100 thoughts on “PlayStation Plus – Free Games Lineup December 2019 | PS4

  1. Ever notice they release some previous game titles for free with memberships before announcing a new game I’m just sayin

  2. Ya that's right Sony keep making the choice of not continuing ps + when my subscription runs out easier each month.

  3. Woooooooooooooowowowwwwwhdhejeje I bought titanfala 2 2 years ago!!! And now your given it awya for FREEE!!! I am outrgaed and deman d a refund!!!! 😠😠😠

  4. Awesome! Titanfall looks great! But where's the other game?
    I was waiting on the Monster commercial to end, but there there was nothing.
    Seriously, what's the second game for December?!

  5. Wann wirds mal wieder besser.Was will man den bitte mit einem Spiel wie Monster Energy Supercross.Das ist eher was für eine bestimmte Zielgruppe und hat somit nichts bei diesen Gratis Spielen zu suchen.Da gehören in erster Linie Spiele rein für die Allgemeinheit,die beliebt sind usw.Titanfall geht vieleicht noch so,obwohl ich damit nicht richtig was mit anfangen könnte.Und Supercross ist ne Art von Spiel was ich nicht Spiele und mir auch nicht kaufen würde,da es nicht meine Art von Spiel ist.Wäre schön gewesen wenn man im Dezember,gerade weil Weihnachten ist,was wirklich tolles raus haut.Aber so.Schade das man beide nicht,wie Geschenke die einem nicht gefallen,bei Ebay Verkaufen kann,ich würde es machen.

  6. Titanfall 2? Sorry we already got apex… Monster Cross something? Well thank u for one useless free game and the advertising.

  7. and what about people who already have those games? I mean of this year I don't claim like half of the games because I already have most of the free games. Sony should put some kind of extra option for people how already BUY the games they gift.

  8. i dont have titanfall 1 and 2 but the other game… rly? i think big companies will never understand there community…
    come on Sony its nearly Christmas and you still dont give anything special for your customers?

    Titanfall 2 -> 19,99
    Monster -> 49,99 <- REALLY?!

    man i wished i bought years ago the XBox and not PS4…

  9. After two years of Titanfall 2 being on sale less than $10, it's finally free to play. I will now download and try it out when it comes out tomorrow.

  10. TF2 is fine, if not older and owned by 'almost' everyone interested in the genre. It's fine. But the Monster Energy Supercross? Not only is this a blatantly cheap cash grab, has anyone who chooses these games actually played it? It quite literally is one of if not THE worst supercross game there is

  11. Sony, please just make two tiers of ps plus with the higher tier including PlayStation Now and a lower tier with instant game collection.

  12. Para de dar like nisso aí cara .. vergonha . A gente paga 150 no serviço pra mandar essas merda aí?.. cria vergonha na cara .. Não e pq da tecnicamente os jogos que tem que ser porcaria não .. da jogos de ps2 aí mais que sejam bons…

  13. Ни чёрная пятница,ни рождественская распродажа,ни то что Sony 25 лет,ни раздача PS Plus не радует…. Happy Merry Christmas……..

  14. Titanfall is so underrated by far the most fun fps since Halo, im glad this going to make it alive for Christmas now if youll excuse me im about to pwn some noobs 🙂

  15. Who agrees that the most badass thing that can happen to you in Titanfall is having to eject a the same time as an enemy pilot and you both start shooting eachother in midair?

  16. A lot of people are still idiots when it comes to the PS Plus games. I don’t understand the extreme hatred. Some criticisms are obviously ok & sometimes completely understandable but all I see is people who want 2 brand new AAA games that were just released or something lol.

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