars begin a journey in which they inspire even more young people to build the world
as it should be. Join us – head over to to learn
more about the Scholars Program and how you can apply. Thank you.

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