Part 02 Applying for a Passport

Hi I am Isaiah and I am an Australian artist
and performer, and today I am going to take you behind the scenes of the Australian Passport. More than 14 million people hold an Australian
passport. That’s over 57 per cent of our nation’s
population. Passports are Australia’s most secure and
technologically advanced form of ID. Every year, around 9 million Australians use
their passports to travel overseas. Few of them knowing the fascinating way in
which the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade – DFAT – produces these documents,
or what makes them so trustworthy. This video tells the story. By law, Australians who can prove their identity
and citizenship are entitled to a passport, if they apply with all the documents needed
and pay the application fee. Applications for child passports generally
need the consent of all persons who have parental responsibility. Most Australians prepare their applications
online. A new, interactive online system tailors questions
to each applicant’s individual circumstances. It verifies Australian supporting documents
in real-time while clients are online, using the Government’s Document Verification Service,
which links identity records held by Commonwealth, State and Territory governments. At the end of the online process, the system
produces an individually tailored checklist for applicants to print out. The checklist sets out all the original supporting
documents that a particular applicant needs to provide. This saves applicants the burden of needing
to figure this out for themselves. For those unable to access this new system,
standard forms are also available. If people have questions, they can phone the
Australian Passport Information Service call centre based in Hobart. The Department of Human Services runs it on
DFAT’s behalf. Australian passport applications have to be
lodged in person. People can do this at one of 1600 Australia
Post outlets, by special appointment at one of the capital city passport offices, or at
an Australian embassy, High Commission or consulate overseas. A standard application for a passport, which
has all required information, generally takes about 3 weeks to complete after lodgement. This includes delivery time. For an additional fee, most applicants can
indicate that they want priority processing when they lodge their applications. This guarantees processing of a passport application
in 2 business days, not including delivery, once all required information is submitted. About 200,000 people use this service annually. DFAT issues more than 2 million passports
every year. Laid out end-to-end, they would reach from
Sydney to Canberra. That equates to more than 8,000 passports
issued every working day, or one every 3 seconds. DFAT is proud of the work it does in getting
world-class passports to Australians, so that they can get to where they want to go. I hope you’ve enjoyed this journey behind
the scenes. To learn more, visit

3 thoughts on “Part 02 Applying for a Passport

  1. Too bad this is a pain in the arse

    My girl had to leave her home in 2015 due to her being abused she has managed to get her birth certificate and all that but can’t prove her citizenship she was born in Werribee hospital so she clearly is a Australian resident and a citizen

    If DFAT or anybody would like to get in contact with me about this feel free to hit me up 👍🏻

  2. 2 to 3 weeks i recievd my new passport. With the assistance of this legit vendor (702)9079165, i had no fear with their service. My fiance used same vendor for his first passport.

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