100 thoughts on “PlayStation Plus – Free Games Lineup June 2019 | PS4

  1. Frostykraken here on ps4 if you need 75 instantly hit me up I’ll punch a guy in his but and boom bl2 only

  2. Apparently a lot of people just bought the Handsome Collection yesterday. I didn’t. I’m now happy

  3. I would prefer ps plus have ps3,ps2,psp and vita games on ps4 compatibility,since these platform wouldn't have free games anymore, rather than a ps4 games that we bought couple days or weeks potentially going to get free instead…

    This is really bad…..

  4. I already have Sonic Mania Plus but i might get borderlands handsome collection

  5. The people who are making the sonic movie secretly made a deal with Sony that shares 7% of what money is made from the PS Plus membership subscriptions this month if they add the name Sony somewhere in the movie because the sales on tickets for the movie is low.

    And what better way to advertise it, make a sonic game free for the months PS plus subscribers.

  6. Also, wasn’t the borderlands collection on sale not to long ago? And I’m assuming most of you bought it when it was on sale.

  7. I need help,i downloaded Borderlands but it has a ps plus logo with a lock symbol on the bottom right.what is this?

  8. another crappy month on ps plus only 2 game why xbox get always the Best game they receive nhl 19+3 games and they already have borderlands the handsome collection on game pass recently they got shenmue 1&2 on game pass.another sad month for my ps plus

  9. This is nice, but 2 games a month isn’t enough. Yes PS+ is less than $5 a month, but give us at least 3 games.

  10. Bought Borderlands handsome collection on steam, and then I saw it for free on the ps4. So, I ended up my money back on steam and a free copy of the game on console. Thanks, Sony. I'm not too sure about these July games though 😟 .

  11. E aí compro um Playstation 4 novo com Tribanco que já vem com esse Detroit aí agora vocês botam esse Detroit de graça na PS Plus e muita sacanagem. Tô do mundo que comprou um ps4 agora deve está se sentindo lesado.


  13. Lamentavel anunciar um jogo pes2019 e depois fazer isso colocar outro no lugar falta de respeito grande com o consumidor

  14. Péssima decisão ao retirar PES! Fico extremamente frustrado…Sinto-me enganado pela Sony. Tal atitude só me faz querer cancelar os serviços da plus.
    Tirando minha insatisfação pela troca, consigo ver o quão nocivo é tal decisão da empresa, pois daqui p frente, não acreditarei em mais nenhum anúncio feito, pois no último minuto podem mudar tudo!!
    Isso é falta de respeito para com seus consumidores!! Falta de respeito para com o público!! Uma pena não termos órgãos públicos mais atuantes em nosso país…

  15. sony you go from like 6 games to 2 and you increase the price? sony you're better than this. also, literally no one like the fact that you're making them pay for multiplayer which is a feature that should be free (multiplayer). not saying I hate ps plus, its just that it could have a lot of potential to be something worth the money.

  16. Olha eu acho que ta na hora da sony dar um jogo de corrida simulador na Plus EM, tipo assento corsa ou um project cars 2 EM EM EM EM…………………………………………………..

  17. i hope there is also gonna be the last of us remastered since this game was a huge success that it needs to have a sequel and red dead redemption 2 free on ps plus

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