– Recent updates to Office 365 browser-based fluent design experiences

Coming up we’ll take a first look at how
we’re improving and the Office 365 app launcher to bring you more personalized experiences in the web. I’ll show you how you can sign in to and get started with the apps, documents, and sites most relevant to you. How opening and switching between
web apps it’s now easier. And how you can learn about the apps you already have with the new Office 365 gallery. Let’s start with First thing you’ll notice is that of
course you can still get to your Office web apps right at the top of the page. We’re designing to be the
fastest and easiest way to get to your Office documents on the web. Starting with an easy to remember URL. One of the new things we’ve done is to add a recommended section. This section surfaces documents with recent activity directly related to you. For example in
one of the documents I’ve created I can easily see who’s recently edited it. Equally I can see that I’ve been @mentioned by Julie in the team’s marketing spreadsheet. And she also replied to a comment I left her in
another presentation. The recommended section bubbles
up the most important activity. Now we’ve also improved the recent
documents section. In addition to showing you all your recent online documents across storage locations, we’ve added a new column called Activity. Here I can see everything happening in my
recent documents. Whether it’s directly related to me or not. From sharing, to who’s editing, to @mentions and more. Next up is the Places section. This shows you all your recent SharePoint sites and those that you are following. As you can see here I also have quick access to my recent OneDrive folders. All of my recent content is just here. And of course search is another area of continual
focus and investment for us. Imagine the convenience of being able to
search across your Office 365 online documents as well as your web apps
people and SharePoint sites right from Well that’s what we’ve done. For example, say I recently attended a
presentation for my coworker. I know the content exists but I don’t
know where it’s stored. I’m able to just search by her name, Julie as I know that
she authored the document. And here in the search results I can quickly see her
files to find the one that I’m interested in. Behind the scenes these new intelligent
capabilities on leverage signals across all of Office 365 to provide unified, relevant and
personalized experiences. Now let’s switch gears and talk about what we’re
doing to make it simpler to open and switch between your web apps. The main view of the new Office 365 app launcher emphasizes those apps that most people
use in Office 365. And if you use anything else regularly, you’ll see it here too. You can still see every Office 365 app
in your subscription by clicking on All Apps. From here you have a few options. I can search for Delve, I can
open apps, pin them to my launcher, and learn more about them. You’ll also notice a new section where any custom app your admin has specifically highlighted for your company or school is grouped at the top. I can pin my company’s internet portal. And when I go back to my main view it’s just there. And another way we’re making it easy for you to get from one application to another is to navigate via recent online Office documents. Where this get’s powerful is that I can
be in any office 365 app experience and quickly switch apps via a
recent document. Such as here I’m in my calendar. My recent documents will allow me to quickly transition to where I’m interested in going next. And directly from here I can create
new documents just like that. To help further personalize the main view for certain types of users we’ll also pin a few
other relevant apps. As you can see here for teachers we’ve
pinned class notebook Sway and Forms. Additional apps that teachers commonly use. And we’ll do the same for other specific types of users, like small businesses. Outside of these defaults,
any additional changes are up to you. You can pin or unpin non default apps. Or your view may change based on what
apps your admin makes available to you. Now let’s go back to From the app launcher all I do is click
Office 365 and I’m back. Beyond opening and switching web apps, we’re also making it easier for you to learn about those
that you already have access to via a single destination called the Office 365 gallery. To get to the gallery click explore
your apps from At the top of the page we’ll curate personalized suggestions for you to learn about the apps that you already have available in your subscription. below you’ll see
there’s descriptions for every app to help you decide which one is right for
what you’re trying to accomplish. Links to learn more and quick access to install when you have desktop or mobile
versions available to you. So that was a first look
at how we’re improving and the Office 365 app launcher to bring you simpler and personalized
experiences on the web. For the new app launcher, if you’re an admin keep checking the message center in the Office 365 admin portal for details of the rollout and access
to additional resources. And don’t forget to tell us what you think by clicking the feedback
button in the lower right corner on Also watch for the new Office
365 gallery and the changes to begin to
roll out in the next couple of months. Thanks for watching. Microsoft Mechanics

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  1. Thanks Katie. My understanding is that Office 365 ( updates will align with cadence for Win 10. Are these changes part of that cadence? Are there any functional or design changes that changes in and Windows will have in common?

    I'll be keeping an eye on the messages in the Admin Center for schedule and more details.

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