Performa Recruit – Software Selezione del personale

BEFORE PERFORMA HRMTHE RECRUITMENT 10 YEARS AGOYes. Let him in. Andrea Raimondi, accountant, right? In realty, I’m Valentina Rossi,
secretary with three years of experience.THE RECRUITMENT TODAYHere we’re. So, Marina Beano … In fact, I’m not… One moment. Be quiet, please. Place of birth … Ornata … Torchiara, Turin – Really, you’re mistaken…
– Please, don’t touch it! I’m trying to work. The position you’re applying for … -S…S…Jailer, linesman, saddler…
– A….A…. Here it’s. Secretary. Valentina Rossi. A. Accountant. You should have told me before. So I could avoid completing the form.THE RECRUITMENT WITH PERFORMA HRMValentina Rossi, tell us about yourself Save your time for people. We’ll take care of the rest.

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