NoraSens mmWave Radar Sensor Technology

Under the name NoraSens, NovelIC develops
radar-sensor technology, for smart sensing of the future world. Our approach provides cost-effective and miniature sensors
with easy customization. A radar-sensor can detect movement, distance, speed, micro vibrations, angle of arrival, shape. For many applications
radars have a clear advantage over other sensor technologies. So far, the size and the price
have been the limiting factors for a number of applications. NoraSens overcomes this. We develop
all components of radar modules: antenna systems, mm-wave chip, smart assembly package, algorithms, DSP processing unit, enclosure and interfaces, human-machine interface. We do full and natural
vertical integration into something we call
applications-specific radar module. Therefore, we can achieve small size and optimized organic design
for seamless integration, easy customization,
lower production cost. Through our approach,
the new applications, unimaginable for the radar up to now,
are possible. The technology is protected
by relevant, granted patents and patent applications. Detection of a human on a seat. Differentiation
between a human and an object. Replacement or enhancement
of current pressure sensors. Detection in child seats. Preventing accidental
“baby left in car” cases. Minimizing consequences
of disabled persons being left in a car. Rear seat occupancy detection
without power supply, for moveable rear automotive seats. Detection of pets in a car. In this video, we demonstrate
seat occupancy detection. NoraSens Radar detects the presence
of a person without contact. It measures breathing frequency
and its variability and can measure heartbeat. Unlike current pressure sensors, the sensors can distinguish
between a bag and a person sitting. By tracking the vital signs, the sensor can be used for extracting
complex physiological states of a driver and passengers, such as tiredness, fatigue,
stress and emotions. When the person leaves, the sensors accurately show
the person is not there anymore. Our radar-sensors
perform their function without contact with the human body. They are completely harmless. Mm-waves do not penetrate
under the skin and their radiation power
is almost one hundred times smaller than, for example, mobile phones. This is, of course,
a highly regulated area. The sensors can be hidden
behind plastic materials and therefore seamlessly integrated
into the car interior. Due to their cost, the sensors could become
a commodity in future cars. Our sensors use unlicensed 60 GHz
short-range band (57-64 GHz) or 79 GHz automotive band, allowing world-wide
regulatory compliance. NoraSens technology
for new generation smart sensors addresses safety aspects
for industrial robots, collaborative robots
and future low-cost assistive robots, detects workers approaching
industrial machines and robots, detects workers
entering forbidden zones, detects collision. Detection of seat occupation
in business environments, like how many seats are occupied,
where, and for how long. Detection of a human
in the immediate vicinity of a machine. Intrusion protection. NoraSens technology
is meant to be used for the new generation
of smart sensors in health care, assisted living environments
and daily life in general. Contactless monitoring of: baby vital signs in beds,
cribs and incubators, patient vital signs in hospital beds
or home care beds, people in recovery
or assisted living environments, people during sports
and recreational activities. Highly integrated radar
can be used as a parking sensor and can beat ultrasonic
with its performance. It is hidden behind the bumper and designed to be mounted
with no drilling. Radar-sensor robustness
is outstanding, performing in extreme conditions
such as fog, rain, mud, and snow. They operate equally well
night and day. NoraSens radar can be smaller
than today’s ultrasonic sensors and equally priced. In NovelIC, we design
any customer-defined radar, from simple low-cost sensors
to ultra-complex radar systems. We cover all stages
of the custom product development: from system concept
and product specification, to the start of production. Our mission is to grow and to act through long-term
strategic partnerships. We are a company
open for those who want to join us to build high-tech, innovative and yet affordable
radar-sensor solutions for the connected world
of today and tomorrow. Maybe this could be you.

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