New OBS is GAME CHANGING! [Dynamic Bitrate, Browser Docks, Pause Recordings]

– How cool is that? My friend recently got a 3D printer and just sent me a 3D-printed
Gaming Careers logo keyring. It’s been almost seven months now since the last major release of OBS. If you remember, that was the
big overhaul that they did of the nvenc endocer bringing
some massive improvements to how your stream impacts
your computer performance. This one doesn’t have any
major implications like that, but it does have a lot of
user-requested features that have been implemented and things that are going to make managing your livestream whilst
you are live much easier. There are some new features
in how OBS handles recordings, something called Dynamic Bitrate, as well as Custom Browser
Docks, and a whole lot more. So we’ll dive into it
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color, the language, animation directions, and much, much more. Save 10% at checkout using the link and code in the description. So let’s dive straight in
with one of the most important features I think, which
is called Dynamic Bitrate. This is especially useful for those of you that have ever experienced
any kind of network congestion or drop frames in your stream. OBS can now automatically
lower your bitrate whilst you are streaming
if it notices any kind of network congestion. Typically, what would happen before this feature was implemented is if you were, say, streaming
at 6,000 kilobits per second and you started to have
some kind of network problem that caused OBS to have to drop frames, your Twitch viewers would start to see choppy or laggy video playback because Twitch wouldn’t
actually be getting all of the video data that it required for a smooth playback function. With this feature enabled now, though, OBS can then drop this
6,000 kilobits per second to 4,000 or 2,500, or whatever it requires to give a smooth playback and ensure that no frames are dropped. This is a much better
experience for your viewers because it will still be smooth playback, although at a lower quality, but, then OBS will of
course bring your bitrate back up once the network
congestion is gone. This is kind of similar to things that on-demand streaming services like Netflix have been doing for a while. If you’re watching a
show on Netflix at 4k, and your download rate starts to suffer, Netflix automatically
swaps out the 4k resolution for maybe 1080p dynamically,
whilst it’s still playing back. So you actually don’t notice
any stuttering playback, although the quality and the bitrate have changed behind the scenes. The second feature that we’re
going to be talking about that’s new in OBS Studio version 24 are called Custom Browser Docks. Now, over the past year, we’ve seen the rise of alternative
streaming applications. Things like Streamlabs OBS
and StreamElements OBS Live. And one of the features
that really attracts people to these pieces of software is the ability to have your stream chat, as well as things like your recent events inside of the streaming window. Now, in the last version
of OBS, OBS version 23, they introduced the ability
to link your account with Twitch or with YouTube and bring things in like
your YouTube or Twitch chat, as well as things like
your stream information that you could then
update from within OBS. In this version, however,
you can now add any webpage as a dockable panel within OBS. So, you could add things like your Streamlabs or
StreamElements recent events so that you make sure that you don’t miss anybody subscribing or
donating to your stream. You could add something like your Twitter’s compose tweet panel. I’m trying to think of ideas now, but I’m pretty sure the community’s going to come up with
some incredible ideas of what you can dock within
OBS now as a webpage. This now truly allows you to customize OBS to look exactly as you want it as you can dock any kind of functionality, that’s available on a webpage, within OBS. Next, we have the ability
to pause recordings. Now, apparently, this was one of the most-requested features
from the community, people wanting the ability
to use OBS for recordings, which you can obviously do, but actually be able
to pause that recording whilst they take a break,
or rewrite their script, or do whatever they need to do, and then click resume to
then resume recording. Personally, I think
that if you want to grow as a content creator and a streamer, learning to edit your clips is going to be a really useful skill to know. Because you’re going to need to be able to grow on multiple, different platforms to actually grow your stream. So, personally, I don’t think
this is the biggest feature. It’s really not that hard to
record the whole of your stream and then bring that clip
into some editing software and then cut out the dead silences, or the boring bits, or
whatever you want to cut out. But, apparently, there was a lot of people that wanted to be able
to pause the recording and then not have to deal
with any editing software. So, I guess, if you are
one of those people, this is probably a huge feature for you. An important thing to note here, is that if you are
streaming whilst recording, you need to ensure that you
are not sharing the encoder. So, if you are streaming whilst recording, go into your settings and make sure you aren’t recording with
the Same as Stream option if you are using the same encoder. The final thing to do with recording that they’ve implemented is they have now changed the default recording format to MKV. Something that I harped on about in pretty much every single
video to do with recording is saying to make sure they’re using MKV. Because it’s, firstly, more
reliable in case of any crashes or maybe a blue screen, but secondly, because it
supports multiple audio tracks. They’ve also made some improvements to how you actually deal
with the preview window, and arraigning your
sources within that window. In the previous version, version 23, they did add some improvements to this UI so that you could see when you were positioning sources
outside of the preview. And in this release, they’ve added the ability
to be able to drag and highlight multiple, different sources to move them all at once. Also, whilst we’re on
the topic of the preview, if you disable the preview
whilst you are streaming to save on some system resources, which I definitely recommend you do, you’ll no longer need to right-click to reenable the preview. There’s a new button there, instead, which I imagine is due to
the number of new users that didn’t know how to
get their preview back. The last couple of things
that I will mention is that browser-source audio now have dedicated audio
controls in your mixer. So, you can control
volumes, filters, effects, you can disable monitoring, and you can save it to a separate
audio track in recordings. Finally, OBS have updated
some of the software that they use internally. Things like x264, FFmpeg, and CEF. All of those dependencies
have been updated. So, if you are using the x264
encoder for your streams, you should actually see some
performance improvements I haven’t been able to test it out, yet. So, we’ll see how much of
a performance improvement that actually is, but any improvement is good, right? It’s always a good day when OBS releases a new major version. I’m definitely going to be playing
around with OBS version 24, testing it out for my stream and reporting any bugs
that I get to the OBS team. It’s worth noting, there’s
probably going to be some hot fixes over the
next couple of days. So, make sure you’re always
updating to the latest version. If you’re new to the Gaming
Careers YouTube channel, this is the kind of video
that we do quite often. Looking at streaming
software, streaming hardware, all things streaming, basically. So, if that interests you, definitely worth checking
out some of the other videos and subscribing, if you haven’t already. Finally, a massive thanks,
as always, to the patrons who supported this month, helping support the Gaming Careers channel. I’ll be probably releasing
a video next week talking about TwitchCon, because I obviously will be heading there. So, keep your eyes out
for that in your sub boxes and I’ll see you in the next video. Peace. (relaxed electronic music)

100 thoughts on “New OBS is GAME CHANGING! [Dynamic Bitrate, Browser Docks, Pause Recordings]

  1. Yeah OBS version 24.0.0 is great, but they fucking omit the Docks from the Linux version, and the Dynamic Bitrate stuff. It's a fucking bullshit update that isn't for any other platform than Windows.

  2. The pause feature is useless for you, or gaymers. But sometimes I wanna record a short tutorial on how to do something in Libre office to share with someone, and instead of spending the extra 30 minutes of video editing, I just pause on loading, pause when I have to look through some personal stuff, etc…

  3. I appreciate the quality and details as well as the fact that you know what your talking about. Great job, quality over quantity in my opinion. Hoping to stream soon.

  4. One ancient thing that browsers are still capable of that many people don't utilize is creating custom RSS feeds(or similar things) so that you can get updates on certain news topics or even gaming announcements and put them in the same feed as, for example, new tweets from one specific user without relying on some algorithm to decide what to show you, you simply make it as specific as you want to be able to handle and you're good. For this reason alone I think this Broadcasting Software is worth switching(back) to. Then you can potentially close the browser while you're streaming and not worry about the extra processing power that would have taken… dang, I wish I had more time in the day to mess around with stuff like this.

  5. 4:24 I see this feature use useful for people use OBS for other things not gaming. I work for a small TV station and noticed OBS was used to stream to Facebook when we went to an outdoor event.
    Sometimes we upload our footage without editing, and a pause feature lets us cut out breaks.

  6. note about mkv and multiple audio tracks – Adobe Premiere won't import it.
    if you use Premiere, have OBS record *.ts, which has all the benefits of mkv but imports in Premiere just fine, with all the audio tracks. 🙂

  7. I have OBS….but I dont have the "Twitch Stats" dock….am I being stupid, or is it not configured on my OBS? Thanks for the useful video's for streamers!!!

  8. Iam just startet do to Lets Plays in German. So need to work inside OBS, Nvidia NVENC, Studio Microphone and Filters and yes…Sometimes i wish that i could just pause my Recordings. Iam working my way inside OBS and Streamings+Records for a few days now and i need to check video editing tools to get more professional. Ive made my own greenscreen and so i needed to buy a studio light…Wow ! For a starter, there is more behind this. And tomorrow i will try to test the pause function :). So my videos are not edited. Its just try and error. It takes a lot of time sometimes. Because sometimes i think :" WTF did i sayed there ?" :D…Its time to work with pause AND to get into video editing ! You are the pro, maybe you can take a look to tell a beginner, what you think about his channel ? That would be nice. Here is my Channel : so maybe you can tell me, if iam on a good way or need to do videoediting ASAP :D. And thanks for your videos ! So you see, they help people worldwide 😉

  9. Pause recordings ??? That’s kinda dope especially during my let’s plays where I don’t feel like editing two files together and causing more down time

  10. Pausing is not for the lack of editing, it’s for those moments where mom calls you asking for pc repair tips and you don’t want to waist space. Not everyone has 25tb of space like us masterb8r

  11. So I haven’t updated for a while worrying about the bugs. Do you think it would be good and safe to update? Also does it take more power out of your computer?

  12. Great video. I am happy to see the update notice. I have been not able to start any stream as an error code comes up. Not I have more information on what I could do to fix the issue. Thank you Gaming Careers for this video.

  13. Looks like the same OBS to me and I did an update. It's still simple to use but I don't see any new options.

  14. Wow, very nice this fonction to dock chat..I use it for my lives in Youtube to have the chat box directly in OBS, thank you very much for all your work

  15. Can anyone help me I can only stream on 1080p 60fps on twitch but I want other quality aswell as my friend can’t see my stream then please help me

  16. Question, I know you prefer to have recordings done as MKV, but Adobe editing softwares don't accept MKVs. You said the main advantage to an MKV is multiple audio tracks (something I didn't know). So if you're converting MKV to MP4, does it preserve the multiple audio tracks? I only save replays in 30 second increments (big plays, funny moments) so I'm trying to figure out a reason I would want to write to an MKV in the first place?

  17. So, since OBS updated to this new version I am having a big problem!

    I used to use 2 settings: x264 (6000kpbs) for streaming and NVENC (new)(25000kbps) for recording in high quality. Now since the update, everytime I press "Start Recording" while streaming my bitrate drops down to 0 and I cannot stop anything from there. I have to end the proccess to restart everything… My stream goes offline as soon as I clock on Start Recording….

    Any ideias?

  18. Always look forward to your videos man, thanks for this. Would love it if you could go more in detail with new features in the future though. I had trouble finding out how to turn on the adaptive bitrate setting as i kept getting results for cbr and not the new bitrate setting. I also cant find out how to do the dedicated audio mixer stuff for bowser sources, and i cant find any info on how to use them or set them up.

  19. Worst BUG on this update: The docks won't lock if you closed OBS in full screen. It will reset the docks to default sizes. This is so effin tedious.

  20. Hmm, didn't you say you can login with YouTube in OBS? Well, are you sure? For me it's only Twitch that I can actually "link" with OBS and get chat etc.

    Or am I missing something?

  21. The problem that i face with this new update is i can't seems to capture game. My screen goes black. The same thing happen when i use display capture. It captured my dekstop but when I launch a game, it goes black.

  22. The only good thing I see with the pause button, that it will not create multiple videos from one stream? Cutting and editing is needed when you want to make good content on other platforms, so there is that. But what do I know, I am just a noob 😀

  23. only problem is that i can not record in 240fps anymore, had to go back to an older version. it doesnt overload it just gets stuck on stopping recording

  24. Great info. Was not aware of the widgets you can load in your view. Also does anyone know if i can add sound from a specific program in my obs, like music player that I can adjust volume separately from my desktop audio. Thx

  25. Is anyone else having any issues updating it, or having an error message? If you did please tell me how you fixed it because i don’t know how to fix it

  26. Or just use SLOBS, always had MASSIVE problems with FPS in OBS when streaming, SLOBS ez 1080p60fps if i want (but i stream in 720pfps)

  27. I think the pause is amazing! As a gamer my recordings are pretty long sometimes. And then there is the phone ringing, my kids running around, wife needs something, door bell, etcetc. So sometimes there might be quite long pauses that i'm just leaving the recording on. It's great to have a chance to hit pause if needed. Keeps the file size in somewhat decent size. That's was the thing that caught my attention. great video!😀👍

  28. Why would you pause a recording over stopping and starting it again? I’d rather multiple files so that I can delete the clips where nothing happened and keep the good recordings. Pausing a recording will leave you with empty moments.

    Anyway, Replay Buffer is probably what you want to be using if you’re looking to capture funny moments or great plays for example. This way you can record non stop and only keep the good parts.

  29. for some reason i cant display capture anymore, dont know what happent, i use a laptop, cant show my desktop on stream now, weird, anyone knows how to fix this?

  30. I love your videos bro, they help me so much! Keep going! (You should do an update of how to do setting on the actual OBS)

  31. Question about 4:39
    Having x264 for record during a stream with x264 is fine but "use stream encoder" is not — is that correct? ♥

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