Parkview Summer Internship Program

The Parkview internship Program, I think,
sets itself apart by really being able to give true experiences to those
students that are coming in. Not only do you get an idea of what that job really
does but also how it collaborates with other departments, how you are leading
projects, the technology in so many of our intern opportunities whether it’s in
IT or business intelligence. You’re really hands-on and looking at this new
and emerging technology which is a great experience that you might not otherwise
have. They basically put me in a normal job in quality management so I was given
special projects, different assignments, I’d work with different departments. All
the people I talked to that had internships here as well they were
saying the same thing. They were put into the job. My internship prepared me for my
full-time position because it gave me experience and knowledge outside of the
classroom. It’s knowledge you can’t really get in a classroom so it was more
hands-on. It really allowed me to see what a real job is like, and so it helped
me prepare and get the skills I needed to really do that in everyday life. My
internship was very much hands-on. I really had the opportunity to interact
with the community in and around Parkview, worked right alongside all the more
experienced officers who’ve been there, I got to go to all the calls, and I
even had an opportunity to handle a call and that actually led to an arrest as an
intern. The internship program that we have absolutely can lead to a full-time
career. We want to be able to bring you in, and the role that you start in is not
the role that you will end in. You have so much growth and potential opportunity
within the organization. I had my degree at the completion of my internship so I
was looking for my next step, and in the clinical operations department a role actually opened at the very same time that I finished my internship. I already knew
the people I was working with. I already knew my boss. It was like a perfect fit
so I was able to just easily transition into that role, and it’s been really
awesome. Through my internship, it opened the door
to different resources and connections that helped lead to my current position.
I’ve been with Parkview Health Police Department for just over five years and
I’m currently the second-shift police sergeant at PRMC. Students don’t
always know that health care is more than doctors and nurses. With 13,000
co-workers, we have 1800 individual job codes and individual jobs that that can
be held within the system, and because of that there’s hundreds of roles that
you can intern in, and you can see what that exposure is like, and we want it to
be enriching and robust, and we want someone to leave and say ‘Wow. Not only
did I learn a lot about that organization and that culture in that
organization, I learned a lot about the job I would be doing.’ I’m very glad to
have been able to intern at Parkview. I believe it gave me such great experience
and to just be able to intern in such a great organization and a well-known
organization within our community. It was a privilege that I feel like I’m very
blessed to have been able to be a part of. So the co-workers at Parkview were
really nice, and it kind of felt like a tight group that I was just kind of
accepted into. What’s really great about Parkview is they reach out to you and
they really give you an opportunity to explain yourself and say why you want to
be here, and from there they kind of work with you and put you where you need to
be. I’m so proud to be a part of an organization that truly cares about
their community and believes in doing the right thing. It’s about giving
students opportunities that perhaps I didn’t have or others haven’t had. We
want you to walk away and feel really good and feel good about Northeast
Indiana and Parkview at the same time.

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