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Hi everyone, I’m Alejandra Costello, a professional
organizer and entrepreneur from Alejandra.TV and I teach people how to get organized so
that they can live a more productive, efficient, and stress-free life. So I started my business in 2008 and for the
first few years, I would travel to people’s homes and their offices and I would sit down
with them in their space and we would go through their things. I would help them make decisions,
get rid of things, set up systems, teach them how to maintain all the organization, and
I did that for a few years. And after a while, I found myself just repeating the same process
over and over and over like the complete organizing process from getting started all the way to
maintaining. So I decided, well, what if I take all the
stuff that I’m teaching and I put it into one program that teaches somebody everything
they need to know, do, and understand to get themselves more organized? But not just physically
organized but mentally organized as well. So I spent about 12 months coming up with
my program, filming videos, writing down things, getting everything out of my head and on to
paper. And the program today is called the Power Productivity Program. The Power Productivity Program is for people
who feel so overwhelmed by all the stuff inside their space like all the clutter, they feel
stressed out, they feel frustrated, it’s affecting them on a daily basis. It’s for
people who never learned how to get organized in their younger years and now as an adult,
it’s affecting relationships, it’s affecting health, it’s affecting performance at work,
performance with your family life. It’s for people who are finally ready to make that
positive change in their life for good and not slip back to their old ways. OK. So some of the things that you’re going
to learn in the program are the first thing is how to set up an effective to-do list so
you actually get things done and you’re not just staring at a really long list and
feeling overwhelmed and not knowing like which thing to pick. I’m going to show you exactly
how to set that up and how to get things done. I’m going to show you how to set up effective
organizing systems no matter what your home looks like, no matter the size of your home,
the architecture. I’m going to show you my 5-step formula that when applied correctly,
you’ll be able to set up systems very easy. I’m going to show you how to start and finish
any organizing project no matter how much stuff you have on your list. I’m going to
show you just how to get started and see the project through completion. I’m going to teach you about the different
organizing styles and how to use your organizing style to set up effective systems that are
going to work for you, that are customized towards like the way that you do things because
we all do things differently. And I’m also going to teach you how to combine
your organizing style with other people inside your house so you can set up systems that
are in harmony and working for everybody. You’ll also learn how to create a maintenance
plan. So after you’ve set up systems inside your house, you’re not going to slip back
to your old ways. Instead, you’re going to have a maintenance plan that you just follow
and when you follow it correctly, you’re going to find that you stay a lot more organized
on a daily basis. You’ll also learn how to set up goals so
you actually achieve. You’re going to learn how to minimize a time wasters and instead,
spend your time being productive in getting things done. We’re also going to cover how to work with
family especially working with family who doesn’t want to get organized, doesn’t
like to get organized, or hasn’t been organized in the past. We’re also going to talk about how to figure
out your root cause for disorganization. A lot of people feel like you just have to buy
a storage bin and that’s going to solve the issue with clutter. But really, it goes
a lot deeper and we’re going to talk about those various ways or reasons why you might
be feeling disorganized. OK. So here’s what you get when you join
the Power Productivity Program today. You are going to get five training modules that’s
going to document the entire organizing process from getting started to maintaining. It’s
all of my processes, my thought process, my decisions and my tips, everything I do to
get organized and stay organized, it’s documented into over 200 pages of everything that’s
very easy to read. You might think like, “Oh, 200 pages. I’m not a big reader. I don’t
want to read 200 pages.” I don’t either. So when I was writing the program, I made
sure to have a lot of like summaries, diagrams, charts, keywords, bulleted lists and numbered
lists, call outs to make it really easy to consume and easy to understand the information. So, all of the training modules are PDFs so
what you’re going to do is when you join, you’re going to get an online account. You
just go in there and you print everything out. If you want, you can keep everything
on the computer if you prefer to read digitally. I’m a visual person so I printed everything
out. And this is the binder that I created for all of the training modules. So when you
join the program, I show you exactly how to create your binder if you want to create a
binder. And one of the reasons why we have everything
digitally is so we can give you free lifetime updates. So on occasion, we update the program.
We change a few things. And every time we change something, you’re going to get the
most recent updates. And it’s also designed so you can access the materials anywhere you
have access to a computer. You just log on and then you’re going to get access to all
of the training modules and downloadables. OK. So, you’re also going to get access
to over 40 video demonstrations that are part of the Power Productivity Program. So, as
you are reading the training modules, you’re going to see little icons on different sections
that say like video one, video two. So after you read that paragraph then you can go and
watch the video to get the visual of everything that I’m teaching in the program. And so in the video, I show you step-by-step,
everything that I’m talking about, the complete process. Some of the videos include how to
set up your to-do list, how to set up a maintenance plan, how to get started, how to make a decision,
how to maintain your space, how to figure out your root cause of disorganization, how
to set up goals, and many more. There are over 40 videos inside the program. You’re also going to get all of my time
management checklists and trackers that are part of the Power Productivity Program. These
checklists and trackers are not available on our website, Alejandra.TV. They’re just
inside this program. And in the program, I’m going to show you
on the video how to use them, how to fill them out so you can use them correctly. And
all the checklists and trackers are editable which means that you can – before you print
them, if you want to print them out, you can type in to them on the computer either use
them from the computer or print them out. They are also undated which means you can
reuse them year after year. And they also come in 8.5 x 11 format and also the A4 format
as well. You’re also going to get my step-by-step
organizing plan which you just like fill in your answers and you work your way through
the plan. I make it super simple to give you like something actionable to just follow and
begin seeing results inside your home. So as a bonus when you join the Power Productivity
Program today, you’re also going to get two months of free access to our member’s
forum so the members forum is a place where – think of it as a place when you come for
support. So with anything in life, if you want to be successful, your chances are higher
if you have support. So the member’s forum, there’s a discussion
area where all the members can ask questions. You can share advice. You can share lessons
learned. You can share before and after pictures. We can celebrate your success. It’s a place
to stay accountable to other people and meet other members who are on a similar journey
to getting organized and making that change in their life. You’re also going to get access to my searchable
knowledge base so the knowledge base is a place where you can go and find answers to
common questions. There are hundreds of questions that I’ve already answered and I’ve given
very thorough answers. So all you do is you search for you question and then you can read
some articles that I’ve written before. And everything is really organized. Everything
is categorized by the space in the house and the topic and so forth. You’re also going to get access to my monthly
giveaways. So every month, we have a monthly giveaway where we give away up to a $100 in
organizing products according to like whatever season we’re in. So if it’s summer time,
we’ll pick travel organizing products to give away. And any member is eligible to win
even if you live outside the United States, in Australia or Europe or something. You can
still win the member’s giveaway. After your two months of free access to the
member’s forum, you can choose to continue your access for a small monthly fee if you
feel like you need support and you need to stay accountable. And if you don’t want
to, we don’t automatically charge your card. OK. So let me introduce you to some of our
organizing superstar members. So here’s Angi and Angi has completely reorganized her
office from before and after. And now, it just looks amazing. So Angi says, “I can
find anything I’m asked for in just a few minutes and that is a feeling of being organized,
of being growing up and having it all together.” Angi did an awesome job. Here’s Vicki. And Vicki has tackled her
desk. Vicki says, “My desk is very small but now, it is also very efficient. There’s
a place for everything and everything stays in its place.” How amazing when everything
just has a home, you can find things, and you just feel so much more productive and
getting work done at your desk. Here’s Susie and Jim. Susie and Jim went
through the program together and together, they were able to organize all of the wires,
like all the chaos underneath their desk into a really organized system. So Susie and Jim
say, “Thank you Alejandra. We truly appreciate the calm that has come along with accomplishing
organizing the wires under our computer.” So as you can see like the program can – you
can use the program to work together as a team. Here’s Tania. And Tania has tackled her
daughter’s closet. And Tania says, “My daughter can get dressed much faster in the
mornings with a well-organized closet. Also, it is much easier for her to put her laundry
away.” So, what a drastic difference like you can see the before picture. There’s
just so much stuff everywhere. Nothing really has a home. And afterwards, Tania set up all
these systems so the closet actually stays organized. Here’s Joanne. Joanne has tackled her linen
closet and she says, “I was actually afraid to open the door to my linen closet. Now,
I often leave it open for inspiration.” That is crazy. Like imagine the most messy
– like the messiest space inside your house and you just have the door closed. And for
the longest time, you’re avoiding the problem and once you decided to take action, you find
yourself now leaving the door open just to like see all the beautiful organizing systems
that you set up and use that as motivation to like continue setting up things around
the house. Like that is just an amazing transformation. And here is Monica. Monica has tackled her
bathroom cabinet. Monica says, “An organized bathroom cabinet saves me time in the morning
when I’m rushing off to work. Having everything clearly labeled makes it fast and easy.”
So there is nothing like organizing a space that you use every single day. Like the bathroom
is one of those spaces that you use it in the morning, you use it before you go to bed,
and just being to just like open those cabinet doors and see everything in its place, everything
has a home, everything is labeled, it just makes it so much easier to use the space. This is just a small glimpse of some of the
success stories that we hear on a daily basis of people who are going through the program
and taking action and seeing results inside their life and feeling more organized and
more productive. So as you can see like you can see some of these before pictures and
you see that they’re not the most organized spaces. There’s clutter. There’s a mess.
And it just goes to show that no matter where you are or how much clutter you have, it’s
possible to make that transformation and have an organized life and have organized systems
so you feel productive and you feel less stressed out on a daily basis. Do you feel like you are ready to join the
program but something is holding you back for whatever reason? Maybe you’re thinking
that your situation is so different and so unique that this program might not work for
you, I completely understand. If you join the program, if you decide to take action,
and you’re going through the program and you’re following along and trying processes
out in your house and you’re finding that it’s just not working for you or it’s
just not working as well as you thought it would, that’s OK. You can call us or email
us and we will give you a refund if that’s what you’re looking for. I don’t want
you spending your hard earned money on something that is just going to sit around your house
as clutter, you’re not going to use, and it’s just not going to work for you. There are just two things. The first thing
is when you call or email us and a request a refund, tell me why it didn’t work, tell
me what you tried, and tell me what’s not working and why the program is not for you.
I like to know the information. If it’s something about the program, I like to be
able to make the change for me for the program to make it a better program for other members. And then the second thing is to request the
refund within 60 days. Our system doesn’t allow us to give refunds after 60 days so,
just do within 60 days and everything will be good. If you feel like you still have questions
or there’s anything you’re unsure about, you can always send us an email at [email protected]
or you can just pick up the phone and call our office and we’re happy to answer any
questions that you have. So my hope is that if you are seriously looking
to get yourself more organized, that you decide to take action today. You have to remember
that there is never going to be the ‘perfect time” to get started with something. There
is always going to be the excuses that we give ourselves like, “Oh, I’ll start next
week. I’ll start next month. I’ll wait until the New Year comes around.” All you
need is just give yourself one reason why you deserve to live a more organized and stress-free
life and use that reason to begin taking action and begin making that change today so you
can live a more productive and organized life. So if you’re ready to get started, you can
just click the link below and I will see you on the other side.

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