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I have a lot of devices and a lot of
bookmarks. I want this. To be available on these. Luckily, I have a solution. Here’s how it works. I download Opera. Create an account. Sign in. And my bookmarks. Are now on all of these devices. Opera gives me more. It takes this bookmark from this laptop
to this tablet. To this mobile. Easily and fast. Opera, do more with bookmarks. Download on opera.com

36 thoughts on “Opera bookmark synchronization: Do more with bookmarks | BROWSER FOR COMPUTER | OPERA

  1. So does it sync the speed dial or only the bookmarks? Because the bookmarks in Opera are pretty useless 

  2. Пиздеёжь или только у меня не работает синхронизация? Если vivaldi сделает синхронизацию раньше – на хуй эту оперу.

  3. Garbage. It does NOTHING for me. I synch, and NOTHING happens on the target laptop, which is now useless.

    Even manually importing the profile folder fails, as the nested bookmark folders get scattered accaoaror acroos acar acdrosr across the whole fucking folder structures ashh asdfhsdahfdsl oiwearopiewurpo weokljfdsioujkdsahf kj erdieuhsawde nhj awdfjhdfg kj dsfkxzds 34wiuh qouraere

    look at my word salad. Thanks Opera, and go fuck yourselves. Been using this for 10+ years, but no more.
    Thanks for spitting in the face of every user that YOU TRAINED to use bookmarks your way.

    Thankless bastards.

  4. I can't view a video using Opera. For some reason the youtube videos won't play in Opera, I keep getting a message that Adobe Flash Player is not installed, I keep installing Flash Player and rebooting Opera and I still can't view a Youtube video (including this one). Any clues?

  5. How do you quickly access other bookmars with the mouse? Edge offers the Hub, Chrome shows an "Other Bookmarks" folder on the bookmarks bar. But opera, I can't seem to figure it out and it makes using Opera a slow process.

  6. the bookmarks is can NOT be sync anymore its stuck aaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggghhhhhhhh i lost all my bookmarks

  7. I find nowhere to actually synch!! Just keep telling me I can synch. What bullshht.
    How can it tell me to sign in when it says "SIGN OUT" on the tab, which means I'm already freaking signed in!

  8. Sync data was encrypted and removed when I clicked the reset sync data because it has no way for typing password around the encrypted data. WTF

  9. No it doesn't work at all. When I got a new laptop had to start all over from scratch, had to re-do the entire speed dial, even though I was signed in to sync. My laptop is in for repair, and I'm using a borrowed computer; but still no bookmarks, not speed dial (will have to re-do from scratch again), even though I'm signed into sync. Get with the program Opera! True sync means everything is available across devices; bookmarks and speed dial. And it most definitely does not sync with my android phone. No bookmarks or speed dial sync on the phone. FIX THIS OPERA!

  10. заебали!! принудили удалить все свои пароли. Кто придумал кодовую фразу??

  11. По русски пожалуйста тоже самое. Не пойму чего надо то сделать?

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