what is going on guys and girls my name is James Tom welcome back today to roblox how did everyone welcome back welcome back today omg's there's a brand new game just released to roblox this bad boy is called treasure quest so I thought you know what let's jump in let's check this out there's a tutorial there's a wizard he's got a shiny staff should we do the tutorial maybe yes your goal is to loot secret treasure from dungeons while fighting off evil monsters there's always a boss guard in the final treasure room defeat him to get powerful new gear 100 weapons and helmets to collect every item is unique and some are extremely rare enough rambling let's get you straight into the action ok so from like the look of this game I guess it kind of seems and it feels a little bit like dungeon quest oh I stuck my wings on oops I forgot to take them up okay don't worry about me I've just never some loot ok actually I do need some help here these monsters are way too tough for me but you seem like you're strong enough to fight them awesome if you defeat the boss I'll give you my magical wand ok why am i backwards start oh there we go Wow ok so you know what it kind of reminds me a little bit of dungeon quest but the actual map design I think is really cool alright so let's go and see what all of this is about so f is a tornado whoa oh yeah Dungy Crest vibes well ok so let's just keep rolling let's see what we do we've taken down twelve enemies uh yeah so I think obviously as I've kind of mentioned within the first few minutes of the video I feel like this game is gonna be compared to dunder quest um are we having played enough of it just we have to kind of decide that BOTS Oh watch out I see a mini-boss these guys are tough ok alright dude yeah I really like the graphics style I think the maps look really really pretty and I feel like oh be like the combat is pretty satisfying so let's use fast this is like our tornado spin whoa oh it feels good and why did we do it whoa whoa whoa oh my goodness okay I didn't get a chance to read it it's a big monkey okay let's take the healthkit OOP is he trying to attack me oh he's in here look at this that's why I'm running sideways that's really weird but oh it's my mouse that's why okay okay let's try and take down the monkey there's a big old loot chest as a back fence but I feel like we could take him down so low you got him nice job thanks a lot you can have my magical wand back in town into the white door to complete the dungeon did we get this new chest give me the chest Hey oh I think we can get the green ones there we go we got those bad boys Oh Oh guess what ladies and gentlemen surprise roebucks giveaway aren't you glad you click the video so yeah I mentioned this like maybe a week or so ago in a different roblox episode and but yeah every month roblox are gonna be giving me some codes to give away to you guys just as a little reward so yeah this one is gonna be our first roblox giveaway of this kind of like thing Matt mr. music is really loud and for this first one we are going to be using Twitter in order to do the giveaway so what I was thinking was like each month we'll do a different social media just because I know they're not everyone has every single social media so this month we're gonna use Twitter and then next time we might use discord or we might use Instagram or something like that but yeah this one is going to be Twitter and it's very very simple how you enter all you need to do is go and head over to my Twitter page I will link that in the description below however if you want to search it then my twitter is at thanks see ya and if you head over to my profile page have a look for my pinned tweet at the top of the profile which will give you all the details of how to enter now don't worry we're gonna go over the details in here as well super duper uber straightforward all you do when you find that post on Twitter is drop it alike and most importantly leave a comment under that post with the hashtag code thanks e'er so you have to use hash tag code thanks to you as a comment below that post because the hash tag is the way that we're going to be drawing winners completely at random so in this first giveaway here we are going to be giving away 10,000 roebucks as 10 1000 robux codes each there's gonna be 10 winners total and the draw is gonna take place on June the SEP so that gives everyone roughly about a week to actually enter if they want to so just to go through the rules once again very very quickly head over to my Twitter page at thanks e'er find the pinned tweet drop a like and leave a comment on that post which basically says you can say whatever you want you don't have to say anything at all as long as you comment hash tag code thanks SIA and yeah we use the hash tag to do a random draw also please make sure that you are following me so that if you are one of the winners I can send you a DM with your price so it's super straightforward super easy to do and yet don't worry if you don't have twitter then what we'll do is next month or whatever we'll do a different social media so that everyone can have like a chance oh yeah these are gonna be hopefully monthly I'm pretty certain so yeah apologies if you don't win good luck to everyone who is winning and and you know all that stuff but if you don't win the first time then please do come and try again the next time and yeah we're gonna try and give away as many as possible a good luck good job out there you did great now we're back in town for hopeful treasure hunters if the town you can do lots of cool stuff you could buy new gear upgrade your gear or just sell stuff you don't need anymore if you want to do another dungeon press the play button at the top to join slash create a squad I'll see you around not thanks see ya oh and one more thing here's that reward I promised you a wooden wand thanks dude wow it is mad okay my daily reward what's that oh I got a long sword 57 golden 8 XP big time okay so can we put this sword on I guess this is better than the one we've got and equip Hey okay cool so oh yeah we can dual wield as well jewel we lose a game passed though let's close that so we can see everything that's going on Wow the map is really pretty see I'm definitely getting like super duper uber dungeon quest vibes but I guess this is kind of like dungeon quest with a different map design and I feel like it's just from playing it from the very beginning I quite I prefer the art style a little bit in this game but we'll see we'll do some dungeons oh there's quests complete your dungeon without dying find the hidden lava played in town where's the hidden lava blade I'm just look for this lava blade I haven't found it just yet but I CF and I really want to click here omg's what just happened I don't know what that does wait where's my whirlwind that was so cool I thought I had a whoop maybe we need to earn the whirlwind or something but yeah look at that that's mad I feel like it might be like a damage boost or something I love it okay I'll try to find this lava blade we'll find her eventually I'm sure alright I've got my dude here we're all gonna go and find the lava blade I feel like a lot of people are gonna try and find this thing it's super annoying to find I looked everywhere but maybe I just missed it so we've got a bit of a pack rolling we could actually find this thing oh you joking this might have been the only place they didn't go are you kidding is it behind the house is it behind the house no oh oh my goodness it's behind the plop pop there it is yeah thanks thanks dude oh man we got the lava blade claim nice alright thanks bye dudes we got it so yeah this is a really sneaky secret location geez look at this so I don't know how's best to kind of describe it you spawn in like here and then that's that reward chess so if you go over the river and find like the single green house there's a hole behind the house and it contains the lava blade is it good okay it's not great but it's bad than the one we've got boom thanks man okay so I wonder if we got the reward for that did you see anything pop up I have no idea but oh yeah there's a code as well I completely forgot about the code and see the code I think the 500 gold is official release official release through t1 hey five hundred Gold's here you might as well grab that one I think currently there's only one code the official release that will give you 500 gold actually just jump in Oh what level of me level four geez level five plus is a bit high isn't it we need some like noob squad lobbies oh okay we're rollin as a three-piece for my first go here well I did like a lobby but it kind of went wrong let's go do another one this one looks like a different design oh there's like hawks and witches so I feel like this is actually a speed boost this fiery thing and because yeah I don't know what it does apart from it boosts up your speed briefly so I don't know maybe we have to like I leveled up as well nice I feel like we need to get that um whirlwind ability I think that would be awesome but I don't know how we get that Jesse I guess we just have to get to the end of the dungeon and then we'll get some rewards and stuff and there's also med kits and stuff so I think with these three people we should be able to complete this one I really like the art style I said that at the beginning of the game just I quite like things when they're a bit more bright and colorful and stuff yeah this is kind of nifty so I feel like each kind of zone is well it has like a little mini bus in it and so these are like you know the big ones here so this is a Bruce wall don't chill your boots get out of here get out of here these are guerrillas I think those are hippos yeah I like the character modeling as well it's kind of nifty yeah but obviously we've just died so our gear is rubbish we've got no special abilities or whatever but it's just a case of keep playing really and so yeah let's see if we can get to the end of this lobby and see what kind of eye sees you get oh here we go okay we did all the mobs the big monkey returns oh look at a big gorilla okay cool cool cool cool cool so yeah it kind of feels like I'm not too sure how many zones and stuff obviously this is like the first map this is an easy mode and but I think we've had to defeat about no 60 or so mobs a couple of mini bosses in there as well and I guess now we're gonna take down this big old gorilla so the good news is I have died yet so if I could stay alive for a few more seconds then I can get this complete a dungeon without dying quest but I might just be better for me to run away at this point because I'm not really doing very much damage and so yeah it's kind of just try and stay alive where's my loot where's my loot huh where's my loot how do I know when I get the stuff you know what I mean am I missing something or do we get it when we go back to town I would have thought this chest would have opened ah okay so we got that one done I don't know what the star Guardian is didn't see one of them maybe it's a different dungeon okay are we gonna get something are we gonna get something three two one and load load load load play okay so when you leave the map that's when you get the stuff so we've got a hatchet 75 gold 12 XP in a bowl what's a bowl level twelve item oh oh and this is a level six required we not level six yeah are you kidding no I'm level seven strength nine okay so that's better than my lava blade already so I guess I put that you on but I can't put the bowl one cool should we do it again yeah why not oh yeah out of interest what kind of stuff can we buy Oh oh wow okay so we can get some pretty cool blaze here look at the Dominator that's 2000 coins Caesars helmet so these are all a little bit too pricey for us at this moment in time what is this the jungle pack I'm just a jungle pack kind of want to check this out just so he could be a wizard okay all right let's put this wizardy stuff on shall we boom boom oh we get a choice of a blade or a wand maybe we can try this one out yeah should we try be a wizard so we've done like a brawler one that's really fun but quite fancy having a go at being a wizard are we missing anything oh yeah there's potions as well oh you buy the potions do you ah okay when these are the game passes right gotcha aha okay so you've also got an upgrade station which kind of makes sense Mac's upgrade level to a lot okay so we level up to unlock upgrades and there's also effects which give you just like random effects so these having depressed in row bucks there's loads of cool effects though I guess alright so yeah look at this whoa because fireballs I want to join that one that's a are they I've missed my chance no okay so the one thing that I'm kind of struggling with a little bit in this game is actually getting like a lobby which is suitable and and I'm not too sure hi yes so I've joined a medium lobby the good news is is a couple of high-level players in here or higher level players than me there's a guy with a melon and he's had he's dressed entirely as a watermelon so there's that but yeah it's kind of tricky like it seems like a lot of the time as well people like start a lobby and then I just don't accept it when the party gets full and I'm not too sure why but yeah it took me a while I had to do a bit of server jumping but at least we're actually in now which is good and yeah this is a medium lobby so what I was thinking was maybe we can actually level up a bit quicker having said that please please there please help me out here yeah I love the wizard so obviously you attack for more of a range which is kind of good and yeah let's see if we can just complete this one we should be able to get more experience from this one as well if you keep ignoring the monsters you need to take a whole but you do need to take all the monsters right get out of here gorilla get out of here oh I really like the wizard I quite like attacking from range and the range is pretty big but you've got to be pointing in the right direction now it's the only tricky bit oh let's try the fireball out oh it's fireball literally just my main attack hey hey okay it was so much quicker this time around just with a few extra people and one of these guys is like level 23 so that certainly helps I'm really like playing as the wizard I like to is coming at the monkey outside I wonder probably not we just keep them at the door so I think it's kind of a bit strange I've tried it's like it's difficult to aim the fireballs I don't know if we have to like do it exactly where the mouse is oh there we go it's done there we go boom see what we get we got the conqueror 95 gold and some XP as well the conqueror it looks good strength 300 but it has the cyclone ability on oh okay so abilities are bound to the actual swords oh that makes so much more sense oh now we use this the damage isn't that high but we do get the cyclone now I get it well yeah this actual game is is pretty cool I like it so obviously the comparisons are gonna be dungeon quest and I like this game because it's nice and bright and colorful and I think the effects are pretty cool as well obviously we've just done very early game stuff yeah I like what I see I think this one's gonna be pretty popular there we go so thank you very much for watching I really hope you guys enjoyed this one if you did please remember to poke me in that like button and if you are not yet subscribed go for it because we to roblox done fun but until next time thank you once again for watching it's been such a pleasure as always thanks

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