Pamje Te Frikshme Nga Zjarri Ne Australi (SHQIPtube)

Brave Browser otherwise called the Brave Browser, allows users to browsing the web without their personal data being tracked, what if do so while staying online for the purpose of personal benefit companies or even stealing your credit card data. Make money online only paying attention to your favorite web pages, which you can learn at link in the video description and not just enjoy speeds up to 8 times bigger than any other browser. Australia is facing numerous fires, with many animals losing their lives as well in the wake of the fire that has swept across the country, many volunteers are helping in rescuing kangaroos and other animals at risk. Only in one state there were more than 150 fires. Authorities described the situation as unusual. with thousands of people are camping without knowing the future of their country. The 2019-2020 fire season is of the highest intensity compared to fires earlier after burning about 10 million hectares. It destroyed over 6,000 buildings including 2.204 houses inhabited and killed 28 people. Number killed in livestock is estimated to be around 1 billion. Ecologists fear that some species of endangered will disappear from Fire in Australia. In November 2019 the dangerous situation was declared in Greater Sydney for the first time. In New South Wales, Fire in Australia had burned hectares more more than any other catastrophe from the fire that has taken place on earth doing so the worst season of recorded fire ever. With scary throws up to 70 meters high The fire in Australia caused more damage than the California fires in the year 2018 that destroyed 800,000 acres and the Amazon forest fires burning 900,000 acres. While temperatures reached 49 degrees Celsius in Wales declared a seven-day state of emergency. Since the beginning of the 2019 fire season it has been estimated that hectares of land have been burned. which could cover an area larger than the Netherlands and in total the area burned it’s almost like England. New South Wales is the country most affected by Fire Australia, where it has burned about 5 million hectares and destroyed more than 1,300 homes forcing people to seek refuge in other countries. High temperatures affecting Wales combined with prolonged droughts and strong winds have created the conditions for the fire to spread rapidly, burning us all over the state mountain forests and national parks. Even at the beginning of 2020, January is dangerous and a state of emergency has come into force. Officials warn of high temperatures and the risk of future fires can come back.

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