Olark Review: Strenghts and Weaknesses of the Live Chat Software

Hi and welcome to this review of Olark! The San Francisco based company is one of the leading live chat platforms worldwide. We’re here to find out why they are so popular? Their Forever Free plan makes it easy and
risk-free to get started. If you ever need more chats or features such
as Shortcuts, intelligent triggers or cobrowsing – which we’ll take a look at in a minute
– you’ll have to upgrade to their premium plan. Let’s find out if Olark could be a good
live chat solution for you or if you should be looking elsewhere! To install Olark you simply grab this piece
of code and put it on your website. So far, pretty easy, right? Let’s now design our chat box. While the templates are not super exciting,
they generally look good enough. They can also be fully customized so they
match your company’s colors. Here you can also customize the size as well
as the position where the chat box will appear on your site. Mobile users will have a much smaller chat
window so you don’t waste space on their small screens. To make your chat window more visible there
are so-called attention grabbers that go on top of your regular chat window. Definitely a nice touch! You can even use a picture of your own as
Olark does on their own website. The texts in your chat box can be changed
here. It’s also possible to require that visitors
fill out a pre-chat survey. And when you’re offline, you can either
hide the chat window altogether or transform it into a contact form. So far everything was pretty standard. Time to get acquainted with some of Olark’s
Pro features! The rules you can set up under Targeted Chat
are very powerful. I’ll give you a few examples: Let’s imagine you are the only chat operator
in your team. Now you’re getting a coffee but you forgot
to switch the chat off. That’s when the fallback message comes in
handy. Anyone who has to wait more than 80 seconds
for a reply will now receive this message to leave an email address so you can follow
up afterwards. Another smart application of the targeted
chats feature is to hide the chat window for countries where your online store, for example,
doesn’t ship to. There are endless ways you could use this
feature – one of Olark’s greatest strengths! Apart from Targeted Chat there is also a separate
greeter feature that will automatically send a custom message to anyone who has been on
the site for more than 120 seconds in this case. But Olarks biggest plus point is their native
integration of cobrowsing, which is pretty unique. If you are not familiar this concept, here’s
what it is: Cobrowsing essentially allows you to see your
visitor’s screen and direct them to the right place. Let me show it to you: When you are engaged in a chat, just enter
!see to start cobrowsing. The visitor now needs to accept the screen
sharing. Now click the link that appears in your console
to see your visitor’s browser screen. By clicking screen elements you can highlight
certain areas that are important. What’s more is that you are able to request
control over your visitor’s mouse. That’s especially handy for tech support. Back to the chat. Here’s your browser-based chat console that
shows you all the people currently on your site. You can also target specific visitors and
start chats with them proactively. Next to the visitor’s country you can also
see their browsing history here. Hitting the exclamation mark key will give
you additional chat options like transferring the chat to another operator,
blocking the user, or providing a chat transcript to your visitor. Olark also does shortcuts. Just hit the semicolon key and they will appear
so you can easily enter them. This can save you a lot of time! The reports feature can also be very useful. What you see here are great chats, rated 4
stars and higher, as well as chats you may wanna review. Olark stores all the transcripts so you can
provide additional training to your agents, if necessary. Olark is definitely one of the best live chat
tools out there. Their targeted chat feature to trigger certain
actions is very powerful allowing you to automate important actions. Cobrowsing is what makes them truly unique
as they are pretty much the only live chat company offering it as a natively integrated
feature at this price point. And there is, of course, the handy free plan
for up to 20 chats per month which is a nice incentive to give them a try. What could be better are the options for the
chat window the visitors see. They all look very similar and not everyone
wants to, or can, use CSS to modify it. Also the web console where you receive your
chats could be a bit more … exciting. It’s functional but looks somewhat dull
and there must be more intuitive ways of bringing up further actions than hitting the exclamation
mark key. All in all, Olark is a powerful live chat
tool that comes at an attractive price. If you would like to learn more about it,
check out our reviews at ChatToolTester.com. And if you found this video useful, make sure
to give it a Like on YouTube. Thanks for watching!

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