34 thoughts on “Palm Phone hands-on: an Android phone for your phone

  1. Awesome. Think that the Palm has possibilites. Not a fan of big phones for the gym, etc. This fits the bill. Thank you for the video.

  2. I do love mine and I’ve only been using it for a day. It’s great for people who have two smart phones and hate having to drag both around all the time. Great size!!! My iPhone is great with my iWatch, but my second line is a Galaxy so perfect to use my palm for it. I do currently pay for a line on my iWatch, but half the time I still have to have my iPhone close to me.

    So the PALM is a win win for me.

  3. Now we have a phone for our palm, a phone for our wrist, I m waiting for a phone for my ankle, neck, head, other wrist, other ankle, waist, thighs… and pretty much everywhere on our bodies that can hold a “phone”

  4. Can this be used as your sole cell phone, i.e., do you have to have another verizon phone to use this?

  5. Oh god, a small phone, what a brilliant idea! Wait a minute! I have seen small phones before, Motorolla maybee?

  6. Just buy a small minimalist phone like the soyes 7xs, or the new anica i9 k-touch. There's even the melrose 2019. All run android and fit in half the palm of your hand.

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