100 thoughts on “[NEW] Fix Recovery Mode Loop OR iTunes Logo on iPhone XR/ XS / X / 8 / 8 Plus

  1. Firstly man you speak WAY too fucking fast for someone speaking in broken English and ASSUMING that everything popped up on EVERYBODY else's screens JUST LIKE YOURS. Well Sanjay, it DIDN'T, so why don't you and all of these geeks purporting to HELP us STOP assuming that everybody is looking at the same screen and the same progress as YOU? Why not assume that MAYBE a fucking step did NOT work and what to do if that happens.

    Useless video, waste of time

  2. It does NOT detect the fucking phone and that bullshit software does NOT work. You goddamn idiot why are you wasting our fucking time with all of these fast talking bullshit ASSUMPTIONS and misguided advice when you obviously don't know what your're talking about. On to the next dufuss with a mouth full of marbles spouting bullshit advice.

  3. Maybe say that the software only works 5 times for free, now I'm stuck in recovery mode and can't do anything unless I pay 55 dollars, scumbag.

  4. PLEASE HELP ME. My iPhone X is not starting and its is also not going to recovery mode. I tried to jailbreak and it crashed my iPhone. iOS 12.1.1 b3.

  5. I tried it and it worked for me, had to pay a lot but it is worth the price to save my data on my phone. My phone was stuck in recovery mode and I had to hit the repair operating system. After I fixed the firmware and waited until it was done, I unplugged my phone and it just automatically went to a white screen saying 'please wait to recovery'. Then, BOOM!! my phone went back to normal..

  6. This shit does not fucken work I connected my phone and nothing happen this is just to make you be so desperate you buy the software

  7. you are so underrated man i have been trying for hours and while my phone is in loop this helps a long way thank you so much S/L

  8. Ive been stuck in reboot loop for 2 days. I cant get the recovery screen to pop up on my pc. I really dont feel like going to the apple store and getting bent over and you know what in the butt

  9. Sir can i have your address to bring my mobile or please reply your mail id. Very important data i want it to get done from apple logo stuck and now connect to itunes stuck! Literally feeling depressed with my 250 gb data. Please help me out sir. Thanks in advance

  10. exit recovery is NOT free @ Abdul and I'm willing to guess its because YOU are the developer. Absolute shill, you should be ASHAMED of yourself.

  11. oh my god thank you so much i was starting to breakdown bc my iPhone was stuck on the apple logo for hours and the iTunes screen was the only thing i could get and this helped me so much

  12. I have an issue where when I am restoring my iPhone 8 Plus it continues to have boot loop issues. I can get it in and out of recovery mode. but once I try to restore it with iTunes or iMazing the boot loop continues causing the restore to fail. Anyone else having this issue? Please help!

  13. the second one helped me get out of recovery mode but now it still stuck on the apple logo keep flashing please help, i've been doing this for the past 4 hours now and i need to get back into my phone i just can't afford the pro of the link

  14. Thank You @ABDUL MOIZ FAROOQ , the first method worked for me, I wouldnt download anything though, for anyone trying to fix this problem.

  15. you saved my phone! i went tp the apple store and even they couldn't fix it, i came along this video and my iPhone 7 works now! thanks man

  16. was using Apple Configurator 2 to update my phone, and it totally fucked it up, ReiBoot ended up save my phone, thanks man.

  17. Method 1 is exactly the same as what Apple tells you to do if you go to the URL on the loop screen… This video offers no value. And I am not sure what gives this guys the confidence to say it will 100% solve the problem, it clearly doesn't in most cases.

  18. THIS PROGRAM DECIDED MY FATE IN WHETHER I WAS GOING TO GET A RECORD DEAL OR NOT!!!! The update for iPhone stopped midway through and my screen was stuck on the iTunes logo. iTunes said my iPhone could not be updated and had to be restored. I was carless and did not backup my phone before hitting update. My notes held ALLLLLLLL of my music to be previewed to a major record label. If I would've let iTunes store my iPhone, I would not have been able to recover anything and my data would be lost. Imagine how detrimental that would be to anybody in my position…..I payed for the pro version and in 15 minutes my iPhone was restored, updated, and NONE of my data was lost. Please, please, please trust this program. Its is pricey, but the advice from Geek Squad and Apple would have destroyed my opportunity from landing a record label. I am enterally grateful!!!!

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