Nord Stage 3 | The Secret to Switching Programs/Patches/Sounds Quickly (Song Parts)

23 thoughts on “Nord Stage 3 | The Secret to Switching Programs/Patches/Sounds Quickly (Song Parts)

  1. Another great informative video. I am still enjoying my Nord Stage 3 that I purchased after watching your tutorials. It works well with my Korg Kronos. Thank you.

  2. if you are not changing anything do you have to turn memory protection off for instance if you are playing stuff already created

  3. Hi Mark, do you know a lot on the Korg Kronos? I was in the music store and it seemed like the Korg was easier to program or just find sounds. The Kronos also has “famous” sounds like Baba O’Riley. For a wedding band, which keyboard do you think is more suitable?

  4. Hi Mark. On the subject of simply selecting what sounds you are trying to program into a "Song": How can I simply scroll through the basic keys in a given bank, i.e. "pianos"? The trouble I'm having right now (I'm brand new to learning anything about my Nord Stage 3) is that when I follow your instructions on this video, I come to the part where you turn the PROGRAM knob to find sounds, and it is this seemingly random smattering of patched sounds (named "orchestral" somehow, which I'm sure is a clue to what's wrong here), rather than just going through through the basic raw keyboards. I'm just getting started so I'm not trying to dress up the sounds- I JUST want to program 3 or 4 keyboards per "Song" and this video has been super helpful, (so thank you), but there's the issue of not being able to find the actual keyboard I want. Can you tell me how to select sounds as the raw keyboards, like you would if you were simply dialing through organs to get to a B3? Or Italian Grand piano? Much appreciated.

  5. Hello Mark! I had the same question as Sean, regarding the song mode. When you edit a song you can't simply choose a specific sound, for instance piano or strings from the piano or synth section respectively. You can only assign existed programs (mixed of sounds) using the program knob. I really find it very frustrating having used a Korg for a long time. So, if I understand correctly I can only prepare my own sounds (programs) and then assign them in a song part, right? So in case I want to save a grand piano in a song part, should I create a program with a grand piano sound and then assign it to the song part I want? If yes, how can I do that? And something even more complicated. If I want to save a grand piano with delay or any other effect, how can I create a program like that and then assign it to a song part? It would be great if you could prepare a video, demonstrating how to create your own programs and adding effects. Thanks & sorry for the long comment.

  6. Great video! Is possible to have a playlist of twenty or so different patches (programs in Nord lingo) and be able to switch quickly just by pressing the buttons (without having the need to scroll)?

  7. Hi Mark this is a fantastic video! Thanks to much. Just one question as I'm only considering buying a nord. Is the sound saved within a "song" only the specific instrument? or also together with actual FX ? so for example, a grand piano but with a specific reverb setting?

  8. this great thanks ! exists the posibility store in song mode changes of program like transpose piano -2 and song two transpose piano -1 ?

  9. Dear Mark, thank you very much for your great tutorials! My Stage3 will arrive later this week and after seeing your videos the waiting is getting harder and harder. Thank you very much for all your effort. Your videos rock absolutely!

  10. Hi Mark, thanks for the video. I'm wondering how you create a new song from scratch. So say I have a song 'In my life' which I've created (after following your tutorial) but how do I create a new song (with parts) from scratch? If I move the Program knob it brings up 'Song 1:02 Upright Pianos', Song 1:03 EP Pianos 1' etc – do I simply edit over this and create a new song here with a new name? I"m just worried I might edit/delete the existing bank of songs. Thanks Craig

  11. Thank you, for every minute I watch your videos saves me an hour of struggling on my own (and sometimes getting nowhere). I can't say enough.

  12. Whats the easiest way to switch songs or patches with minimal button presses? Most times I dont need "parts" just select a bank and patch?

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