Netherlands #6 – Application procedure for a dutch residence permit

you [Music] you you [Music] applying for a Dutch residence permit with a provisional Linden’s permit if you’re applying for a provisional residence permit and a residence permit at the same time you can follow the entry and wilden’s procedure before you come to the Netherlands if you have a sponsor in the Netherlands he can start the application process on your behalf you can also start the entry and residence procedure of these tabs and as your consulate in your country of residence here you can find application forms for residence permit in the Netherlands you will also have to provide some documents such as birth certificate to submit your application the documents you need to provide depend on which application form you are submitting it form needs the necessary documents to qualify for a provisional residence permit and/or abducts residence permit you will need to fulfill certain general conditions you must have a passport or identity document vary for valuation of your stay you must not constitute a risk to public order national piece of national security you must be able to prove that you have section means during your stead to travel to the Netherlands you not have travel insurance for the entire Schengen area and upon arrival in the Netherlands you must have or obtain health insurance that will cover you while you are residing in the Netherlands it must have a purpose of pain and prove it you must agree to take up tests for tuberculosis within three months of your arrival in the nether and have treatment if you are found to have the disease because of a plan for of Dutch residence permit depends on the type of application here you can check the prices after submitting the application and pay the fee the garden Department of Immigration and not nation will assess your application the assessment time can vary as the Dutch Department of Immigration and Naturalization is legally permitted to take up to 90 days to reach a decision on your application you can check on the apples of your application by calling detective Department of Immigration and Naturalization from monday to friday between 90 m and 5 p.m. this is the number one calling from abroad remember to have your big pile on hand and the detached Department of Immigration and Naturalization online sometimes has a long waiting time if your application is approved you or your sponsor will receive a letter of confirmation applying for a Dutch residence permit without the provisional residence permit your sponsor can apply on your B health for our residence permit while you are still abroad mentioning your expected arrival date alternatively you or your sponsor can apply for a residence permit by post or in person at the Dutch Department of innovation naturalization desk by appointment after you arrive in the middle it is a mineral application in the Netherlands then the does Department of Immigration and Naturalization will click away then the Dutchman sticker in your pocket put proof that you can lawfully stay in the Netherlands while your application is being processed the sticker also states if you can work or not remember to leave a comment in a comment section below and leave a thumbs up and subscribe my channel

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  2. If I was born in another country but I am united state citizen. Do I need to submit my birth certificate along with Apostilles?

  3. Hi dear I have got some documents with my permit number after application. I need your help, how I can check that document are real?

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